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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 2

Meru: Well Chapter 2 finally. So far so good but I still hav a long way to go. And plus I took out some conversation here and there.

Miyako: man I'm surprised Yuri didn't come here to kill you yet.

Meru: whats that sup-ooohhh O_O right….. I didn't put her in the story but why does she care?

Miyako: I don't know something about always being left out.

Meru: she's a crazy idiot. Anyways here is chapter 2. I do not own fire emblem I only own Meru and her dialogue. Do I really hav to say that EVERY time?

Miyako: they get the wrong idea..

Man, it must be weird living in Japan and being named Yuri. And being a girl. Worse if you're straight. And since it's Russian and completely left field.

Anyway, dialogue lifted straight from the game? Now in italics.

Nevassa, Daein

We finally reached to Nevassa where we'll be fighting Jarod. Right now its so far so good but as we travel more the more trouble. Back at the meeting between Micaiah and Pelleas.

"Prince Pelleas! We have to do something. We must liberate Nevassa and save the people from this brutal attack!" Micaiah beg to Pelleas.

"Is there no end to your lunacy? The apostle's envoy is nearly here! Why be rash when victory is so close!" shouted Izuka.

"People are dying, and Nevassa has already suffered more than enough. Do you really expect us not to lift a finger to help?" Sothe asked.

"Are you insane letting those people die?" Fayt said

"If you will not help, we will go by ourselves. Again." Micaiah simply said.

"she's right. If you're not goin to do anything. We might as well do the dirty work ourselves." I said giving a death glare at Izuka.

"Wait! Where are you going? You can't take the laguz and rush off on some harebrained mission again!" screamed Izuka.

"Can't I?"

"Of course not, you idiot girl. You've already been far too impulsive, acting without the prince's consent. And do you think I do not see what has happened? Your name has been raised to lavish heights among the Daein people-your name, and yours alone! Why, even our own soldiers heap their praise on you like sugar on berries, sparing not a thought for their prince!"



"Hah! The prince! He's a sham, a travesty, a clod of mud no amount of polishing could shine. The real jewel-whose radiance attracts the people like moths to flame-is you, Priestess. And so I shall steal you and extinguish Daein's light of hope!"

(end of flashback)

Who's talking now? Jarod actually. He serves as your primary antagonist through Part 1 of the game, but you readers couldn't possibly know that and so we'll just call this guy Dug. Dug's a very insulting person you see. He's also insignificant and won't be talked about again.

"And then, even once their rightful king is crowned, the people will still await the approval of their precious Priestess of Dawn. Why, if we are not careful, some calculating wretches might decide they would rather see a priestess on the throne instead of a king! And once again, this country will be torn apart, all because of your glory-hounding disregard for our prince's command!"

"Please, Izuka..." Pelleas beg

"shut up. Just shut up…" I said real quietly with my head down not being able to see my eyes. I hated people like him using tactics like those against other people. Fayt noticed but didn't want to disturb me.

...because we are but mayflowers in the wind, not contributing at all.

"Come to think of it...perhaps our Priestess here has been planning this all along! Pretending to help the prince...when in truth she seeks to wear the crown herself!" Izuka accused

"Stop your tongue, worm, or my knife will stop it for you. The only one who seems too hungry for power here is you—" Sothe was soon cut off by Pelleas .

"That's enough! Izuka, Micaiah does not deserve any such attack on her character. She is pure and noble, and I... I am inadequate."

"Have her actions poisoned your mind too, my prince?"

"Since we met, Micaiah has led every battle, even joining the soldiers on the battlefield. Not so with me. I...cannot defend my people. How could our people not rally around her? They see her fighting, throwing her lot in with their own. They respect her. That said, things cannot remain as they are. Izuka is right to worry about my standing. I need to earn my people's respect. Therefore... Therefore, I must take action."

Before we all walked outside, I still felt like I wanted to start a massacre here. But when I realized when I thought of that, I tried to act normal as possible, but I saw a vase in the tent lifted knowing that it was my doing.

"I need to control my emotions more. If I get too out of control my powers will kill somebody." With that I calmed down and the vase slowly went back down and I went outside with the others.''

And consequentially, we've got another box to check off.


'here we go. Pelleas speech' I thought smiling. (I thought it was funny when Pelleas was going to make a speech.)

I personally thought it was soulrendingly painful myself.

"Soldiers of the Liberation Army! Heed my- No, no... Hear my words! I am Pelleas, true prince of Daein." Pelleas started.

"Yes, we know who you are, milord! We ought to by now!" said Daein Soldier 1.

Uninterestingly enough, his brothers two, three, and four died during previous battles and never actually play a role in the recorded epic of Meru.

"And so, uh… So… …"

"...Is he...all right?" said another daein soldier

The Black Knight started walking forward and then shoved his sword to the ground getting everybody's attention.''

'that's one way of getting everybody's attention' I thought when seeing that.

See, Meru, this is called commentating. It'd be great if you actually add to the story but just making observations or quirps is neither funny nor informative. You should be like me and do it ironically and in a hipster fashion.

"…And so… ...And so, beloved friends and comrades dear. With thanks to you, our capital lies close! And if we do not act, if we turn back, the war still ends with us the victors proud, and Daein's rule still falls back to our hands." Pelleas continued

"And if we choose to fight and free this town, we may enrage the empire once again. Thus Daein's fortune turns to sorrow swift. But while I speak, Nevassa's hardship grows! Our brothers suffer, our sisters die, and... I shall not... I... I cannot ignore this tragedy. No man can, and certainly no prince... I cannot look away when my people suffer. And so I ask... I ask you all. Please, will you join me?"

