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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 7 - Part 2

"Meru? You shouldn't be here with that thing." Said Ike

"Relax. I'm working on it. Anyways when did you figured it out?"

"A couple minutes after you left. You wrote it VERY specific ."

"good cause I'd kill you if you didn't figured it out. Anyways I got to get going and end this once and for all." With that I left racing through the night with the horse that Pelleas gave me. I kept riding where Lekain was and somehow I managed to sneak inside and find my way to him.

Well, the paper note remains a mystery. However, who's Lekain? He may not look it, but he's one EVIL dude. He's the leader of the Begnion Senate and therefore the one who's heading the attempts to rule Daein with an iron fist, kill the high priestess Sanaki, and collapse Crimea from the inside. He manages to somehow top out Ashnard (the guy who killed For the Evulz and flat out tells you at the end of game that regardless of how the war ended, he did it for shits and giggles) in how utterly despicable he is and crosses the line every other line of dialog he has. Let's see how he shapes up here.

"Meru, Meru, Meru. You sure to get around whole lot don't you?" Lekain said to me.

Well, apparently he got omniscient. Sure, that makes him more dangerous, but is that really    evil?   

"just shut up you big bag of lump."

"I still have the lives of Daein in my grasp along with your darling Fayt."

Sick burn by Meru and confirmation of the fact that Fayt was just meant to be a shallow motivator for Meru. Who called it? I did, I did!


"So why don't you run back to your pathetic country."



"you heard me. I said 'No' you big oaf."

"You know that if you cause anything to anger the senate Daein will be destroyed."

Don't worry, she totally has a plan.


You totally have a plan that isn't ass end retarded, right?


"Not anymore now's where's the pact?"

"Where do you think?" said Lekian pulling out the blood pact.

Then there was a sudden woosh as his hand feel off his arm and the pact suddenly lit on fire, cause Lekain just fell down the unfortunate hole of villainous fanfic stupidity.

" you know you remind me of a certain person. Ah what's her name? ah I know. wait Reinforce i believe was her real name."

"what did you just say?"

"I see that it rings a bell. You see long ago there was a strange girl in Tellius who happens to look exactly like you."

"Like me? Wait the only person I know who looks like me is my-"

"your mother of course."

What a tweest! Let's ignore how stupid that name sounds, SHIT JUST HIT THE FAN.

"You bastard. You knew I was coming here in the first place didn't you?

Why of course. I mean you look exactly like her and I almost thought you were her but then I realized you weren't."

And I figured out your name too by reading her mind!

"Yeah. You know what? You just served your death sentence." I drew my sword and run him through leaving a dead corpse. I took the pact and made sure it was the real one and burned it.

Wait, hold on...

"Then there was a sudden woosh as his hand feel off his arm and the pact suddenly lit on fire, cause Lekain just fell down the unfortunate hole of villainous fanfic stupidity."

Okay, so she didn't cut off his hand, but seriously, called it again. That was a major villain in the original game and here he didn't last a chapter. The plot is officially off the rails and it's glorious.

"now where's the other one. There it is." With that I got out of there. When I got back I found that there was a battle going on and there was almost complete confusion. The Daeins where fighting the senators men and the Laguz Alliance and Ike's men were trying to figure out whether or not to be fighting the Daeins. " oh for the love of-" I said exasperated.

Those senators men must be getting absolutely slaughtered cause they're freaking politicians. Oh, you meant the forces that the senators control. Well in that case, how did they find out about Lekain's death so quickly and send armed troops that managed to beat out Meru, who I might add managed to travel cross country on horse back, kill a man, and travel back in under a day. If they sent those troops before hand, why didn't they just make the entirety of Daein and a large chunk of Micaiah's forces go boom? You know what? Whatever, just send Ike in and he'll make everything better.

When I got to the battlefield I tried to sort things out. When at the battlefield I had a flashback when I was just 5 years old. That will be a memory I will never forget.


I was in a room cover with white walls and I was with 2 women, probably in their late 40s. I saw I was wearing a ceremonial miko(shine maiden)clothing. My hair was flowing down below my waist and i was wearing my mom's flower. This was going to be my first ceremonial dance as a fully-fledged shine maiden.

HOLD IT! HOLD IT! I knew studying foreign religions would finally be useful. Women can not become a full Shrine Maiden until age 13 (the age of consent in Japan by the way). While they are able to assist at the shrine at any age, they can't take full responsibility until age 13. That is until someone who's actually Japanese corrects me, but you know, stuff.

I was so happy that my sis, my friends, and my parents were going to see me do my ceremonial dance. I got on stage and did the dance. As I was doing the dance I noticed only my sister and my 3 bestest friends were only there. ' miii~ where's mom and father?' I thought to myself worry.

After the dance, I look at the sky and felt a raindrop in my cheek. All of the sudden I got a vision showing my parents. Dead. I gasped and quickly run back home while the rain started pouring down in sanely.

I went back to the house and saw my father on the floor. Blood spilling all over the floor.

"Dad? Father!wake up! Please wake up. Please don't leave me.!" I cried as I saw his green eyes fade to nothingness. I gasp and realized my mom wasn't around. " Mom? Mommy? Mother! Where are you?" I screamed through the house.

I searched everywhere in the house and she wasn't in the house so I went outside frantically. My sister saw me and asked, " Meru! What's going on?"

"Father… he-he's dead and I can't find mommy anywhere!" I yelled with tears flowingmy cheeks.

"What? Alright just calm down. Look near the river and I'll get help ok?"

With a possible killer and kidnapper on the loose, letting a five year old wonder around like that HAS GOT TO BE the last thing you would do in that sort of situation. Darn you Miyako and your situational omniscience.

"o-ok big sister." I sniffled.

I ran through the trees where the nearest river was. I finally made there to see my mother there. I was so happy and I called out for her but when I did she just.

Just what? Just what?

Splashed! She just walked through the river like she couldn't live anymore. I ran over there as fast as I could and when I got there, the only things that was left behind was her shoes. She was gone. My father and mother were gone forever. I screamed through the stormy night. At that point my life changed forever. I was so scared that my sister and my friends would share the same fate as they did.

Ever since then I didn't even bother making new friends throughout my life and changed my appearance, the way I talk and my personality. Everything I am before is gone and this is the new me.

End of flashback

You know, something tells me we'll never find out what killed the father.

wild mass guessReinforce killed him and then completed the dark ritual to get herself transported into the game world where she became a GODDESS. Meru also killed someone before she warped into the game but has conveniently not told us yet.wild mass guess

Also, didn't Meru keep her boots when she warped?

But now things were different. The life I had before were coming back.

"Will I ever go back to the same person I was?" I said to myself, killing enemies before me.

You know, that somehow lost any emotional impact it was going for.

The battle kept going until a white light turned most of us into stone.

OH HO, silly me, it wasn't the pendant this time around, it was some random and out of no where white light.

Meru: wow I must be high.

Miyako: What in god's name made think this?

Meru: I… do not know.

Fayt: So this is how your life came to be eh?


Fayt: what?

Meru: how'd you get in here?

Fayt: door.*points at door*

Miyako: ummm uhh* tries to find a security button.*so I see umm security SECURITY!

Kureno: You called?


Kureno: Gotcha. *knocks Fayt out and drags him*

Meru: since when did you get security?

Miyako: I had free time.

Meru: whatever. Anyways thanks for reading and hope you like this chapter. I know it probably sucks but still. This is Meru.

Miyako: and this is Miayko.

Both: BYE!

Well, now all I know about Fayt is that he's a creepy stalker.


He was the one that Meru killed, wasn't he? And now they're both in the game world.

This is deep shit, man, real deep shit.