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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 8

Meru: ok chapter 8. Wow I like wrote what 3 chapters already.

Miyako: are trying to finish up TODAY?

Hold on there, bucko, including this chapter, that currently means... EIGHT MORE CHAPTERS. There's no way you got that done in a day, unless, you know, you had a lot of free time on your hands.

Meru: pretty much. For god's sake I'm doing the most cliché story there is.

Miyako: wasn't this a story you made up when you finished Radiant Dawn?

Meru: yea… those were good times. And heck I'm even rewriting this story.

Yuri: *yawns* MORNING!

Both: you're late.

Meru: anyways I don't own fire emblem or its characters. I only own Meru, Fayt and their dialogue.

Let's actually count those cliches. Dead father, missing mother, wiser older sister, warped into a magical land of swords and wonder. Eh, there's more but it's not too bad. Plus, I can honestly say as of the last chapter, this fanfic took leaps and bounds of improvement due to a lot less lifted dialog.

Chapter 8: Chaos Named

"Well this is probably why I don't celebrate anymore which ended up me being a non-religious person." I said basically freezing to death despite of my jacket being on.

Tack Hollywood Atheist on that list of cliches.

"You're not?" Laura asked.

"Not really but I still celebrate the holidays when I have time."

"Which ones?"

"Like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween and all those others holidays."

Hrk! Christmas you could get away with, it's a secular holiday in Japan but you're not about to tell me you're a Japanese girl in Japan that so happens to celebrate an American holiday. Halloween itself is pretty western too, last I checked, and Easter? So you went from Shinto to non-religious but picked up a Christian holiday along the way? That's got to be an interesting story to tell.

"I never heard some those before."

"You're not really from this world are you Meru?" Nolan asked me.

"Nope. But I wouldn't say it's different either."


"They still don't trust us do they?" Referring to our old enemies I look around and look how they were strangely far apart. Anime style I sweatdrop.

Wat. Really now? "Anime styled sweat drop"? Wait, waaaiiittt, what happening to that whole thing of turning into stone at the end of the last chapter? Also, who are you now united with?

"ehtou(yea as you can tell I like talking in japanese wise. I wish I was Japanese.)… yea apparently so.. hahaha." I laugh nervously.

And right after I admitted having some faith in you.

"After all we did for them." said Fiona.

"I think I should go."

"That's seem like the best idea." Nolan said sounding like he WANTS me to go so that I can get killed.

I gave a glare saying 'I'm going to kill you'. With that I walked to them and nervously said, "uhh, umm, hi."

"What are you doing here?" Boyd asked.

Yeap, Boyd's one of Ike's guys, meaning that they're finally working together with Ike. I'm so glad they filled us in on how this happened.


I still don't know what was on that note.

"Well, umm I thought we could team up seeing as we are the last people not turned stone."

"And if what if we did?"

"Uhhh, one, try to turned the others back to normal and that's all I got."

Well, you'd probably just need to fine a spell book of "Stone to flesh", wait no, this isn't NetHack.

"Why would we team up with you? You guys were fighting against us."

"that was the past and this is now. Times has changed so let's bygones be bygons. Right?"

"Why should we?"

"oh for the lov- it's complicated mna. Ask Ike, he'll tell you." With that I just slap my forehead.

"You know, you keep a LOT of secrets Meru." Laura said with the others coming up to me.

"Hey, a girl has her secrets right? Even if I wanted to tell you I can't."

"Well you could at least tell us what you were doing the past few days." Fayt said coming from behind.

Holy crap, people are actually calling Meru out on her shenanigans. It's almost as those the author is making an attempt to either keep Meru consequential or she's deconstructing the concept of the Mary Sue. Whatever it is, my mind is blown, fanfics never do this.

"He wouldn't stop fidgeting about you." Nolan said with a chuckle and then others started giggling causing Fayt to go blushing mad.

"ummm. Oh that. I was finding and killing Lekain and he should've kept his big mouth shut and I would've gave a nice slow, painful, grueling, and gutless death." I said with a big evil grin.

"uhhhh why would you do…. That?" Boyd asked hesitantly.

"What? Why I kill him or why would i give him a nice painful death?"

"Why you'd kill him."

"The reason why we sided with the senators."

"And you killed him because you betrayed him."

Wait, Micaiah's team sided with the senators? Why? Is this some sort of clumsy way of saying that they were under the control of the senators before?

"umm sure lets go with that but a little after that."

"Then what's keeping you from doing it again?"

