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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 11

Endgame time, as you'll notice all remaining chapters will have a bit of a theme among them. In the original game, this is basically when you're pit up against the people who caused all of the events of the past two games to occur. Let's watch Meru steamroll them over.

Meru: man I'm already on chapter 11. Now I know I have WAY too much free time.

Miyako: Meh, more than me.

Yuri: hey guys! -brings up soup- want to try my new stew?

Meru: UGH!


Yuri: stew of course? ppl always eat this kind.

Meru: yea they eat that kind of stew. AS WITCHES AND CANNIBALS!

Miyako: ok let's wrap this up before I vomit. Meru only owns Fayt and her insert character, Meru. GOD GET HER OUT OF HERE! SERCURITY!

So she's Ax-Crazy, Obviously Evil, and a Lethal Chef? There's enough there to make a wacky anime out of.

Chapter 11: Rebirth Part 1

After days of traveling, we finally made I to the capital of Begnion and now looking at Tower of Guidance. "...The Tower of Guidance. It's so bright I can hardly bear to look at it! What's happening in there?" Titania asked.

"Let's hurry, Ike. I can't imagine that the glowing is a good omen. We're running out of time." said Soren.

"The city gate is shut. I guess we'll have to force it to get to the tower—" Ike started.

"Ahh! You guys made it!" With that Skrimir appears from the gate. (Was it from the gate?)

Well, if it was, he's out of fashion. All real character have learned to teleport by now. Well, villains anyway.

"Skrimir! I didn't realize your group had already arrived."

"Yes, we've been here for quite some time. I've been itching to go inside and see what the bad guys have waiting for us."

"Skrimir listened to reason, however, and agreed to wait here with us. We know nothing about the numbers or strength of the enemy." said Sanaki.

"It seemed safest to wait here for the rest of you to show up. We pitched tents outside the gate." said Micaiah.

Don't worry guys, we've now got Ike and Meru. There's quite literally nothing standing between the team now and victory.

I wasn't really into the conversation until… "Meru!" Edward came running and lifted me up like I was his kid sister. "did you miss us?"

"Edward! Hau~ as a matter of fact I did. How did it go with you guys?" I said enthusiastically.

Did she ever even talk to Edward before on screen? Anyway, Ed's part of Micaiah's original rebel squad. He stopped being important after Part 1 of the original game.

"Well let's just say no one's a substitute for you."

"It's true." Laura said coming from behind.

"So how'd it gone with you guys?" Fayt asked.

"Mii~ okayish." I replied looking like I was thinking.

"My last major battle ended in three minutes and twenty two seconds. That's seventeen more seconds than my usual average. I seriously need to step up my training."

"that bad huh?"

"not really. I mean sure they questioned me but other than that it was good. Nipah~"


"Meru and Fayt si-" Edward started.

"you don't want to finished that song." Me and Fayt said at the same time giving death glares to Edward.

For the record, while a bit naive, Ed was at least the most mature of the teens in Micaiah's squad who weren't Micaiah. I mean, so far most characters have been pretty in character, albeit several levels dumber and a bit flanderized, but Ed's completely left field here.

"Good! I like air-breathers with initiative!" Yune said ecstatically. Everyone then turns to Micaiah or Yune in this case.

"Yune! Here to give us our next instructions?" asked Ike.

"Yes, good guess! Everyone, gather around. You'll all need to hear this. Good job, everyone! All three teams got here, and a little faster than I thought you would. While you were traveling, I went around recruiting more help, including King Caineghis here. Unfortunately, it looks like Ashera had the same idea. By the time I made my way to Goldoa, there was no one there."

"Wh-what do you mean? Where were they?" asked Kurthnaga.

"If you're saying what I think you're saying, then we could have a very big problem. Lots of very big problems." said Tibarn.

Mother fucking king of dragons sized problems.

"I don't know for sure, Tibarn. There aren't a whole lot of dragons altogether, but... It looks like every one of them joined Ashera." said Yune.

" could this be?" said Kurthnaga.

"I haven't seen them anywhere else on Tellius, so they must already be inside the tower. Let's camp for the night before walking into Ashera's own home."

"grrrreat…" I said tiredly.

Don't worry, I'm sure the sword Sakura, which hasn't been referred to by name since the first chapter, will cleave straight through those dragons.


"wow look what all of this has come to." Edward said seemingly surprised.

"mii~" I said rubbing my eyes.

"A few months ago we would probably be overlooked by people. Now look at us, they will probably write a song about us. Maybe a story!"

"Doubt it Edward."

