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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 7 - Part 1

Meru: * pants* oh my god oh my god I gonna kill her. Anyways. This is. *gasps* the *gasps* 7th chapter. *pants* I'm gonna kill her.* grabs shotgun and loads*

Miyako: Nonononononono, waiwaitwait Meru!

Meru: What?

Miyako: Before you try to kill her I call some reinforcement.

Meru: And that's?

Miyako: Lyon of course. She can't resist Lyon.

Meru: alright. If she doesn't calm down I'll kill her if it's the last thing I do. Anyways back to the story this is the 7th chapter and I don't own frickin' fire emblem or its characters. I only own Meru and Fayt and their dialogue. Do I really have to say this every single god dang time?

Miyako: pretty much.


Chapter 7: Meru's past memories and Mission

Well, oh snap, we're at chapter 7 out of 15 and we finally get to find out what the crap Meru's been thinking. This is going to be a fun chapter, ladies and gentlemen.

"A rebellion in the empire? Is that true?" asked Tauroneo.

"Yes. The empire has been thrown into chaos since General Zelgius freed Prime Minister Sephiran. They've incited the peasants by asking, "Who should you believe in? The senate, or the apostle?" said Sothe.

"And the people have chosen the apostle, correct?" asked Tauroneo.

"Yes. They're rioting in the capital day and night, demanding answers. The senate is busy trying to quell the masses."

"That's good." I said looking absent-minded sitting with my legs up to my chest

"Yes. This is great news! If we were to forge and alliance between Daein and the apostle's supporters in Begnion—" said Touroneo.

"That is not a wise choice." With that Pelleas entered the room. "The curse on the blood pact will begin killing our people as soon as we do anything the senate doesn't care for. Defeating the senate doesn't guarantee the curse will be broken either. In fact, it may ensure it can never be broken. In which case, Daein's destruction will come more slowly, but it will come nonetheless." said Pelleas.

"So, we can't attack the senate, and we can't ask for help. The only thing we can do is search for a way to get rid of the curse. This is driving me crazy..." said Sothe.

"you're telling me" said Fayt looking very frustrated.

"Me three, for different reasons." I said looking at my necklace.

Well, the necklace is back in the picture and it's apparently not acting up. Still, I wouldn't surprised if it starts acting funky again as a cheap and sudden cliff hanger only for nothing to happen next chapter. Also, fun fact, this is the last mission script up on the FE Planet site, meaning that either Meru gets the dialog from somewhere else next chapter, or we see another turning point in this fanfic, perhaps that fabled plot hijacking I keep wanting to have happen?

"If we could only contact the apostle... But if the senate heard a word of it, they'd destroy us. Our hands are tied." said Touroneo.

"Luckily for us, that's not true. I have some good news, for a change. I found a way to break the blood pact. Where is Micaiah? Please bring her here." said Pelleas.

"You discovered how to break the blood pact? I'll get her right away." said Sothe. With that Sothe runs off to get Micaiah.

"sigh it's now or never.' I thought sitting up looking very tired.

Plot hijack? Oh please tell me it's a plot hijack.

"Meru are you ok? You don't look so good." Fayt said to me.

"It's nothing Fayt. Just reminiscing about…" I trailed off.


"Nothing. Never mind forget what I just said.

No wait, it looks like we're heading into a flash back.

Fayt's POV

I wondered what she was thinking about. That's not like Meru to be so absent-minded. Could it be her fever?

"UGH! Why am I so worry about her?" I said out loud. Meru heard that and turned around and I blushed.

"Are you ok?" She asked me.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine just thinking out loud." I replied with a red face.

"Are you sure? Your face is all red. Are you running a fever?" She put hand over my forehead.

"H-hey what about you and your fever?"

"I'm alright Fayt so far so good. I haven't collapse since or feel dizzy."

I just stand there dumbfounded. " An-anyways we should get with the others." I walk to where the others are going. She soon followed.

'Man, I'm in BIG trouble.' I thought.

Just kidding about that flash back, that'll be coming later. And hey, finally some of that OCxOC shipping that I've waiting to have occur. Also, notice how as soon as the POV firmly plants itself in Fayt's skull that he becomes the awkward one while Meru suddenly becomes the gentle one. The POV, it controls you, it compels you.

Normal POV

In another room; Pelleas stands before Micaiah, Sothe, Tauroneo, Fayt and me. "You can't be serious, Your Majesty!" said Micaiah.

"Meru, didn't you say you were going to tell us something you know if we figured some of it out?" asked Sothe.

"huh? Oh yea I did didn't i?" I said nervously.

"Then tell us what is it?"

"ok lets see."

"Tell us!"

"okay,okay no need to throw a fit. Ahem. First of all, Pelleas doesn't have to die and even if he did it wouldn't have matter because if he did the blood pact would will still be in effect."

Okay, wait wait, how did Meru even know that they figured out anything? No wait, I got it. Paellas, Sothe, and Micaiah finally took note of Meru's absurd level of knowledge but inability to use logical deduction and so hatched a plot to bluff her into sharing more information without her realizing that she was being duped. This way they still keep her around but not only have her as a soldier but as a complete puppet.

Micaiah, you magnificent bastardette, your general avoidance of questions for Meru before was just to lull her into a false sense of security. Very devious.

"Then what is it?" Fayt asked

"Well secondly, you need a third party to kill either the signer or the creator of the blood pact. Then you need to burn or otherwise destroy the paper on the pact that was written. That is the only way."

And so begins Meru's quest to burn that piece of paper. Plot hijack, come on!

Actually, the plot hijack has already happened. In a first play through, the Prince would die regardless. Since this is Meru's second run through, she's unlocked the option to have the Prince survive.

"So we have kill the creator and destroy the pact?" asked Pelleas.

"Exactly. And I willing to do it. I got some business to do anyways."

"Right then I will leave it up to you then. You can use whatever you need."

Honestly, I'm used to people barfing all of their trust onto Meru at this point. That's par for the course. Minus Ike of course, but that's because he's Ike and therefore concentrated awesome. Anyway, look at all of this original dialog, it's almost like we're running into the end of a supply of scripts copied from the games.

"thank you Pelleas and i would need a horse ."

Nah, she only made good time running between Ike's army and Micaiah's squad. I'm sure she'll be able to make it by foot.

"Very well then I will leave the rest up to you. We are counting on you."

"Be careful ok Meru?" Fayt told me.

"Of course I'll be ok you don't even need to tell me." I blushed when he told me that.

Sudden romance! See? The person with the POV is the awkward one, the one out of the POV's control is the caring and compassionate one. Anyway, Fayt's about to be reduced to less than wallpaper anyway, so we'll let him hog as much spotlight as possible for now.

Later that night(or day I forgot) "Hey Ike."

Oh bugger.