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Let's Play Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis!

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ADDENDUM 1: Early Classes
Whoops, forgot the addendum yesterday.


They're your earliest class. Of course they suck. If you're using soldiers past the first three battles, you're doing something wrong.


Remember the incredibly overpowered archers of LUCT? Yeah, they got nerfed. Hard. Now archers aren't really worth using. You could legitimately keep archers for the entire game in LUCT, but here, they're so mediocre I suggest you just train them as another class. All classes can wield bows, so there's no real reason to use archers anymore. You should probably train them as ninjas and then swordmasters, to take advantage of their early-set speed build.


Wizards are... well, wizards. They're the only early class devoted only to spells. They're a bit better than LUCT wizards, who only came into their own at the middle of part 2. Female wizards can become sirens, males can become liches (with a special item).


Ninjas are a little less useful then LUCT, since you move all your units at the same time instead of unit movement order being determined by a stat, but they're still nice to have. They get a special ability, Shuriken Barrage, can use low-level spells, and I believe they can traverse water. You should probably make them into swordmasters.


Knights are to Ko L as archers are to LUCT. They're better in pretty much every way from the beast tamer (unlike LUCT), and they don't have to compete with berzerkers since they aren't in this game, so they're definitely the best early game melee units, and are actually just as good if not better than dragoons and swordmasters. The addition of healing magic is just icing on the cake.


They can heal. What more needs to be said? They're a bit less useful than LUCT because knights can heal too, but they're the only ones who can use late game healing spells so they're still good to have around. You don't need two like you did in LUCT, though. Make them into priests.


Beast tamers are outshined by knights in pretty much every way. Your melee units are shoehorned into this class early on, but once the knight class becomes available, leave behind beast tamers and never look book. He increases the power of beasts within three panels, but honestly, does anyone give a shit about that?


I don't like dragon tamers; they feel too much like masters of none to me, like they can't decide if they want to be beast tamer or wizards and just settle for both. They increases the power of dragons within three panels and can have one missile attack spell.
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