"I don't think I can handle it if they do make a story about us." Fayt said

You know, Fayt's pretty much carpet at this point. He's as inconsequential as people come, he contributes absolutely nothing other than to make Meru make squeaky noises and then doesn't like getting any spotlight what so ever. Really, this guy is like the anti-attention whore and anti-useful, erm, unit.

"Hah! Come on look around you two! Look at me I'm a Trueblade see? Look at you Kim you're a Gold Knight. And you Leonardo you're Marksman aren't you? Even Laura has changed quite a bit she's a Saint. Heck, Fayt's a Whisperer now! " said Edward.

"Yes indeed we have come a long way from the Dawn Brigade bandits." said Laura.

"Mii~ Laura, the Dawn Brigade is NOT a band of bandits. They're freedom fighters." I told her in an irritated tone. " Just how many times do I have to tell you."

Not like you contributed during their ragtag days when they had to fight numerous units of higher levels than them. Man, those missions sucked.

"Apparently not enough times." said Leonardo.

"Who cares." said Edward.

"I do." I said.

"why?" Fayt asked.

"because I do."


"so it's almost over isn't it?"

Eh, we're two thirds of the way done. I think it's still a bit of a stretch to say we're almost done.

"Yeah. Like one day we're just fighting for our lives and now we're fighting a goddess. We soon have to go to our separate ways."

"Mii~ even so I'll never EVER forget this day. Thanks to you Fayt, I was able to go back to who I was. Promise me we'll never forget each other, no matter what."

Seriously? That's all it took? Great, I'll get a job as a psychiatrist and charge people to have friendly conversations with them and cure all of their problems in a single sitting. It'll genius I tell you! I'll make millions!

"Yeah, no matter what we'll always remember each other."'

"But that won't stop me from screwing another girl!"


We heard something over at the Begnion's capital Sienne ringing. "Oh, no!" Yune yelled

"Yune, what is it? What's happening?" Ike asked . A flash of bright light followed by soldiers of Disciples of Order soldiers appeared in front of the gate.

"This isn't good..."Caineghis said.

"These soldiers... We've killed them already. They've been reborn in flesh but not spirit." Yuen said shocked.

"Brought back from the dead..." said Sanaki.

"A miracle of the goddess..." said Elincia.

"hau au au au~ this isn't going to be good." I said DEFINIATELY worried

This might actually work for drama if Meru wasn't murdering everything left and right with absolute ease.

"A blasphemy, you mean! How could the goddess of order violate the most fundamental natural law?" Caineghis said angrily.

Eh, Jesus did it, though it kind of helped that he managed to bring his soul or whatever the godly equivalent is along with him. So I guess that makes a big difference.

"Philosophy later, everyone! They're about to attack!" Ike yelled to everyone.

Ike and I are killing soldiers as they come, while Yune falls to her knees against the grass in front of a tent. "Are you all right? Those dead soldiers really got to you, didn't they?" Ike asked Yune

"...We can't win. All we do is kill the flesh, but she brings the flesh back... We need more time... No, there is no more time! Everyone else will be turned to stone...and I will be lonely forever. There's nothing more than I can do! I've failed... I've failed." Yune said.

Whelp, it appears as though we've entered endless mode. Let's see who can get the highest score, one point per zombie dead, game over when you're dead or turned to stone. Meru's currently in the lead by at least twenty.

"Yune! Get a hold of yourself!"

"Yune snap out of it." I said about to slap her, but Ike beats me to it and grabs her by the ear.

"Ouch! My ears!" Yune yelps. Ike then lets go, and leans back. "Wh-what was that for? You big bully! Who do you think I am?"

Does it matter who? You're dealing with Ike and Ike takes shit and whining from no one.

"Yune, the goddess of chaos... The warmhearted being whose courage and love gives us the will to go on."

"Hau~ he's right Yune. You're basically the reason that everyone keeps going on." I said trying to comfort her.

"Ike, Meru... Thank you." Yune said. Ike then stands up.

"As things stand, we can't bring everyone into the tower. We'll need support here to hold this position. But at the very least, how many are we going to need inside?" Ike asked

"They'll have much stronger forces inside the tower...not to mention Ashera herself. We'll send in our best 11. Oh, and we'll want the two dragons! ...And one from the heron tribe... And...uh...the empress. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have Sothe and Fayt. And I Meru would be a great assistant for this."

"And by assistant, I mean main offensive force. Fayt will be there just to carry all of the extra items that no one else wants to.

"Mii~ I probably would've been mad if you didn't let come along." I said.

To be perfectly honest, Meru, you probably would have made a hole directly into the wall to get in if that were the case.

"Understood. If that's everyone, I'll gather them together." Ike said leaving.

"I'll help too!"

