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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 12

Meru: -sighs- I can't believe it I'm on chapter 12.

Miyako: Time sure flies by.

Meru: and yet I still have school.

Miyako: thank god I don't.

Meru: shut up, you still have a job and I mean an ACTUAL job.

Miyako: oh yea. DANGIT!

Meru: ha, anyways AGAIN I do not own Fire Emblem or its characters. I only own Meru and Fayt and their dialogue.

Which means most of this piece fan fiction, or at least half, does not actually belong to Meru_64. Oh ho ho. Yeah, whatever, today we got a special guest who we haven't seen since chapter 1.

Chapter 12: Rebirth Part 2

Yune and Ike are leading the group while me and Fayt are following right behind them as we ascend up towards the stairs. "Are we going the right way?" Ike asked.

"Yes. Ashera is at the top. We're going up. This is definitely the right way," Yune said to Ike

"I'm a little disoriented because this is much bigger than it looks from outside. It's not my imagination, is it?"

"To be honest, you probably shouldn't look around too carefully. True miracles can overwhelm and terrify mortal minds. If you dwell on what you see here, you might stop climbing."

For those mortal minds that see the shack of God will be unable to comprehend what they see.

"Really?" With that Yune then turns around to face him.

Yes, really! Well, for most people, anyway. You're all the exceptions. You are all focused on your one goal, and you can't die until you achieve it. That's what you think, right?"


"Desire propels people forward. That's how it's been since the beginning of your kind. You hope, take, give, kill, struggle... Out of all those needs and desires, hate and strife are born. And that's all right. You should want. You should strive to fill that want. You should challenge your fates. When all else fails, you can still die fighting."

"Your philosophy is pretty extreme, too. Ashera doesn't forgive people for their imperfections. But you embrace both the good and evil natures of people. You seem to enjoy our internal struggles."

"Mii~ I have to agree with him on that Yune." I said.

Eh? Eh? See? That's all she does, she agrees with people on courses of action or says absolutely nothing and drives them up a wall.

"A straight road is boring. Defeat and destruction are far more interesting than stasis." With that everybody started moving again except for me and Ike.

"Huh. Is there a goddess who takes a middle-of-the-road approach?"

"-laughs- you would wish for that." I said smiling and with that we caught up with the rest of the group.

"Well, long ago... Wait. Stop, everyone! We need to talk. The next one who stands in our way is someone deeply tied to you," Yune said.

'Zelgius… did it have to be this way?' I thought with a sad expression.

Yes, because he's a bastard and a half, runs around with a black suit of armor, acts like a total prick, and was stupidly hard to beat in that one mission in Fire Emblem 9. He deserves to die.

"...Let's go." Ike said simply. He then walked up the remaining stairs. Inside was definitely the Black Knight.

"You've come. Welcome, son of Gawain. Welcome all, courageous warriors." The Black Knight said to Ike. With that a large group of Disciples of Order come up behind us.

"…" With that Ike runs forward, jumps, and flips in the air, slashing downwards with his sword. The Black Knight counters with his sword, and Ike pushes off of his sword and flips backward, landing in a crouch and narrowing his eyes at the Black Knight. The Black Knight runs up again and they parry as sparks fly from both of their blades. He takes another swing at Ike who counters, and their swords stay locked together. Then they push each other away. "I wonder how I didn't notice? Your composure, bearing, voice... It seems obvious in retrospect."

Fun fact: Gawain is Ike's father.

Anyway, surprise! A boss that Meru doesn't get to flat out destroy. Anyway, just hand Ike a hammer and we can be done with this in under a round.


"I wish I'd had the chance to fight you...or see you fight, General. Then I would've known a lot sooner."

"Unfortunately for both of us, that opportunity never came."

"So, it really is you. The Black Knight... No, General Zelgius!" The Black Knight then stabs his sword in the ground and removes his helmet. With his helmet remove, I can see that it was Zelgius at first sight.

"Ike. I have long looked forward to the day we would fight again. Now that it is here, let us not delay any longer. Raise your sword and begin!" Zelgius said.

"Let's finish this!" said Ike.

"Please wait!" I yelled running up to them.

Oh dammit, this better not lead to the whole "Fighting will get us no where deal", because violence worked pretty well on the last guy and the Black Knight deserves quite a bit of a beating for the amount of crap he's done in the past.


"What is she thinking?" Fayt said in disbelief.

"Zelgius… Re-remember what I said to you earlier?" I asked with my head down.

"Yes. You knew from the start that this was going to happen didn't you?" Zelgius asked me.

