Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!


Somebody else's turn!

Okay, so it's not the weekend yet... but it is a holiday, and thus no school or work. Today is nice in that Asa finally gets a turn. (And if we're lucky, Kaede won't get so many)

011000000 - Kaede (Hoping for Lisianthus, but oh well. :/)

011000001 - Kaede

011000010 - Kaede (Well, this is solid proof that Asa cooking for Rin instead of Lisianthus works on a point-based system, and that "Go home" is points towards at least Asa when combined with "Go with a friend". Whether or not endings are point-based is yet to be seen.)

011000011 - Kaede

011000100 - Kaede (I think... I should change my policy and just skip these ones which I already know. I'll still list them, but won't actually do them. I'll also mark them to say that I didn't actually do them.)

011000101 - Kaede*

011000110 - Kaede*

011000111 - Kaede*

011001000 - Kaede

011001001 - Primula

011001010 - Kaede

011001011 - Primula*

011001100 - Kaede*

011001101 - Primula*

011001110 - Kaede*

011001111 - Primula*

011010000 - Asa (Finally! Looks like that while "Go home" helps the CG things, it isn't required for the ending.)

011010001 - Asa (Interesting...)

011010010 - Asa (Huh. I went through a little bit of Asa's route just now, and got reminded of how on the 9th - the first day of the routelock - that Asa tells Rin "You're as strong as him...", referring to the person who was always there for her... who was her mother, and thus not a "him". In fact, there's not a single "her" in that whole scene when she's referring to Ama.)

011010011 - Asa (I see, I see...)

011010100 - Kaede (Fairly expected, but "Go home with a friend" is required for Asa.)

011010101 - Primula

011010110 - Kaede*

011010111 - Primula*

011011000 - Kaede*

011011001 - Primula*

011011010 - Kaede (New theory: Kaede is the result for when the other girls don't have enough points for any of their endings.)

011011011 - Primula*

011011100 - Kaede*

011011101 - Primula*

011011110 - Kaede*

011011111 - Primula*

More assumptions here I admit, but I'm reasonably confident that the remaining half of what I would normally do consist of 28 Kaede endings and 4 for Asa. From this assumption, the results are as follows for the first 256 routes:

Lisianthus - 26

Nerine - 0

Kaede - 176

Asa - 8

Primula - 46

If I were to assume that the second half is a clean inverse, then the end results would be 26, 26, 352, 16 & 92, or 5%, 5%, 68%, 3% & 18% (with a 1% margin of error)

The odds for a first-time reader unfortunately aren't something I can figure out yet, due to not knowing how Nerine fits into it all. So of course, I continue.