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The Intro

Hello all, I am The Bitter Critic - which is more of a description than a title. While I will undoubtedly dabble in reviews and such at some point, my main reason for starting a liveblog on here rather than, say, LiveJournal is that this is much easier for people to find without advertising, I find. Also, users on LiveJournal are jerks.

So, what is this for? Well, as the title says, it's reviews of Pro Wrestling, though it's more of me simply expressing my thoughts. I'll be doing the two mainstream promotions WWE and TNA and I will be doing most of the shows - I won't be doing WWE's Superstars or Tough Enough and I won't be doing TNA's Xplosion and Reaction.

Since there is no wrestling on today, I will be posting this intro and recaps of WWE and TNA's more convoluted storylines for now. Trust me when I say, TNA is much, much more convoluted.

Also, for those who don't understand the first part of the Blog's name:

Smark - A fan who enjoys wrestling despite its staged nature. A smark is often knowledgeable about backstage issues and wrestling history. A portmanteau of "smart" and "mark." Snark - (slang) combination of “snide” and “remark”; sarcasm

Thus, "Smark Snark".


I'll be watching this with glee. But I'm worried about you man. Trying to figure out TNA is something no mortal man was meant to do.
GIG 18th May 11
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