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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Chapter 1

First though, let's clear up a few things so the non-FE players aren't totally in the dark. If you've already played FE 9 and FE 10 or just don't care, skip on.

Ike is the protagonists from Fire Emblem 9. He was thrown into the middle of a war when the Black Knight showed up one night and killed his father. This boosted Ike up to leader of the mercenary band he worked with. From there, he went to work under Queen Elincia, leader of Crimea, the "good" country of the setting and eventually wound up being the guy leading the elite force that knocks down the blood thirsty lunatic named Ashnard that's currently running the opposing country, Daein. He's also good friends with the Laguz in general and generally neutral to the Begnion Empire. Skip to present day, he's working under Elincia again. Like I said, the man is able to fight off an army on his own pretty well.

Elincia is the ruler of Crimea. During the first game, she was driven out of her country and was lucky enough to stumble upon Ike's group. She then hired them to get back her kingdom and after she managed to get back in control of her army, served as a major force in reuniting Crimea, driving out the Daein forces, and getting Begnion's assistance in the war. Skip to present day, she's dealing with the after math and weeding out problematic nobles in Crimea that are threatening to over throw her and put Crimea right back in chaos.

Micaiah is the leader of rebels in Daein. She only appears in the sequel, Fire Emblem 10, where she's busy trying to rebuild Daein after it got ransacked by bandits after losing the war. Begnion being the imperialist nation that it is, decided that since the place was up in flames and Crimea was busy dealing with its own internal problems, thought that it would be a good idea to plant a flag of Begnion on Daein soil and claim everything for themselves, so Micaiah's also a bit busy trying to get them out too.

If you're a good guy, chances are you're either these people, working under them, or working with them.

The Laguz are people that can transform fully into animals for a while and use those benefits. We don't get to see much of their politics, but they exist on the other side of the continent and there's quite a bit of racism between them and the Beorcs (the regular humans with swords and magic). Many of them had a direct hand in helping fight the war against Daein due to Ashnard being an asshole once more and randomly killing Laguz for kicks and laughs.

Sanaki is the high priestess of Begnion and Apostle and has an absurd level attack stat (meaning she can pretty easily reduce you to a bloody stain if she fires off first). Anyway, she's from Begnion and busy trying to keep the absurdly rich nobles from taking the power of the crown by way of slowly buying out the army. And since the nobles control the senate, the senate's out for her blood.

Oh and the church of Begnion is trying to summon a goddess to fix the world's problems. This being an RPG, you know this is a bad idea since they're going to summon the Satan equivalent.

Meru: well first chapter of the new story and right now i working out some bugs off my laptop. so here something i should tell you. there will be another OC but this one will be in the dawn brigade and the pairing i'm doing for MY character will be like a O Cx OC thing. i know stupid but i like making things up and i need this to satisfied my needs other pairings will be the most COMMON ones like ikexelincia, sothexmicaiah, tormadxvika, and so on

Miyako: wow u really lov making things up as you go do you?

Meru: shut up. you and i both know we're no better. Yuri is not even close to where we are.

Miyako: shut up shut up!

Meru: *sighs* enjoy the story.

Disclaimer: i do not own fire emblem or any of its character. i only own Fayt, Meru and Miyako. and their dialogue.

Okay, a couple things to note:

Chapter 1 : Daein

I walked around and heard fighting. I ran over there to see what it was. That bad feeling I had was a definitely a BAD feeling. There I saw was a girl with silver hair and a guy in heavy black armor wielding Alondite. In other words Micaiah and the Black Knight. I rushed over there and drew Sakura.

Bad feeling is bad, yes. Anyway, so not only did our girl know she was being warped into the Fire Emblem universe, she also seems to have previous knowledge of the tenth game. Surely this will be important to the plot, right?

"who are you?" asked Micaiah

"name's Meru Furude and I'm here to help you." With that i saw the first enemy and I run towards and I side-kicked him and run him through with my sword. Micaiah seemed surprised that I could fight so professionally.

