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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 6

Meru: yayz chapter 6

Miyako: wow you are so lazy

Meru: probably because theres NOTHING to do around the house.

Yuri: I don't get it. You're lazy when there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to do. But you're all like carefree and whatever when THERE IS something to do.

Meru: meh that's me. Lolz

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Meru: alright, alright touchy…

What have YOU done today? I've just beat up half a dozen gangsters armed with heavy weaponry.

Chapter 6 : The Price

Micaiah is resting on the bed while Sothe watches over her. Pelleas, Almedha , Fayt, and me enter the room. "Micaiah, what's going on? I heard that you took ill on the field. Are you all right? What happened?" asked Pelleas

"What do you think, genius? Micaiah fainted because you've been pushing her too hard! She's terrified that she won't live up to your expectations." said Sothe

"umm Sothe…" I tried to speak.

"I didn't realize... I am so sorry, Micaiah." said Pelleas


"According to the doctor, she is suffering from severe exhaustion. She must stay in bed for a time." said Tauroneo who just came into the room.

Tauroneo also possesses one of the most epic mustaches and sideburns of all time too. Anyway, we're back to using recycled dialog in case you're wondering.

"Well, I'm glad that she is all right. Do you think it will take long for her to recover? We must stop the laguz, after all. Our task is not complete." said Pelleas

"OK, that's it! Are you out of your mind? I'm getting Micaiah out of here. At this rate, if the laguz that we shouldn't be fighting don't kill her, you certainly will." said Sothe.

"Sothe calm down" Fayt said trying to calm down Sothe

"Its not that easy Sothe…" I said

"What are you talking about Meru?" Sothe asked

"She's right" Pelleas said

"Oh yeah? I'd like to see you stop me. I held out until now, thinking it was best for Daein. I was wrong. We're through with you." said Sothe.

"Please, Sothe! You must reconsider! Micaiah can't leave now." said Pelleas.

"ummmmm…" I whimpered

Is Meru finally cracking from just how non-consequential she is? Taking the logical steps of deconstruction, she'll suffer more and more fatigue as she pushes all the harder on the battlefield but having her genre savviness, she will realize that Micaiah and others were able to do this all anyway in the games without her help, and then collapse in despair or rage out and completely hijack the plot.

...yeah, that isn't going to happen.

"King Pelleas, I agree with Sothe. Let Lady Micaiah go. She has done enough." said Tauroneo.

"I have to agree with them" said Fayt

"No, don't leave! Please! I'm begging you! I need Micaiah to stay!" exclaimed Pelleas.

"guys" I said quietly.

With that Pelleas felled to his knees. "P-Pelleas? What are you doing?" Almedha asked

"Our army cannot function without Micaiah. I can't let that happen! The army must continue the fight!" exclaimed Pelleas

"Pelleas…" I said with mixed emotion swirling around me. I feel like I'm going to collapse and a tense heat started to build up.

Maybe that plot hijacking will be happening sooner than expected. Is this a chance for Meru to kick Micaiah out of the picture and take up the reconstruction of Daein on her own shoulders? Cut a bloody path through everything ever and conquer the entire continent?

"Listen, I don't know what deals you've made with the empire behind our backs, but I won't let you hurt her anymore." Sothe said angrily

"Sothe stop. It's not really that simple."

"If Micaiah leaves the army...she will die." said Pelleas. With that Sothe runs up to Pelleas.

"So now the king shows his true colors... Pelleas, I don't care if you're the king. Threaten Micaiah again, and I'll kill you where you stand. Is that clear?" asked Sothe.

I cover my ears and close my eyes. These emotions are like swelling up inside me then a crack in the window showed up. Only Fayt noticed. But I quickly said, " it's not him who will kill Micaiah."

"Meru, Stay out of this."

"NO! I can't! I've been quiet long enough to know whats going to happen if you both leave! It's the Blood Pact Sothe, it will kill you, Micaiah, everyone in Daein!" While feeling so flustered a vase in the room broke into pieces. Everyone noticed and looked at me.

Well shit, I forgot about that plot point. Perhaps Meru will fill in the details so I don't have to?

"Meru…" Pelleas said. With that Micaiah sits up on the bed.

"What is...a blood pact?" asked Micaiah. With that Yune chirps and Sothe rushes to her side.

"Micaiah! You should try to—" started Sothe.

