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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 10

Meru: you know this is more like a side chapter than a actual chapter but whatever I'll go with the flow.

Miyako: man I'm tired aren't you?

Meru: yea but I drank coffee.

Miyako: -shrugs- hey whats that smell?

Meru: ugh it smells like old ppls feet, anyways again I don't own fire emblem. I only own Meru and Fayt. God whatever is making that smell I'm going to kill them.

Miyako: you and me both.

Meru: btw this chapter is a talk between Ike and Meru only that's about it. If you want you can skip this, I don't care.

Nope, I have high expectations for this chapter. We better have some very important crap wrapped up so I can go into the endgame mission chapters without a sour taste in my mouth.

Chapter 10 : The Talk

"Alright I promise that I won't tell anyone about you but why?" Ike asked me.

"Because on, I'm not who you think I am and two, it's best left unknown." I replied.

"But you can trust all of us you know."

"doesn't matter, I still have to keep it a secret."

"Alright fine, you win."

"thank you. Now you see that flower vase over there?"

"yea, why?"

"look carefully." Ike was looking at the vase very carefully and I focus my mind on that vase and caused it to levitate.

"Whoa!" he said."are you doing that Meru?"

"yep. No strings attached." I said smiling.

Hoorah, we've seen this several times. Now, what's the story behind it?

"is this the secret you want me to keep?"

"part of it. Listen Ike, I'm only going to say this once and ONLY once so listen very carefully." He lean closer to me and listened.

"Ike.. I'm not from either this time period or place."

"what do you mean?"

"-sighs- I'm saying I'm from the year 2010 and from a place called Japan. I'm not from Tellius."

We celebrate things like Thanksgiving over there and wear red, white, and blue on a regular basis.

"you're serious about this?"

"I'm DEAD serious Ike-kun."

"you know ever since you started to talk that way, you've been referring me as 'Ike-kun'. Why?"

"force of habit. That's how I talk. Anyways you want to know how I know whats going to happen. I get visions and premonitions time to time and before I came here I basically knew everything about this place." 'that and from the game' I mentally said.

Thought? Anyway, so basically Meru's played the game before. This still doesn't explain much in terms of the telekinesis.

"Like Micaiah?"

"sort…of but you saw how I levitated that vase right?"


"well I also have powers from the supernatural. And if you're thinking that I might be a branded and I assure you I'm not."

Okay, okay, I'm hanging on here. So Meru's either carrying supernatural genes from way back when one of her family members thought it was a good idea to screw something not human, she's got a guardian spirit from her Shinto shrine, or she's made a deal with a supernatural being.

Or you know, something absolutely stupid, but we're still within the realm of the sane for fan fiction.

"wow, did you ju-"

"read your mind."


"it doesn't happen always you know." I said taking a pillow and hugging it.

"so you're telling me you're not from here or this time period." He said walking back and forth in my room.


"I can see why you want me to keep it a secret."

"and it's best that you find out about the future for yourself. Like I said, I shouldn't even be telling you this, but because you actually keep your word, and having the decency to take things to your grave, and I trust you so much, I'm telling you this."

"so what happens when this is all over?"

"don't know. I just saw a sword,2 knives, and a tome fall down from the sky. I picked it up and found myself here. I could stay here or go back to where I came from."

wild mass guessReinforce is somehow related to causing that stuff.wild mass guess

"I guess we have to wait and find out huh?"

"most likely. And you're probably want to know about my family huh?"

"it wouldn't hurt to know about your family." I laugh and continue my story.

"You know, my mom once said that she came to a land called Tellius and I'm thinking that this is the same place she went to when she was my age."

So apparently Reinforce also disappeared around age 16. I suppose that explains why everyone was expecting this, but does that mean Reinforce appeared at the same point in time in the game as Meru did or did she appear earlier in the storyline? Like, during Fire Emblem 9? I'm going to guess she appeared earlier since that'd give Lehrain a chance to kill her, but that means there's some sort of rift in how fast time moves in Tellius compared to Earth. But then why would there be a game of all of these events? Unless there's a time traveler somewhere or you're able to travel to a specific point in time...

You know what? Fuck it, let's keep going.

"I heard stories about a blue-haired girl like you. It could be."

"most likely. Anyways my mom, Rein, was well known for being the shine maiden in my hometown. My father, Marth, met her on a flower garden. They told me it was love at first sight but I'm thinking it was more than that."

Marth? As in the Marth from the very first Fire Emblem games that are set in a completely different world? Please tell me that's just a coincidence, otherwise this stuff is going to get so much more complicated and stupid.

"What do you think?"

"I'm not going that far Ike-kun."

"can't blame a guy for trying." I hit him with my pillow playfully.

"as I was saying they met on a flower garden and of course years later they had me and Miyako. When I became 5 years old, I was to do a ceremonial dance for becoming the next shine maiden of my family. I was overjoyed of course but, after the dance my parents….."

"your parents what?"

"disappeared. I went looking for them and when I did… my father died before my very eyes and my mother committed suicide."

Suicide? Didn't she do some more of the universe warping nonsense? And then get killed by Lehrain or one of his soldiers? That's not suicide.

"I didn't know."

"it's ok. And I still don't understand on how this could've happen. My sister took me in despite of age, but we took care of each other and look at me now. That all I got to say about my family."

And now that I think about it, her story and Ike's are pretty similar. Ike's mother died when he was at an early age and his father later got killed by the Black Knight. Granted, Ike wasn't obliterating people at age sixteen or developing psychic powers, but was in a similar position, having to take care of his sister after both parents were dead.

"I can imagine on how you feel. I mean, like you my mom and dad died also."

"I can tell. Mist was here with you and I can only assume that you lost your parents as well."

"that or you read my mind." We both laugh at that comment.

"well its getting late we don't to be tired if there's a battle tomorrow."

Eh, Ike's weathered worse.

"you're right." Ike got from my bed and started heading towards the door. " oh and don't worry Fayt likes you too you know."

I blushed at that comment and threw my pillow at him. "Good night Ike-kun and get out of my room!" With that he started running for the door.

I yawned and I blew out my candle and headed towards my window. "Tomorrow's another day." With that I plopped on my bed and went right to sleep.

End of chapter.


What about how you got the psychic powers?

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