"*sigh* Look it was against our will to join them and we had NO CHOICE. And now all we're asking is to join you. Period. Right guys?" I asked my friends and they nodded yes.

"Good. And now I need to get rid of this headache."

Impeccable words there, Meru. Could have saved us several lines there by just simply saying that your group was under threat by the senate.

"Well as far as I can see and Ulki can hear, we're the only ones left." Said Janaff

"That's just great, but what about the people who are branded?" I asked.

"What about them?" Boyd asked.

"I'm just worried about them and plus since they're a cross between both Laguz and Beroc, there's a high chance they might not be turned to stone."

Totally logical. This makes such absurdly high levels of sense that I'm just going to dunk my head into a cold bucket of ice and water. Actually, this didn't make much more sense in the game itself, people basically survived being turned to stone by being "strong" enough. Yeah, it's just justification for you to run around with your elite squad while the valley gets a bunch of nice new garden gnomes.

"Right now I'm guessing the strongest didn't wind up as statues." Tibarn said.

See? Anyway, we're back to lifting text from the game.

"Anyone who was in the building with us was safe, too. But everyone else was petrified..." said Ike.

"Wow! There are quite a few more of you flesh creatures left than I imagined."

'There is only ONE person who can said that with a straight face.' I thought turning around real slowly.

When I turned around I saw Micaiah coming out of a building with Sothe following her. "That's good. Maybe that means we'll stand a chance against her."

Well, I'm totally glad we know who she is why the team now has a chance against her.

"Micaiah? Are you feeling all right?" asked Sothe.

"I'm not Micaiah! How many times do I have to tell you that?"

"If you're not Micaiah, then who are you?"asked Ike

"Relax guys… I know who this is." I said very, somewhat scary, calmly.

"Meru you're back." Sothe said to me surprised.

"yyyep. It's good to be back. Sort of."

"How long have you been here?"

"Just arrived at the middle of the battle."

"So you know who she is?"

"Yep. She is Yune. The goddess of chaos. She is neither a dark god or a 'GOOD' god. She is also neither holy or base, angel or devil simply, freedom, chaos, transformation, the future, and mystery. That is Yune. And before you ask Sothe, Micaiah is still here, she just let Yune 'borrow' her body for just a moment to speak with us."

Thanks Mrs. Exposition, your dialog is almost ripped direct from the game and stolen from Yune. I'm pretty sure a goddess would like to introduce herself.

Everybody looked awestruck. I laughed very nervously.

"huh. Looks like this little beroc here knows more about me than she looks." Yune said very cheerfully.

"uhh, anyways you seem different from the rest aren't you?"

"Well its complicated even I don't know how to explain it. I'm not even sure how I got here."

"Please tell me she is NOT always like this."

"unfortunately for YOU, yes."(1)

Note: 1) this is hint that Sothe loves Micaiah OBVIOUSLY, considering the fact I'm making them a pair. know, I honestly couldn't tell. The dialog is rather unsigned and when you've got at least three people talking at once, it gets a little hard to keep hold of, you know.

"I don't care what you're called. Was it you who turned everyone into stone?" asked Ike.

"No, that wasn't me. I haven't done much of anything. I just woke up, so I don't have that kind of power just yet. That was Ashera's doing. It was her judgment upon this world." said Yune.

"When she's right, she's right." I said sort of snickering.

"Nonsense! Holy Ashera would never harm us! She protects us at all times and guides us toward the right path." said Sanaki.

"ok let me just clear this up also before things get a little out of hand. Ahem. Ashera is like Yune. She is neither kind or loving to BOTH berocs and laguz. She is neither holy or base, angel or devil. She is mainly restriction, order, stability, the past, certainly, and restraint. She is Ashera. More like the opposite of Yune." I said not noticing using hand gestures while talking.

You all can see where this is going, Law VS Chaos.

"But still, I don't understand… Why would the goddess Ashera try to destroy us? If anyone's going to kill us all, shouldn't it be you, the dark god who was sealed inside the medallion?" Ike asked.

'ooh boy. This is going to be a LONG conversation. Again.'

"You called me a dark god again! How would you like it if I called you a dark bag of organs? I don't want to talk to you anymore!" Yune yelled.

I'd feel black, probably.

'well it couldn't get any worse.'

"What?" Ike asked.

"Instead...I'll talk Yes! You're the one I'll talk to!" Yune exclaimed.

"Me?" asked Mist.

"Ashera has always hated me, but I like her. You've got some of her in you. So, I'll talk to you."

"Oh, OK... So... You're Yune?"

