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Fire Emblem - The Girl From Another World - Prologue

The Girl From Another World

Prologue: the Blue-haired Girl

My name is Meru Furude. I am a 16-year old high school girl. My parents died when I was just 5 yrs old. But because I live in a small town I was allowed to live with my sister who was 11 yrs old when my parents die. My sister, Miyako Furude, at the same time was not my sister. She is actually the younger sister of my mom, but because we get along so well and we look alike my family decided to make us sisters.

Character of foreign ethnicity? Check. Of Japanese ethnicity? Check. Parents dead at early age? Check. Possible incest due to confusing wording? Of course. But wait, it gets better!

My family is one of the 2 Great houses. The other is the Yamatou House where 2 twins and their family reside. The older twin, Yuuko Yamatou is to become the next heir to be the head of the Yamatou House while the younger twin, Yuri Yamatou is to become the right hand of the head.

A really nice house? Check. From a family of a great legacy? Check. Rival house with rival siblings? Check.

One morning, I was all dressed and ready for school. I tied up my shiny blue hair into a high ponytail with a pink ribbon tied around it. I also put on one of my mother's flower barrettes on to the right side of my really long bangs. I put cell phone into my pocket, put on my over-sized red jacket, I put on my white boots and went to school with me wearing my mother's heirloom, the silver queen's key necklace.

Absurd level of detail about clothing being worn, check. Not to mention we've got an ominous sounding heirloom, plus I'm getting an American feeling here. Red jacket, white boots, and blue hair? I'd also normally point out the shiny blue hair, but seeing as this is Fire Emblem we're talking about here and I really like Ike, it gets a free pass... for now.

While heading to school, something fell out of the heavens and fell right in front of me. No one seems to noticed but me. I picked up the object which was wrapped around with a cloth. I unwrapped it and in it was a belt pouch, 2 knives, a belt used for holding things (I forgot what it was called), and a beautiful sheathed sword. There was an inscription on its sheathed that read 'Sakura'. There was another object it looked like a tome, a light tome to be exact. 'Wow reminds me of fire emblem. Wait fire emblem? Oh god no, please don't tell me what I think it's going to happen'. Afterwards, a flash of light came out of nowhere and I blacked out. A few moments later I wake up and I found it was dark. "you've be. KIDDING me!" I said out loud. I looked around and it looks I was in a forest.

You mean a holster? Anyway, questioning aside of how a universe set in a very western sort of world has a sword with a japanese word etched into it, Meru can also apparently tell the future as she's able to deduce from finding some random blades and a belt lying around that she's about to be warped off to have magical adventures in a copyrighted video game. That must be on par with Sherlock Holmes.

I put on the belt pouch and the belt right under it, put the sword Sakura onto the belt and put one of the knives in my right boot and the other onto my right side of the belt. After looking around and walking through the forest I heard fighting and ran over there.

"I have a bad feeling about this."

But would you fight for a Scooby Snack?


Nice one. I love all most Scooby Doo series expect Scooby Doo Mystery Inc.
MadWritter 16th Jun 11