Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!


Colors would be useful here!

And thus we continue.


On a sunny morning, Kaede gives Rin an umbrella, and finds out later that Kaede didn't bring her own.

Go home with a friend

Go home with Kaede

If the former is chosen, Rin takes Asa to her home, and accidentally sees her on the toilet.

If the latter is chosen, Rin asks Kaede to wait for him to finish his cleanup duty so they can go home together.


Nerine's father brings Nerine a 5-tiered bento, with Primula tagging along. Afterschool, Rin sees the rain and...

Look around a little longer

Go home

If the former is chosen, Rin goes home with Lisianthus.

In the latter choice, and only if "Go home with a friend" was chosen the previous day, Rin after being very distracted by what happened with Asa the previous day, inadvertently meets up with her just outside of school with Asa also still rather distracted. She offers to "continue where they left off", but Rin declines.


Kaede brings out some of her old clothes so Primula can try them on. Once she does, Kaede & Rin both say they suit her. Rin decides to take her out for a bit.

Primula wants to go to the catcher machine again, but becomes disinterested when it doesn't have any cats in it. Soon after, it rains, causing Primula's white clothes to get soaked through and thus become partially transparent, which in turn leads to the revelation that Primula has no idea what a bra is.


Nerine's father takes Primula away for a few days in the morning for some tests, which she was expecting.

At school, Everybody talks about who likes rain or not and who makes their own lunch or has it made for them.

In Lisianthus' route, Rin save Lisianthus from a fall down the stairs as she runs by.

In Kaede's route, Kaede & Rin enjoy dinner together without Primula.


Rin wakes up to find Kaede passed out in the kitchen, and takes her to her room, where she blackmails him into going to school.

In Asa's route, Asa repeatedly approaches Rin during the day, hoping that he'll ask her to help with dinner that night.

That night, even though Rin didn't ask for her help, Asa comes anyway - with Kareha - and they make dinner together. Kareha tells Rin that Asa made the food "with love".

In all other routes (Lisianthus', Nerine's, Kaede's & Primula's), the school day passes uneventfully, and Lisianthus comes to cook for Rin that night. Lisianthus also talks briefly about her family.

Once the chef/s is/are gone, Rin takes some porridge up to Kaede, who is sleeping, and hears her talk in her sleep about being together forever.


Rin, Kaede, Primula, Asa & Kareha are in front of Rin's house ready to go bra shopping for Primula. Rin protests the inclusion of Asa & Kareha to no avail.

Asa has fun with Primula while checking out a few bras, until Rin realizes that he doesn't need to be there. So he leaves, considering what to do next.

Just go shopping

Take this opportunity to do something with Primula

The former option leads to Rin going off to look for shoes he found earlier, but instead buys the cat dolls for Primula when he by chance spots them in a weird store's window.

The latter option leads Rin to think about what Primula would want, remembering that she was looking at the cat dolls in the catcher machine when he first saw her. He finds the weird shop and buys the two dolls.

By the station, Rin gives Primula the bag containing the cats, which makes her smile. Kaede notices how expensive they must've been.

At home, Kaede, Asa & Kareha make a "traditional" dinner while talking about Kaede's love-life. Primula is still very much attached to her gift, which she even brings to the dinner table despite Asa's advice. Toward the end of the night there is also some brief conversation about the upcoming exams.


I think that will do for today, now that all of the decision-making days have been covered. Next time I'll go up to (and including) the day the school's pool opens.

Oh, and as for which of your (neobowman's) guesses was the one I called close/related, it was when you said "2 to the power of 9". Have fun. :P


I spent most of the day today at school thinking about 2 to the exponent 9. ????? Are you picking the second choice 9 times?
neobowman 5th Oct 11
You're thinking in the wrong direction again.
Sabbo 5th Oct 11
How about this:

Expand 2^9
Sabbo 5th Oct 11

F*ck, now I'll be thinking about this the whole day.
neobowman 6th Oct 11
I gave a more accurate clue in the next installment. :3
Sabbo 6th Oct 11