"Long live the prince!" every Daein Soldier shouted. Then everybody started to move out.

Daein's Keep

"The rebels are on the move!" a Begnion soldier yelled.

"Mm. And a good thing too. What is more honorable than a death fraught with purpose?" Jarod said

"Listen up, all of you. This is our last chance to die as we've lived. As proud soldiers of the empire. If we survive this fight, imprisonment and a hushed-up execution await us. If we run from this fight, dishonor and pursuit will dog our miserable days. So I say, let's give those Daein curs a fight to remember, and let the glory of our deaths light our way!"

"We've lived as proud soldiers of the empire! Let us die as proud soldiers of the empire! Now GO!" Jarod shouted

(Micaiah's side) "That shout...that's Jarod! For Daein's sake, this time I swear I will put an end to him." Micaiah said.

The battle started and after a few moments later I was face-to-face to Jarod.

"Well if it isn't the boy in the red coat." Jarod said to me.

Gender Confusion Joke Count: 2

" For your information. I'm a girl and I'll be the one who will defeat you." I said back with a smirk on my face.

" A girl. Well then I like to see you try" he laughed. With that we fought.

During the fight, he manage to knock off my sword and surprisingly he ripped my hair band showing my long blue hair. I was cornered and had no choice but to use a combine force of my telekinesis and my light tome. Everybody was surprised but I still killed Jarod.

"We won! We've taken back our country! Daein is under our control once again!" Micaiah said happily

Fayt went up to me and said "hey Meru, you ok?

I replied "of-of course I am, wh-why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know what you did back there, wasn't really…normal."

"you must be imagining things Fayt. Sure I cast a spell without chanting but that just take years of training" with that we all left the Daein keep.

No no no. Fuck you, where the hell did you get telekinesis when you're from modern day Japan and ended up freaking fantasy Europe with very specific rules to magic?


Checks off another box.

A little later everybody was celebrating Daein's freedom.

"Are you really leaving already? Stay... at least for the feast tonight. You've done so much, you deserve some celebration! Nothing I can say will convince you to break bread with Lord Izuka?" Micaiah asked.

"I got time to kill for a little bit longer." I said

"Well, there is that. But honestly... If we stick around too long, the soldiers are gonna start giving us dirty looks. It's kind of awkward." Tormad said.

You know, Meru strikes me as that awkward girl who tries to fit in but then everyone ignores her anyway.

"What do you mean?" questioned Micaiah.

"Most Daeins still loathe laguz. Getting rid of that hatred... Let's just say you have your work cut out for you. Look, we don't want to ruin everyone's party. It's been great, but we'll just quietly slip away."

"That's terrible! I can't believe I never noticed. Tormod, I'm so sorry."

"Ah! Don't cry! I hate it when girls cry!"

''"Um...take care of yourselves. It's, you know, good...that you came to help us. So... um... Thanks. " Sothe said hesitantly.''

"Whoa! You're thanking me? Better get ahold of yourself, Sothe. You're gonna make ME get all weepy."

"You little..."

"all right enough you two." Fayt said

I saw Micaiah talking to Muriam and I thought I should join in.

"Muarim, before you go... I just want to thank you. Thank you for not telling anyone about my brand."

"No thanks are needed. It's rude of me to ask, but do you know anything about the circumstances of your birth?"

"so you know already Muriam?" I cut in.

"Meru!" Micaiah was surprised at my appearance.

HOLD IT. We might just have plot deviation going on here. We might actually start going an original direction. OH SNAP!

"relax Micaiah your secret is safe with me. I actually don't care what you are, I only care about who you are." I said with a smile.

"thank you meru." She said with a sweet smile.

...fucking purity Sues.

"oh back to your question Muraim. No. I know nothing of my parents. But just before she died, the old woman who raised me told me what the brand was and what it meant."

' a heron brand actually but I should that a secret for now' I thought

"Muarim, Boss, I know you don't want to go, but at this rate, we'll be standing here all night." A raven named Vika said.

"Vika! My thanks go to you too. Sothe and I will visit you in the desert." Micaiah said to Vika.

"I'll be there...but I won't be waiting. Waiting for people who never come is... hard." She said sadly.

"Vika, I said I'll come, and I will."

"Micaiah, Sothe, Fayt, Meru, we're going with them." A wolf named Nailah said to us.

"What? Aren't you going to Gallia?" Sothe asked

"yea we're taking them." Tormad replied,

"Once the battle ended, it seemed time to move on. I'm sorry to change our plans, but this is better for all of us." Nailah said

"That's awful... I can't believe you're all leaving us at once." Micaiah started to tear uo.

A heron named Rafiel (the older brother of Leanne and Reyson) said "Micaiah... Fate brought us together, you and I, guided by the same voice. Our paths are fated to cross again someday... I am sure of it."

"I'm embarrassed... I didn't cry... It's been so nice meeting you all..." Micaiah cried into Rafiel arms.

Then they all left except a wolf named Volug came back. The next morning I asked a soldier for directions for Crimea and I placed a note saying that I'm gone but will be back later for Daein when my job is finished in Crimea.

Here I go to Crimea.

The adventure continues!

Meru: WOW! That is LONG!

Miyako: you're telling me. The heck were you thinkin'?

Meru: Probably that I lifted about 80 to 90% of that dialogue.

Meru: I don't know I improvised. Oh whatever, anyways hoped you enjoyed this chapter. A little long but still.

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Yuri: I'm. Going. To. Kill YOU!

Me: oh god… this is Meru hope u like my next chapter if I'm still alive!


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