"Please tell me, Your Majesty. What is a blood pact?" interrupted Micaiah. With that everybody in the room turned towards Pelleas.

"I-I swear to you. I didn't know. I had no idea..." said Pelleas.

Hold on, Meru exclaims it and Micaiah jumps to asking Paellas about it? Does no one question how Meru knows all of this stuff? I mean granted, she played the game in the middle of what I assume to be modern day Earth, but seriously, the in game characters don't know that.

Sometime in the past Pelleas stands in a hallway in the middle of the night with a Begnion messenger.

"What could be so urgent that the empire's messenger would pay a visit at this hour? Has something happened?" asked Pelleas.

"King Pelleas... Please prepare to receive Vice-Minister Lekain." said the messenger.

"What?" With that Lekain teleports in with a warp circle around him.

"How do you do, King Pelleas?" said Lekain.

"H-how did you get here?"

"Our empire's magical research has made leaps and bounds. This rewarp staff is our latest invention. With this staff, one can get to any desired destination instantly. Isn't that just wonderful? Before this lovely little item, we used that ghastly warp powder. It worked well enough, but would completely exhaust whoever used it. What's the use of someone traveling anywhere they wish if they're too exhausted to do anything afterward? It'd take a very strong soldier to withstand the powder's side effects. The rewrap staff solves that problem."

"Vice-Minister..." said the messenger.

"Ah, now I've said too much. I just can't help myself. I love innovation so."

"Um... If I may, what is the purpose of your visit?" asked Pelleas.

"Oh, yes. No time for idle chatter. We have a favor to ask of you, Your Majesty. As you are no doubt aware, the false apostle has raised an army of sub-humans to reclaim her throne. We require the use of the Daein army to wipe out this upstart "Laguz Alliance." Would you be so kind?"

"I... I'm afraid I cannot deploy my army on Begnion's behalf. My country cannot continue to rebuild while fighting a war. Please understand."

"Ah, so you reject our request? Then I've no choice but to watch you and your people perish slowly."

"What? You came here to make threats?"

"The terms of our pact are quite clear in this document." With that Lekain holds out a slip of paper that has an emblem at the top, a large chunk of script, and a red signature at the bottom.

"That's the treaty I signed on the day of my coronation. I don't see how this pertains to-"

"All will be made clear, young Pelleas. Yes, this is the same document. You, my naïve young king, signed it believing it was an oath of reparation from Begnion. Sadly for you, however..."

"What are you telling me?"

"In truth, this wonderful scrap of parchment is a blood pact. Once you sign the paper in blood, you can never break the terms of the pact!"

"A blood pact? But Izuka said he saw no problems with the terms of the treaty... No! Izuka? No, how could he..."

"That's right. Izuka is one of us. He found the perfect king who would execute the senate's will."

"I can't believe it! I won't!"

"You'd better start believing it. You've at least heard stories of the forbidden "blood pact," haven't you? It's a marvelous tool used by the wise to control the foolish. A ruler agreeing to the pact is bound to it...absolutely. Once sworn, the pact will punish any transgression against its terms with the complete destruction of his country."

" can't be serious. That's impossible!"

"Calm yourself, young king, and listen. I'll tell you an interesting story. Long ago, a foolhardy king signed a blood pact with the empire to take back his lost kingdom. In exchange for his country, he vowed complete obedience. He soon broke the terms of the pact and began to disobey the empire. Presumably he didn't understand the power of the oath he'd sworn... Would you like to hear what happened after he defied the empire's will?"

"… What?"

"It was quite tragic. One man died on the first day. He was only a peasant, so no one really noticed. Two more died on the second day. Three more on the third day. I think you can see where this is going. The wave of mysterious deaths spread across the kingdom like a contagion. After thirty days, the king finally realized that this was the curse of the blood pact, the price of infidelity. He apologized to the empire and pleaded with them to lift the curse. His plea was graciously accepted on the one-hundredth day. By then, the king had lost half of his subordinates, as well as his lovely wife and child. That country remained under the control of the senate for a very long time. I hope I've made myself clear. No matter how you struggle, you have no choice but to follow the orders given to you by the empire. No matter how noble your motives, defiance against us will result in the death of your nation. This you must never forget. Ahhh, and one more thing... If you're considering seeking aid from outside of Daein, think again. We have spies and informants in every corner of Tellius. We will know immediately if you tell anyone."