We chose our best 11 and we started heading for the Tower of Guidance. "All right, Tower of Guidance, here we come!" Yune said determinedly. Inside the gate it had tall, ornately carved pillars line the hall, and the laid stone floor leads to a just as ornate set of double doors.

"It' quiet. Is the goddess here?" asked Ike.

"Uh-huh. She's at the top. Be careful, everyone. This tower is Ashera's home territory. She's certain to have her most powerful troops waiting for us up ahead. We must proceed with the utmost caution. Hm? ...What was that? Someone's... Was it someone's memory?"

"What is it?"

"Sorry? Oh, I... Don't worry. It was nothing. All right, then... Our path leads through that door there." Ike left without another word.

"Yune, relax. It isn't something to worry about." I said smiling.

"You know so much Meru. You're probably the weirdest, strangest, but kindest beroc I have ever met." Yune said with a smile on her face.

Weirdest and strangest, sure, but the level of interaction between the two hasn't been enough for me to say kindest yet. But whatever, too busy paying attention to the fact that Ike just casually walked through a door towards heavily armed and dangerous troops by himself and like a total badass.

"I wouldn't know about that but I think I know a LITTLE too much." With we started climbing up the stairs until we encountered the Order of Disciples. "Oh boy. Here they are." With that the battle began. Thanks to the wide length of space I was able to easily cut down my enemies much MORE faster without worrying about that I might cut down one of my allies. I easily made it my way to Hetzel.

"There can be no forgiveness for my hand in these evil deeds. Salvation is denied me and my stained soul. My torment will be eternal." Hetzel said willing to give up his life.

Eh, Hetzel's a member of the senate. Unlike the rest of them, he was actually regretting what he was doing, but was too much of a coward to speak back and so he's doomed to die by Sakura.

"Hetzel, please don't do this. I believe and have faith in these people along with hope. You don't have to… just… give your life away!"

"how does a child so young know?"

"I just know…."

"Then let us test your faith." With that he attacked me with a blast of light, which I manage to block with Sakura and I attacked back with my tome. I attacked again with a stream of light from my tome and it was over. "So your faith is that strong… I'm sorry I couldn't stop" with that Hetzel was dead.

Oh hey, the sword got mentioned by name again. Also, I'm having trouble imagining a thin blade block a spherical ball of light, but you know, details. Also, what faith? We talking religion? Because Meru's atheist last I checked, talking to the chaos goddess be damned. Maybe faith in herself? If so, that was a really crappy test of character.

"It's over… Hetzel may your spirit rest in peace."

"Apostle? Are you well?" asked Ike.

"So you still insist on calling me "apostle"? I think we're past that, Ike." Sanaki said to Ike

"So what should I call you? Miss Sanaki?"

"How rude! You have no right to address me with such familiarity! Please call me "Empress."

"Got it, Empress."

"You don't have to say it like that. Loosen up a bit."

"Oh, give me a break..." Sanaki just left.

"Well that was… pointless." I putting a finger below my chin.

"I actually agree with you."

Who hasn't been agreeing with Meru at this point? All she's been doing is make agreeable statements.

"huh that's a first." Yune then comes up.

"You creatures are made of some tough meat. I don't think that girl even needs to hear the divine word, do you?" Yune asked.

"Yune, you're a bit of a mystery, yourself. It almost sounds like you're happy to see that people don't necessarily need you." Ike said.

"The one constant truth of people, Ike, is that nobody can stop them from changing. People sometimes do things that even the highest divinities couldn't imagine. That makes me sad. But that also makes me very happy. That's why I love people so much."

"There are some changes that goddesses can't even predict or control. Maybe Ashera resented that."

"I don't know... But I do know that Ashera loved people. I'm sure of it..."

"She does… its just hard to see it in another way.." I said sadly.

You know, I wonder if the equivalent of spanking for the goddess of law is to completely obliterate almost all forms of intelligent life? It sure would explain a lot. Whatever, up the tower, we've got got more boss characters to kill.

Lyon: come on Yuri, let's go.-struggling to hold Yuri down-

Yuri: but Meru and Miyako didn't taste my stew! –trying to get free-

Kureno: I don't think they'll last.


Kureno&Lyon: YIKES! –runs with Yuri-

Meru: thank god. Anyways hope you like this chapter and this story is almost coming to an end.

Miyako: too bad but you're making another one right?

Meru: I answered that about a million times, YES. anyways this is, in this case, your host Meru-

Miyako: and this is Miyako.

Both: BYE!

Honestly? That was a rather bleh, chapter. Nothing new or unexpected anymore. No absurd ass pulls and I've gotten used to Meru mowing down a few dozen people in a single swing.