"Well yes, but I…. the reason I told you those things is because I knew what you had done in the past but that is no reason to say those things to you. And well, I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry. I can't be angry at someone who I don't even know."

Oh ho ho, you got to know the Black Knight quite well in the first game of the Tellius series. Namely how he kicked you around like a puppy until you actually got to fighting him and that was a freaking luck based mission heavily in favor of the Black Knight. You can go die in a fire, Zelgius.


"if there was another way then maybe things would've been different I guess. So…. Good-bye Zelgius."

"Good-bye Mer."

I turned around in shock. "What did you just call me?"

"Meru?" Ike said to me.

"Hau~ Don't worry about me, just try to hold off killing each other I really need to get something."

You know, something tells me there's enough bad blood between the two to make them keep fighting unless...

With that Tibarn then come up.

"Stop right there. I've got a debt to settle with this scum," Tibarn said to Zeligus

More interruptions! It's like two men can't duel to the death anymore in peace and quiet. Constantly got people coming up and getting in the way of a perfectly good hate filled fight.

"True, your revenge against me remains incomplete. However, may I ask you to step aside for now? Though at different times, Ike and I both learned the way of the sword from the same master: one of Daein's famous Four Riders, General Gawain. He left Daein under an assumed name and formed a mercenary company," said Zelgius. "I was entranced by Greil's swordsmanship while he was in Daein. I studied under him; I fought next to him... I idolized him. When he left, I was crushed. I vowed to find him again, and challenge him to duel. I had to know if I had surpassed him! Three years ago, I caught up to Greil. I challenged him to a duel, and was victorious. But, something was wrong... The fight had been too simple. I thought I'd never feel satisfaction again. Then, Ike told me why it had been so easy. Greil had severed all the tendons in his right hand, and swore never again to draw a blade. Can you imagine my joy at the news? I knew that a swordsman of his stature couldn't have been so easy to defeat! My master's skills were passed down to his son, Ike. I will defeat him and finally surpass my master! I trust that you understand. Once our fight is finished, I will allow you to settle your quarrel, Hawk King." Zelgius said to Tibarn.

So... did that give Meru enough time to get whatever she was looking for?

"Please, Tibarn." Ike said.

"...Fine. If you're taking my place, you'd better win. Got that?" asked Tibarn.

"Of course. This is my chance to avenge my father's death. This time, he won't walk away."

"I just wish this hadn't have to happen…" I said covering my face with my hands trying not to cry.

Why do you cry for this asshole?

"Hey are… you crying?" Tibarn asked me.

"no I'm not. Just come on."

"Hey everything is goin to be ok Meru."

"I know. Let's just do this already."

With that me and Tibarn rejoined the group. "-sighs- alright, let's get this over with already."

"What do you mean?" Fayt asked.

"Mii~ Levail has Wishblade. The lance that is consider the strongest lance ever."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go get that lance," said Edward enthusiastically.

"right." With that, the battle started. I manage to take down some of the groups with my magic and quickly made my way to Levail.

"Face me in an honorable duel, and know that I shall be the one to take your life." Levail said to me.

Levail is quite unimportant beyond having a very nice lance.

"Sorry. But the Wishblade isn't blessed like Alondite and Ragnell. For all I know, you'll soon be eating your words."

"But Ashera did."

"Frankly, I don't who or what blessed my weapons, but I assure you that will fail." With that our battle started. Thanks to my agility, I was able to dodged all of his attacks. My weapons did some affects but not enough. So I took out my hidden knife (A/N: I totally forgot that I had knives in this and didn't remember to use them in any of the chapters. I'm a baka!) out of my boot and threw at his chest piercing his armor.

Thanks for reminding us that Meru's proficient in three different weapons. Now, better question, how the heck did knives pierce that armor when your freaking sword and magic didn't? This is like the equivalent of some writer for Superman suddenly remembering that Superman has heat vision and then using it to defeat a fire themed villain.

"General...Zelgius... I'd fight for you...a while longer..." Levail said right before dying. Not long after Ike defeated Zelgius.

"Ugh! Hahh!" Ike yelled. After that he collapsed to a kneeling position beside Zelgius who is slumped against one of the stone walls, with his sword in the ground.

"You are stronger. Much stronger than before..." said Zelgius.

"I have you to thank for that. I grew stronger through our previous fight. To be honest... I was overjoyed when I heard that the Black Knight was still alive. That surprised me... I felt neither sadness nor hate. Just joy. My hands were shaking with anticipation. I couldn't wait to fight my most formidable enemy again! Your swordsmanship was fearsome. Fiercer and more powerful than any I've ever seen. After our duel three years ago, I trained hard, trying to remember all of your skills and techniques."