Well, I'm glad that was all explained via more dialog being ripped straight from the game.

"Let me get this straight. Everyone in Daein will die if you disobey the senate?" asked Sothe.

"What a heavy burden... It cannot be!" exclaimed Tauroneo.

"Meru you knew this all along didn't you?"

"I-I yes I knew" I replied.

"Why didn't tell us earlier!"

Finally! Someone calls Meru out on this bullshit! We're actually getting somewhere! Thank you unsigned voice who I will now assume is Sothe, thanks for not being a total moron!

"Stop it Sothe! Can't you see that she stressed already without you questioning her." said Micaiah.

"Meru will you be ok?" Fayt asked me

"Don't worry about it guys. The reason I didn't tell is because you probably wouldn't believe me in the first place. And you all trust me as a fighter and a friend, but things tend to happen when I butt in. You guys don't even know who I really am or where I come from. There is so many things I would like to tell you, but it is really best if you guys find out for yourselves no matter how helpful it could be. That's why I stay silent as you go around." I said.

Last I checked, the only thing that happens when Meru is around is a heavy amount of ass kicking given direct to the enemy. But you know, each to their own.

"I think it is best if we go back to the task at hand. Is that alright Meru?" Tauroneo

"it is."

"Pelleas show Mother the mark of your pact." said Almedha. With that Pelleas showed us a swirled emblem on his left wrist, the same emblem that was on the blood pact document. "It's true... This is the mark of a blood pact. My son has been deceived!" exclaimed Almedha.

"Oh, give it up! You expect us to buy that ghost story? It's just something to scare little kings into eating their vegetables! Before you go shining Begnion's boots, get some proof of the senate's claims!" exclaimed Sothe.


"are you sure you want to take that chance Sothe?" I asked


"We've done enough here. Micaiah, let's go. We'll let them find out if that story is real or not."

...and now we're backpedaling. Seriously, if Meru knew about it (and no one asks why, fuck you Micaiah), wouldn't that dictate that it has a high chance of existing? It's not like two different people who barely know each other can magically pull this out of their asses at the same time.

"It's all true, Sothe." said Micaiah.


"King Pelleas, Queen Almedha and Meru are telling us the truth. It's hard to believe, but I can see it... My power hasn't gone away. It was just weakened from exhaustion. This is all so horrible... Now Daein can never be free from the senate's leash."

"I would tell but you guys need to figure the first part of it for yourselves." I said to them

"Even if it's true, Micaiah, that doesn't mean you have to go to war again. We could leave Daein..." said Sothe.

"But without me, who would hold our forces together? Leaving the army would be the same as abandoning the people of Daein. I won't do it." said Micaiah.

"But..." said Sothe.

"I'm sorry, everyone.. I'm so sorry... I-I-I didn't know..." said Pelleas.

"it's ok Pelleas. What happens happens. We can't do anything about it once its done." I said to Pelleas

"Meru is right. Once it's done, it's done." Fayt said backing me up.

"King Pelleas... What then do you propose we do?" asked Touroneo.

"Why, obey the empire, of course. We have no other choice in the matter. As long as I follow the senate's orders, no one will die because of me." said Pelleas.

"No, I can't accept that! We have finally wrested our country back from the occupation forces... I'd rather be dead than have to bend to the will of the empire. What are we, dogs?" asked Sothe.

"And now that Begnion is ordering Daein troops into battle, we are treated as disposable pawns. Many Daein citizens will die of this pact, whether we obey it or not." said Touroneo.

"It would appear that I have been crowned king during the last days of Daein. Follow or fight...the result is the same. We will be destroyed." said Pelleas.

"Not if I can help it." I said assuredly.

Aside from Fayt being wallpaper as usual, note that Meru said "I". Not "we", "I". Plot hijacking still possible in the near future.

"With all due respect, Your Majesty, we can't give up!" exclaimed Micaiah.

"What?" asked Pelleas.

"You heard me. The only way to really be doomed is to give up." said Micaiah.

"She's right Pelleas." I said

"Micaiah, there's no way out of a blood pact. None! What do you suggest we do?" asked Pelleas.

"I know but like I said I won't tell you just yet. You know what they say, 'when there's a will there's way.'" I said.

"Look for a way out. I know Duke Lekain says the pact can't be broken, but of course he'd say that! King Pelleas, you have the resources of an entire country to draw on, and the best of reasons to do so. Check the royal library! Check the archives! Somewhere, I'm sure you'll find...something." said Micaiah.