New unit recruited! Also, keep in mind this is a side kick by a sixteen year old girl knocking down a presumably full grown man. Plus, where did she learn this stuff anyhow? Does being born Japanese endow you with martial artist skills? Damn, being Japanese must be awesome then.

Few moments later before we reached to a man named Jarod I stop the Black Knight before he could he move on step closer.

"I know who you are Black Knight. But don't worry I'll keep your secret till the time comes. But before that if I find out that you hurt Micaiah or anybody else… Your head is mine." I threatened because i don't know something in me felt like i needed to say that or else something bad would happen.

So... they're fighting the Black Knight right now? I really have no context for this, who is this guy named Jarod, for that matter? Is Micaiah fighting both? Why is Meru going out of her way to threaten just the Black Knight?

"I assured you I won't." he said before leaving to kill Jarod.

And now he regards her commands with actual importance? The last I checked, the Black Knight could give less of a damn what you said to him if he wasn't already out to talk to you.

Before he could actually finished Jarod his loyal soldier protected him.


"Alder? You… Why are you here?" Jarod asked to his fallen soldier

"I'd rather fight beside my general than create a distraction with the other soldiers." Alder said.

"You idiot! Who asked you to join me?"

"General Jarod... You are a terror to work under. Even so...I've always sensed a kindred spirit in you. I will follow you and fight for the very gates of the abyss..."

Hold on, this all feel very familiar...

Yes, for those who have played Fire Emblem 10, this should be very familiar because it's lifted directly out of the game. The grammar also noticeably improves during the lifted segments. No medals for guessing why.

"He was a good soldier… What now? Why don't kill me?" Jarod said to the Black Knight.

"My sword is not made for killing those who will not raise their weapons." The Black Knight simply said.

"you've got to be kidding me!"

"Stop! Stop it, both of you! A man has died protecting you. Don't waste his sacrifice!

"she's right we have enough bloodshed for one day" I said

"This is not the end!" with Jarod left.

"No its not." Micaiah said

'just the beginning' I thought.

"You would simply let him go?" asked the Black Knight

"He is not ours to judge. He belongs to the apostle now. I suppose he must bury his fallen friend and pray before facing her. You both have my thanks for saving me."

"well-" "Micaiah, are you safe?" I was cut off by a green haired boy who happens to be Sothe.

"You! Micaiah, run!"

'this is not going to be pretty..'

"Sothe! It's OK. This knight just saved my life!"

"What? Micaiah, do you know who this is?"

"Everybody knows who he is, Sothe! He is the Black Knight. One of the Four Riders under King Ashnard, and the strongest swordsman—"

"Exactly! The scum that General Ike defeated in Nados Castle in Crimea, three years ago. So how can he be here now...alive?"

'maybe I should just leave or I can wait and see how it turns. Then again either way things will go out wrong' I thought to myself and apparently I had a smirk on my face.

This also means Meru will chirp in at several times and make no meaningful comments while the game dialogue trots on. Anyway, Meru's also smirking for whatever reason, I wonder if she has some sort of devious meta plan in mind...

"You are correct, Sothe. Ike did defeat me in that battle, in a fashion. But as you can see, I managed to escape." Said the Black Knight.

"What do you want?"

"For Daein to raise its banner as a kingdom once again. I came here to protect those who are necessary for that dream."

"Sothe, General Jarod was here a moment ago. If the Black Knight or Meru hadn't stepped in, Jarod would have killed me."

When he heard my name if finally noticed me. But quickly went back to the Black Knight. The reason I didn't talk through this conversation is because I thought I should stay out for now until he actually talks to me.

"What? But...I don't see his corpse here. And that means...he's still alive, isn't he?"

"Yes. There was another soldier who sacrificed his life protecting Jarod. I presume Jarod's burying him now. Oh! Oh, no..." Micaiah said grimly.

"What is it?"