Ike? You're getting a bit creepy.

"General Gawain was invincible at the time he trained me. To surpass him was my ultimate goal as a swordsman."

"Was I as skillful as you remember my father in his prime years? Did you see his shadow in my sword?"

"I certainly did, Ike. Thanks to you, I was able to fight my master at the height of his glory days."

"Black Knight Zelgius. You were my father's killer. And my last teacher."

"...I spent most of my life shrouded in darkness... But my life had meaning. Now I'm certain of it... ...phiran, I will wait for you in the afterlife..." Zelgius said right before dying.

Ho Yay all around and a bunch of muscle heads being canonically morons. Let's get back to what Meru_64 wrote, shall we?

"Urk!" I grunted, and then I started cough holding my chest. 'what is this pain I'm feeling? Somebody help me. I-I can't breathe' I thought trying to catch air. I wasn't paying attention to what's going on and realized it was just me and the dead body of Zelgius. " what is going on? The only this happen is when I tried to revive someone. Zelgius. -gasps for air- ."

Yeah... one, you're never going to hear the story behind that one, and two, add the ability to revive the dead to Meru's list of abilities. Because you know, this way Ike and the Black Knight get to have their fun poking their blades through each other and then Meru gets to have Zelgius back alive again (the bastard!).

I walked closer to the body and saw he was breathing. "what? How can you be breathing? Just what is going on? Was this my doing? Impossible. I wasn't even using magic." I then kneel beside Zelgius. "OI! Zelgius I know you're still breathing now wake up please." I said shaking him trying to wake him up.

"Am I dead?" He asked opening his eyes slowly.

"mii~ don't think so."


"Yeah, its err, me alright. You know I can heal your wounds."

"Please don't worry about me. Just take care of your own self."

"In case you haven't known, I got fast agility and I evade about anything cause of my small stature. And beside all I need is my weapons and I don't really have any use for healing items but I keep one just in case." I stand up looking for my concoction. "Here you need it more than I do. And if anyone was hurt in battle field I could always use my powers to heal them."

Okay, so Meru had a healing item on hand, that's perfectly understandable, this is Fire Emblem, that's pretty common place. But who's ready for more bullshit powers?

"What do you mean?" Zelgius asked just finishing healing himself.

"Like Micaiah, I can heal without a staff or a tome but my powers are different from hers. This healing power doesn't cause me to use my life force. If u get what I mean that is."

You better have not had this power when you saw your father die cause otherwise this ENTIRE FREAKING STORY IS NOTHING BUT BULLSHIT!

"I see. So what should I do now? Everyone except you think I'm dead."

"miii~ there is a guy I know and he might be able to help you. His name is Stefan and he's also a branded. A lion branded to be exact. He's a Trueblade, has green hair, and he's wears a multi-color clothing. You can't really miss."


"Hau~ I better catch up. I'm already far behind." I said starting to run.


"Oh by the way. How do you know that nickname? I never told anyone about that, only my sister and my brother-in-law.

"Took a lucky guess."

"-snickers- really a lucky guess? It kinda sticks out you know yet you're probably the first one to figured my nickname out."

"So should I tell Sephiran? That i'm alive."

"miii~ I don't know. It's really your choice. Well good-bye Zelgius. Nano desu~"

"Good-bye Mer." With that I left the happily and just noticing the pain was gone. But I still wondered? Why did I feel pain just now?

The plot fucking thickens. wild mass guessBlack Knight is her brother in law.wild mass guess Because you know, being the daughter of Marth wasn't enough and you know, I've got a sneaking feeling that Reinforce is probably native to some Fire Emblem game somewhere. Frick, why didn't Meru revive Hetzel if she felt so sorry for him? Not like it actually costs her anything, just poke! And you're all better.

Meru: I am finally done.

Miyako: Lazy.

Meru: Shut up!

Yuri: Meru I want cake.

Meru: ask Miyako and the reason why I kept Zelgius alive cuz I thing hes an awesome guy and I felt sorry for him.

Miyako: wow u surely improvise this one didn't u? -trying to pry off Yuri-

Meru: -whistles- Yo Yuri heres some cake! –throw cake at open window.-

Yuri: YAYZ! –go afters cake.

Miyako: that girl is crazy. Yet she is more obsess to u

Meru: again shut up and we have to wrap this up. Hope u like this chappy.

Both: BYEZ!


Wow Meru is a Black Hole Sue all the way...
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