Okay, the thing is, Meru's presumably already beat this game in meat world. She'd know the solution and she's not telling people the solution (and no one's asking yet how she knows this stuff!), there's NO justification for Meru to hold back the plot like this (other than to lift from text direct from the game).

"Micaiah, Meru, forgive me. I was so overwhelmed that I let myself give in to despair. But you're absolutely right. We can't give up just yet. We have people to save!" exclaimed Pelleas. When that I wrote something on a piece a paper.

"Meru what are you writing?" Fayt asked me

"Sorry but I need to do something. I promise I'll be back."

What does our witting heroine have in plan?

Later…. "Ike, yo Ike!"

"Is that you Meru? Why are yo-" started Ike.

"ssssh. Sorry but nobody and I mean nobody should know I'm here. If someone should know it would put Daein in a death situation."


"I can't tell you but here's a hint."

"a piece of paper?"

"What's on it is important. Do not and I repeat do NOT tell anyone or show anyone no matter how trustworthy they are. Got it?"

"Got it."

"Crap. Gotta get back. See ya Ike."

"Tally ho, good sir."

"Ah, what pleasant luck to see you again, madam."

"Now good sir, on this here note, I've written a cryptic message that no one, not even your closeted lover and strategist should know about even though you have all the reason in the world to trust him more than me."

"Bollocks, and why ought I do that?"

"Plot, my dear friend."


"Now please excuse me, I now must sprint back several miles to my base camp by foot. Please don't send any scouts after me."

Later…(again) Micaiah, Tauroneo, Sothe, Fayt, and me stand near the edge of a cliff. "It looks as if the apostle's forces are using this road to avoid a head-on confrontation. I guess we were right in assuming that they don't necessarily want to fight. Micaiah, are you still set on this?" asked Sothe.

"Are the rocks ready?" asked Micaiah.

"Yes. They're in position." said Tauroneo. Then a Daein soldier runs up.

"General Maiel's forces have encountered General Ike's laguz forces. The battle has begun! The decoy operation succeeded. The apostle and her Holy Guards are heading this way." reported the soldier. With that he ran off again and Micaiah turns to the cliff.

"All forces, get in position! Our target is the apostle. We will attack her while General Ike is distracted. If we let her through, her army will cross into Begnion. That will surely anger the senate, and the senate will move to destroy Daein. We must fight with everything we have so that Daein may live on!" exclaimed Micaiah!.

"But, Micaiah... Is this really necessary? Can't we avoid all of this fighting and somehow pretend to obey the senate?" asked Sothe.

"Micaiah, it was you more than anyone else who used to hate plans like this..." said Tauroneo.

"The apostle's army has incredible numbers. We wouldn't stand a chance taking them head-on. They would march right through us. We need to give Pelleas more time, but if we hold back, the senate will know we're up to something. For now...let's just try to draw this out a bit and stop the apostle's army." said Micaiah.

"Miciah's right. No matter how cruel this plan may be we got to do something to give more for Pelleas." I said

"Lady Micaiah. Your strength moves me. I shall not falter." said Tauroneo.

So, um, does that note have anything to do with what Ike's doing right now? Because if it's a note to say "Please don't stop us from redirecting Sanaki's army", I'm pretty sure Ike would just come up the rear anyway and wreck your shit.

"Micaiah... All right. Let's do it. Let's do it for our friends-and for our country." said Sothe.

"I'm ready when you're ready." Fayt said.

"We have visual confirmation on the Holy Guards! They're heading this way." A Daein soldier reported.

"Well... Here we come. I promise I'll keep on living mom." I said. The battle was long and hard but eventually….

"General Maiel has fallen to the claws of the sub-humans! General Ike and the Laguz Alliance are heading this way to rescue the apostle!" A Daein Soldier said.

"...Prepare to move to the next phase. Archers, get ready! There's no more time for doubt." said Micaiah. The soldier leaves; the squad of Holy Guards and Sanaki can be seen below the cliff. Soon after the Daein soldiers poured oil down the cliff, then after some shouting the Holy guard flew up. "Don't let the apostle escape! Archers, mages! Bring down that Pegasus!" commanded Micaiah.

"Tibarn should…come…right.. about…now" I thought looking at my watch. Tibarn flies up, grabbed Sothe, and flies past the edge of the cliff.