"That's right. I'm Yune. Ashera is order. I am chaos. We are sisters, but opposite in all things. We're linked to one another, though. When I sleep, Ashera sleeps. When I wake, Ashera wakes."

"Oh, then you're...a...a goddess? I-I'm so sorry! Please forgive my insolence! I've been talking down to you like you're a little kid!"

"No, no, it's fine. Talk to me however you like. You don't have to stand on ceremony with me."

"Well... All right. If you insist... So, you were sealed inside the medallion, but now you're inside Micaiah?"

"That's right."

"...And the goddess Ashera was the one who turned all the beorc and laguz into stone. Oh! Are you here to tell us how to save them? Wait, I get it! You were the one who spoke to me! You said, "Wake me with the galdr of release, not with the spirit of war."

"Yes, I did! I'm so glad you understood! You're so very clever! Of course, I was hoping, by sending you that message, I would stop all of this from happening."

"What do you mean?"

Okay a quick fill in, Mist is Ike's sister. She spend the majority of the first game being useless and outranked by Rhys as the healer and so served mainly to carry around the MacGuffin, or the pendant called the Fire Emblem. She was apparently the only person able to hold onto it without going insane.

"We're running out of time, so I'll explain quickly. Long, long ago, your ancestors made a promise to Ashera. They promised they would start no wars among all the nations for at least one thousand years. If this promise was broken, then Ashera would destroy the world and try again with a new one. Despite this promise, you bone-cages kept fighting each other. Eventually, war and conflict spread throughout the world. When Ashera woke up, she cast down her judgment upon those who failed to keep her promise."

"I still don't understand. Why would it make a difference whether you were woken up by the galdr or by the spirit of chaos? How were you planning to stop Ashera from passing down her judgment?" asked Ike.

"I'm not talking to you!" exclaimed Yune.

And then Ike got slapped across the valley and found himself ten inches deep in the side of a mountain.

"Oh, by all that's- Would you stop acting like a child?"

"Please forgive my brother, Yune. We want to save the people who were turned to stone. We need you to tell us how. It did matter that we woke you with the galdr of release, right?" asked Mist.

"First of all, you should understand that, because of our link, waking me is the same as waking Ashera. Now, if Ashera had been awakened by the spirit of chaos, none of us would be standing here right now. By the terms of the promise, she was just supposed to destroy the world. No hesitation, no discussion. But if she was awakened by the galdr of release, she was supposed to consult with me first. She wasn't supposed to pass down her judgment until she heard from me. Ashera went ahead and turned everyone into stone without asking me. That's so unfair! I'll show her, though. I'll turn them all back somehow! The problem is that I can't do this by myself. I need your help. Will you help me?" asked Yune.

"Of course we'll help! It's strange, but I trust you, Yune. And we all want to save the people who got turned to stone!"

"I'm in for sure." I said putting my arms behind my head.

"Yes. We'll do whatever it takes." Ike said determinedly

"That's right! We will allow nothing to stand in our way! We will fight!" exclaimed Skrimir.

"It's all so confusing... But we must do everything in our power to save the people." said Elincia.

"...To be honest, I've spent my life teaching that the goddess Ashera watches over and protects us. This is all a little hard to accept." said Sanaki.

"You don't have to believe me. You could just let her destroy the world..." said Yune.

Here's Yune by the way. Anyway, oh noes, apocalypse!

"No, I will do whatever it takes to save the people who were turned to stone. I will join the others in helping you."

"So what you're saying is that we all have to play nice and work together? Just forget about all that's happened?" asked Sothe.

"Got any better ideas?" I asked Sothe.


"Sothe, open your eyes and look around. There aren't that many people left to fix this mess. If you don't help, we can't do it. Besides, I would think saving the world is something we could all agree on." said Ike.

"You're right, Commander. All of this is the result of our war. I guess there's not much reason for flag-waving on either side. First thing we have to do is...unpetrify everyone." said Sothe.

"What about you Fayt? Will you fight with us?" I asked Fayt giving my girly smile on impulse.

"Do I have a choice? Of course I'm willing to fight!" Fayt said with a hint of enthusiasm.

Fayt's slowly gaining personality HALF WAY THROUGH THE STORY. Anyway, I recommend stopping by the nearest shop and shelling out some gil to get a good number of Softs.

"Miii~ that the spirit! Nipah!" quickly noticing what I just said I covered my mouth blushing.

"Did you just say 'mii' and 'nipah'?"

"N-N-no! of course not! Uhh how should we begin Yune? I mean we can't ALL go together." I said trying to change the subject.

