The search for eternal Paradise, Eden Eternal~!

Cygan Angel

Mushroids and Yaks

I.. actually forgot to take a screenshot of the preceding cutscene, and the village itself. So, we're going to have to run through with text alone for a bit.

Arantin looks around, and wonders where she is. Hmmm, she knows- maybe that kindly old lady over there will help her out!

Movement in Eden Eternal is relatively simple. You have one of three methods to choose from- you can left-click on the ground you want to move to; you can move with the arrow keys; or you can move via the WASD commands.

I talk to the old grandma, who tells me to go speak to Lars, the village head. I run over about ten feet and talk to him. He welcomes me, and tells me to go speak to the Chief Miner, as he was the one to dig me out of the crystal.

Yes. I was buried in a giant crystal under a mountain. This is representative of this game.

Anyway, he asks me to... Go... Kill six Mushroids for him, as they're poisoning the air, or something.

I refuse, as you would. After all, I just got out of a crystal, buried under a mountain! And he wants me to go hunting? Nuh-uh!

So, I spend the next twenty minutes wandering around and having some polite chit-chat with the villagers.

And that's when I realize, I'm bored.

I go back to the Chief. He asks me again if I want to go kill the Mushroids. I say yes. He probably planned for this, the smug bastard.

The combat system in Eden Eternal is simple and intuitive. You right-click a monster to attack it. You have a taskbar, numbered 1-0; these slots are called hotkeys, and you can bind your skills to them.

I start off with two skills- Deep Impact and Onrush. Onrush is a skill that charges to my opponent, stunning them for two seconds and dealing slightly more damage than my usual attacks. Deep Impact deals a bit less damage than Onrush, but has a 15% chance to knock my opponent off their feet if they are under the Destroyer effect.

So, anyway. That was that, relatively simple. I run around, kill 6 of them, and... go up a level. Easy enough.

He tells me to go up and see Airy in the mine, to see about this crystal I was found in. I agree, and wonder where he is.

This is where I found another useful feature- auto-routing. By telling your character to auto-route, you can automatically walk to a quest location. Useful enough if you want to go get a cuppa or something.

So, here we are in the mines. As you can see in the chat panel, killing a monster gives you two types of experience; character EXP and class EXP. The reasons for this will be apparent soon.

So I kill four of them and go back to talk to Airy. He talks to me, and tells me to go kill Jahan.

I agree. Then I actually get a look at Jahan. Holy shit. His name is red AND he has a title.I sit back and prepare for a tough fight at such a low level.

... Well, that was disappointingly easy.

The quest system here is nothing new. Go out, kill X of Y, get reward.

What's this, though? This is what is known as the 'Legends' system. It keeps track of the plot threads you've completed, as you go through them. Nice.

So, with that plot thread finished, we take our chunk of blue crystal and go to see... Alec, the gem expert.