"I see a dark cloud... It's dimming the light of hope... By letting Jarod go, I may have allowed something terrible to happen... I may have committed us to an irreversible fate."

"I shall aid you. No matter what Jarod may plot, I will prevent it."

'now look whos talking' I said in my mind.

"Micaiah and I don't want your help!" Sothe screamed at the Black Knight.

"Sothe, stop that! In King Ashnard's War, you served below General Ike, and you and the Black Knight were enemies. But now, you are comrades with the same goal-Daein's restoration. Listen to me. The Black Knight was Daein's strongest general. We need him." Micaiah said trying to prevent Sothe from spreading bloodshed.

"and I am willing to serve." The Black Knight said.

Ah ha ha, of course she doesn't. What made you think that? Meru's just going to be as important to the plot as a giant muscular, dodging, magical important tank with terrible grammar.

"Sothe! Micaiah!" I looked into the direction where I heard the yell. There I saw another green haired boy.

" are you guys ok?" he asked

"yes Fayt were both ok." they both replied surprisingly at the same time.

"So who's the little boy over there" when I heard that, on impulse I punched him the stomach.

"WHO ARE CALLING A BOY, IMMA A GIRL!" I screamed at all of them.

So who's Fayt? Good question, he never existed in the original game either. Perhaps I am to assume he's also part of Macaiah's squad of daring young teenagers and Nolan?



"GIRL?" they all said at the same time.

I slapped my forehead and I had an urged to kill somebody or something. "yes I am a girl obviously (pointing to my skirt) and my name is Meru Furude. No I'm not a noble and I'm just a lost traveler but I wished to join your group." Hopefully they'll let joined them or this will be UGLY.

"Ummm.. What do you think Micaiah?" Fayt ask turning his head to Micaiah.

"I say yes she proven him errrr herself by saving me from Jarod. What about you Sothe?"

"She looks like a decent fighter so I say yes."

Welcome a running gag that's going to get old real quick. Also, Meru's now getting Tsundere. I guess that's another clear one to check off the list of Suish traits.

Dawn Brigade's Camp out

"so I see" said a man with dark purple hair aka Pelleas.

"but we do not anymore 'peasents'" said an eerie old man named Izuka

However, we do some fighters. Also we did some mages and animal people things.

"I think she proven herself valuable please Prince Pelleas." Micaiah beg.

"I trust your faith Micaiah. She'll stay."

"Bah! Imbeciles…" Izuka said with a glare

Luckily I got my own tent to sleep in so I took off my weapons and stuff and suddenly my phone rang.

Thank god it was vibrate, but I was surprise that there a signal here. I took it out and it looks like it was my sis calling. I opened it and said "Hello?"

"Meru? Thank god you're ok!"

"Miyako? What the heck is goin on here? One minute I'm walking to school and the next I'm in a game!"

"Apparently, from the looks of it until you 'complete the game' you can't come home."

"just my luck… alright. I understand. I promise I'll come back safe and sound."

"I know you will Meru because I believe and knowing your luck, only god knows how, you survive a LOT of things." I laughed at that comment and hung up. Then I start taking off my ribbon and hair and but Fayt walked in here seeing my hair down looking at me like I was a complete different person. It took a while to explain and I also explained to the other people but I knew it was going to be a LONG night but i manage to get through them.

tomorrow we're heading to the capitol of Daein. After this i hav a LOT of traveling.

Miyako the Omniscient. Seriously, first the cellphone rings in the middle of fantasy medieval Europe and even Meru mentions how weird that is and then apparently getting stuck inside a game is not only normal, it's par for the course. Am I watching some sort of nineties drug induced kid show?

Meru: wow that was longer than i expected but it was sort of off topic.

Miyako: i thought it was good

Meru: u say that about EVERYTHING

Miyako no i don't i just- can we just wrap this up

Meru: whatever. anyways hope u like this story than the other one. so this is Meru

Miyako: and this is Miyako.

Both: see you next time! ^_^

Peace out, yo.