"Hmmm… I know! Let's divide the army into three teams. I'm pretty sure that Ashera is going to notice what we're up to..." said Yune.

"Dividing us up is smart. It reduces the risk of everyone getting killed at once." said Ike.

"We have to hurry. I can feel Ashera's power building." said Yune.

"It's all over if we get turned to stone, too. All right, everyone, it's up to us!"

"What's your name?" asked Yune.

"I'm Ike."

"All right, Ike. You won't call me a dark god ever again, will you?"

"Not if you don't like it. Can I call you Yune?"

"I would like that. I guess I forgive you, then. Oh, I know! As a sign of my forgiveness, I'll make sure that you can get to your destination safely. I can't do it for everyone because it's a bit exhausting for me, but... Hold still and close your eyes."

"I'm ready." said Ike.

"How do you feel?"

"...Strong. Like I can take on anyone."

Man, so much dialog was lifted for this chapter it's not even funny. Anyway, is there ever a day Ike can't singlehandedly destroy everything on the battlefield? We'll be alright.

"Wow, you're very confident for a being that can die! Let's see... You go with this team."

"I'm going with you. I'm not leaving your-Micaiah's—side." said Sothe.

"...Fine. Micaiah says that's what she wants, too."

"Let me talk to her!"

"Not right now. You'll have plenty of time to talk on the road, all right? (turns around) Hey, you're with this team over here."

"...Damn it."

"Hey careful what you say Sothe." I said elbowing him.

And you know, Meru was about to hijack the plot too, only for Yune to swoop and forcefully grab the reigns. We were actually going places with this. Not necessarily good places, but you know, places! Also, is Reinforce ever going to be important again? Or you know, all of that character development for Meru?

Yune finally got us into teams and said, "Each team will take a different route, but your destination is the same. It's the Tower of Guidance that stands in the middle of the land you named Begnion. Go there at once. ...I hope to see you all there. I'll be waiting."

"Waiting? Aren't you coming with us?" asked Ike.

"I'll see you at the tower." With that a blue glow shined from Micaiah, and Yune flies away as a bird.

"A bird?"

"Yune! Then she must be—" said Sothe. Then he runs up and catches Micaiah. "Micaiah!"

"...Oh. Hello, Sothe." said Micaiah.

"You're back! I was so worried."

"Hey, if that bird was Yune...where did she go?" Ike asked

"I don't know where, exactly, but she said she must go look for...something." Micaiah said.

A little later…. " so you're leaving again?" asked Fayt. It was just me and Fayt standing alone.

"Yeah.. I said I go with Ike's group." I replied back.


Because Ike's a total badass?

No, I'll never stop, this joke never gets old because it's not a joke, you team up with Ike and you live to see another day in battle.

"well I want to get to know Ike more and plus I want to see how Ike fights in battle. If you catch my drift."

Sex joke too easy to make here, just going to ignore it.

"Oh… Oh yeah. What was up the way you talk to me before?"

"doki! T-that? Well uhh, I USED to talk like that when I was little. And as you can see I still talk like that. I don't talk like that in public. Well at least not anymore."


"yeah, yeah, I know kinda childish right? Mii~."

"Actually I find it kinda cute and you did it again."

Generic romance, generic guy finds girl generically cute by her adorable mannerism.

I blushed very madly and I didn't feel embarrass what-so-ever. More like… Relieved.

"you know, you should talk like that more often. It suits you." When I heard that I smiled at him like I a 5 year old. I took off my elastic (I finally remembered what it was called)and threw it away.

I took my pink ribbon and tied it like a hairband.

"Well if my talking suits me then my hair style should also fit me. Right? Nipah!" I said very happily.

"I uhhh you.." he stuttered. I just laughed at him.

"oh I forgot to do something see ya later Fayt! You better be alive when we get to the capitol! Bye-Bye."


Few minutes later… "miii~ Sanaki, I think I should give this to you."

"but isn't this a blood pact?" Sanaki questioned.

"Hauuu~ you'll find out soon enough."

Dammit, Meru, you're off doing mysterious stuff again and while causing me heart problems with your insane noises. Quit doing that!

Meru:well -stretches- I'm finish with this chapter.

Miyako: god you're lazy.

Yuri: so r u Miyako.

Miyako: shut up. And you said were going to finish.

Meru: hey it's Saturday so shut up already. Well hope you like this chapter R&R if you want. This is Meru.

Miyako: This is Miyako.

Yuri: and this is Yuri.

All: Bye!

Well that was a rather meh chapter. Crap tons of lifted text and nothing too absurd until the very end. Hopefully the next one will shape up.