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It's harder to think of sentence titles than single-word titles!

And thus we continue. I'm still not quite sure why there's this gap between the final route-deciding choice and when Shuffle! says which route has been hit, but no matter.


In Kaede's route, the day begins with Kaede waking up Rin so that he has time to look at his notes... which leads to him jumping out of bed, pushing her down, and landing on top of her.

At school, half the class is frantic about the tests, while the other half seem without worry. After school, Rin ends up feeling so confident about his exam results for Maths that day that he makes a bet Itsuki about who did better.

Later, at home, Rin gets a surprise house call from Lisianthus' father, who is frantic about the unfortunate possibility of his daughter having to take summer classes. Lisianthus takes her father away and apologizes to Rin for her father's actions.

Late that night, Kaede wants to help Rin with his studying, but turns out to have misread the exam timetable. She hurries back to her room to study.


While taking a short break, Rin bumps into Asa & Kareha in the hall, where the former turns huffy when the topic of magic is brought up. Kareha is sympathetic.


After the exams, Nerine has a conversation with Rin wherein the topic of her confidence for the exams comes up, and her lack of confidence in the two subjects the exams don't cover. When Rin talks about celebrating after all the exams are over Lisianthus & Mayumi turn out to be not so confident.


Asa's route begins here

In Asa's route only, Asa greets Rin on the way to school and invites him and Kaede to her house that afternoon to celebrate the end of exams, although Rin says Kaede probably wouldn't be able to come due to a party Mayumi has planned.

In Lisianthus' route, Rin talks with Lisianthus about how well they each are doing. Which is to say, potentially borderline.

In Kaede's route, Rin and Kaede have a conversation about how being smart doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be good at exams, citing Mayumi as a perfect example of this.

In Nerine & Primula's routes, Rin talks with Nerine about how well they're doing, with Nerine worried that she might not get 90% on two of her exams.

In Lisianthus, Nerine, Kaede & Primula's routes, Rin brings up the idea of having a celebration afterward, with Mayumi enthusiastically agreeing.

In Asa's route only, When Mayumi brings up the topic of a post-exam party, everybody agrees except for Rin, who declines in favor of Asa's earlier invitation.

At Asa's house, Rin notices the photo on her wall of her with her family, and asks Asa about her mother's ears and whether she is a devil. Asa admits that her mother is a devil, but claims for herself 100% humanity. As payback for telling one of her secrets, she gets Rin to reveal one of his - namely regarding why Kaede once hated him.

After the lengthy story, Asa becomes very sympathetic to Rin and apologizes for making him reveal the secret, to which Rin for the most part shrugs off. Asa calls Rin strong and cool, and kisses him as a reward.


Mayumi & Lisianthus are both optimistic about their grades despite how bad they are, with Nerine being somewhat encouraging to Lisianthus.

In Asa's route only, Rin is wandering around, wondering about Asa's kiss the previous day. In the process however, they bump into eachother at the Café Ether, where Kareha quickly sees that something happened between the two of them. Asa and Rin fumble an excuse, but do their best to not say what happened.


In Kaede's route only, Rin has a dream about the time he told Kaede that he called her mother (and his parents) home, only to be woken up by Kaede and forget the whole thing. Rin thanks her for knowing his schedule so well.

While waiting for Itsuki by the CAFFE, Rin meets up with Lisianthus' father, who is helping his daughter with shopping. When the fervently-protective father sees his daughter being harassed by a couple of delinquents though, he feels the need to step in. Rin warns him not to murder them.

In Primula's route only, Nerine's father announces to Kaede & Rin that Primula would be going to their school from the next day onward.


Primula's route begins here

In Primula's route only, Rin accidentally goes into Primula's room while she's getting changed, and although she doesn't react, Rin is frantically telling himself it's a crime.

Once Rin gets to school, Primula's proximity to him has caused many people to want to attack him for a small variety of reasons. Itsuki however - while still calling him "Mr. Pedophile" - is rather sympathetic, much to everybody's surprise.

In Nerine's route, the results are revealed regarding who won the bet Itsuki & Rin made regarding the Maths exam. Itsuki, as an act of revenge for Rin beating him by one point, trips him over, only for him to land right into Nerine's Funbag Airbag. As Nerine hugs Rin, Mayumi takes a photo while Rin just enjoys the whole thing.

In Lisianthus & Asa's routes, Mayumi brings up the topic of kissing, which leads to the revelation that Lisianthus had already kissed Rin eight years prior. Rin gets chased by half the class as he runs into the hallway.