Okay, so I'm willing to let Meru's knowledge here pass since she might have memorized the dialog of the game and know that Tibarn (king and leader of the Bird Laguz by way of being stupidly powerful) would show up right about now, but knowing when he'd show up based on time? No no no. Not to mention, that watch, no one noticed this alien contraption on her arm?

"Tibarn! Urk!" said Sothe.

"Sothe! No, please! All units, cease fire! Now!" commanded Micaiah. With that all the Daein soldiers stand to attention. Then Ike and Ranulf appear.

"General Ike has reached us... We've failed." said Tauroneo.

Okay, how this happened in the game. You had a mission where you simply had to hold off a MASSIVE GLOB of units that kept coming for several turns. Meanwhile Sanaki would send for Ike to clear things up for her on the mountain. After a while, Ike would show up and the mission would end, so I suppose this note was to make Ike appear sooner?

"Grrrreat…." I said very casually and surprisingly nobody noticed. [woot! XP]

"Now what do we do?" Fayt said

"Micaiah of Daein, listen to me very, very carefully." said Ike.

"Tell him to let Sothe go!" exclaimed Micaiah.

"Not a chance. I'm offering you a choice. Surrender now and go home to Daein, or fight us and die."

For the record, Tibarn has Sothe and is flying high enough to drop him a lethal amount of height. Plus, that choice Ike is offering? No third option, at that point in the game, Ike is so seriously over leveled compared to you that half of your forces are going to be having trouble just laying a hit on him, and that's not adding in his forces to the equation.

"you're acting right Ike? You're not serious are you?" I thought looking surprised.

"We can't. We won't retreat or negotiate. Regardless of what you believe, the only choice we have is to fight." said Micaiah

"if you're acting you're doing a great job of it Ike and if not I will surely kill you afterwards."

Not just as planned? Ike gives no damn about plans. He just steps all over you if you get in his way.

"Micaiah, are you insane? Look around! Every single person in your army will die! Do you care that little about them?" asked Ranulf.

"FYI she does care and that's why we're here in the first place."

"Enough! Everyone stand down!" With that Sanaki appears, on a pegasus knight's back.

Well darn, so much for that blood bath.

"Apostle…" said Ike.

"I've seen enough bloodshed for one day! That's enough! Please, no more..." said Sanaki. With that the pegasus knight flies even higher.

"We'll retreat for now. You'd better do the same, and I mean now. I'm not sure how long I can hold my men back."

"Didn't you hear? We can't." I said to Ike

'I swear you better get this message Ike."

Okay, either Ike saw the note and didn't give a damn, saw the note and has a second plan to go on top of this plan, or saw the note and is really freaking dumb, which in this fan fic, I'm not entirely ruling out that possibility.

"Fine. His death is on your hands, then. Sorry, little Sothe, your friend just killed you. Say a quick good-bye." said Tibarn.

"No, wait, Micai—" yelled Sothe! Then Tibarn drops him.

"NOOO! SOTHE!" yelled Micaiah. With that she runs to the edge of the cliff. At the base of the cliff, Ulki (I think that's him) catches Sothe and slowly lowers him to the ground. "Oh, thank the goddess. Sothe..." said Micaiah.

"Take this as a lesson, little beorc. Next time, there won't be anyone to catch you," said Tibarn.

'Actually she's a branded like Soren and Stefen and many more.'

With that Tauroneo took 2 steps forward away from Ike and Ranulf.

Yeah, for the record, anything contain in single quotations 'like this', is in Meru's skull. Not exactly clear, but hey. Also, spoiler alert. Anyway, being branded means being a kid of a Beorc and Laguz. Think about all of that kinky tiger sex cause I sure ain't.

"General Tauroneo, I'll ask you one last time: talk some sense into that girl, all right? She's losing it." said Ike.

"...We won't pursue you this time. However, we cannot avoid this war. That is all I will say for now. And Ike...I'm sorry for this." said Tauroneo. With that Ike and Ranulf walk away, as do the Laguz Alliance.

I sigh and said aloud," Can this day be any WORSE?"

Besides Ike robbing you of experience and then making you feel like a fool? Well, he could have killed you too, but Ike's not that kind of guy.

Meru: Wow that is LONG than I expected. Then again I had some setbacks.

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Yeah, we're drifting into generic wackiness now with the opening and closing stuff. Whatever.