In Primula's route only, Primula had been wandering around the school looking for Rin, and stuck with him all day once she did find him.

Afterschool, when Rin realized that Primula wasn't in his classroom he went to hers, after which they walked home together.

In Lisianthus & Nerine's routes, Nerine invites Rin to eat at a café Mayumi had told her about, which he accepts.

In Kaede's route, Rin waits for Kaede in the classroom while she has cleanup duty. As they're about to leave, she notices that Rin's clothes are torn and so fixes them, only to expose herself when she accidentally lifts her skirt up with the clothes while showing that she had mended them.

In Asa's route only, Rin sees Kareha after school being harassed by several guys, who are easily chased off by Rin. When Kareha heals the wound the guys gave Rin, she tells him not to tell Asa that she used magic.


Early during school, Lisianthus panics about being called up to speak during English. Rin isn't able to help, so she goes to Kaede instead.

In Nerine's route, Nerine hand-feeds Rin some of her lunch, much to the shock of everybody around.

Afterschool, Rin goes into the café to cool off, only to find out that Kareha works there and is saving up money to buy Asa a present.

That night in Primula's route only, just after Rin has stopped studying and has gone to bed, Primula sneaks into his room and lies down next to him. While Rin at first tries to complain and get her to leave, he eventually gives in.


In Primula's route only, Kaede is in shock when she goes to wake up Rin and finds Primula there with him. Kaede half-heartedly wishes the two luck.

In a balanced "route" between Lisianthus and Nerine, Lisianthus hand-feeds Rin at lunchtime, just as Nerine had done the day before.

In Asa's route only, Asa gives Rin a batch of cookies she had just made, which leads Kareha to become interested in why she only gave them to Rin when there were so many other people she could have shared them with, boys included.

In Lisianthus, Nerine & Kaede's routes, while Rin is returning to class, Mayumi falls down a flight of stairs only to land straight on top of him, head-to-crotch. As they each try to embarrass the other, Lisianthus shows up, stopping them.

In Asa's route only, Rin and his classmates are walking by the train station where they by chance bump into the ever-young Ama. Itsuki, not knowing her age or relation, starts hitting on her until Rin & Kaede can tell him (and their other friends) that she is Asa's mother. Cue shock.


As lunchtime starts, a couple of girls ask Nerine about her singing. She says she can't sing.

In a balanced "route" between Lisianthus, Nerine & Kaede, Kaede hand-feeds Rin his lunch on the rooftop.

In Lisianthus, Nerine & Kaede's routes, Rin asks Nerine after school about her singing, which she then claims she doesn't like, and that her earlier song was a requiem.

In Primula's route only, Rin finds Primula by the fountain on his way home. She says she's waiting for Lycoris, but leaves when Rin says he'll wait there for as long as she does.


The last day of term; the teacher and Itsuki argue about what is suitable for Itsuki to do, with Itsuki eventually losing the argument and taking it out on Mayumi.

In Asa's route only, Asa invites Rin to the café Kareha works at, only to be bugged by the daydreamer about how good of a couple the two are. When Kareha is briefly called away, a kid runs up to her and flips her dress. Kareha tells Rin to forget it when he admits he saw her panties.

When Rin approaches his home, Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers declare that they need to go to the beach. Rin is a bit weirded out, but agrees.


Nerine's route begins here

At the pool, the teacher again tells Itsuki to behave, Asa & Kareha talk about how great summer and the pool are, and Mayumi explains to Lisianthus why the pool opens so late compared to other schools.

In Lisianthus, Kaede & Asa's routes, Nerine shows up late, saying that she got a new bathing suit because the old one was too tight around her chest, causing Mayumi to faint.

In Nerine's route only, Nerine shows up late, wearing a school swimsuit her father procured for her. Carefully choosing his words, Rin gets her to change into a normal swimsuit.Itsuki commends his handling of the situation.

In Primula's route only, Nerine shows up late with Primula, who is wearing a school swimsuit Itsuki picked out. Asa complains, getting Rin to promise to get something more suitable for Primula next time.


And that's everything up to the route locks, and thus the end of this stage.

As a final clue for the next stage: 2x4x2x4x2x2x2

Hope that helps. :P


Sorry, doesn't help at all. :(
neobowman 7th Oct 11
I see. I suppose I could be more accurate and say that the second 4 is actually "(1+(1x3))", or the equation as a whole being as thus:


Finally, the order is important. (so it's not 4x4x2x2x2x2x2 or anything like that)
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Wtf. That makes even less sense than before.
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