Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Before I go on, make sure you didn't miss the previous installment, which I only posted a few hours ago.


At the beach today. Like in Kaede & Primula's routes it's the same until Itsuki has shown off his cameras. Then...

Asa & Rin are talking about how much better the beach is than the school's pool. When Asa says they should have a swim though, Rin asks whether it's fine if she does, considering the other day. About her dizziness, I guess?

...Or not. It's about how much she bled the other day when they had sex. Huh. Asa at first doesn't realize what he was referring to regarding bleeding, but when she does realize, she tells Rin that he shouldn't worry about it, and that he should forget about it. But then Kareha shows up asking what's to forget. Asa very clearly doesn't want her to know anything about it, and so grabs Rin and runs off to the shore shouting "Attack!".

Later, after a couple of hours of nothing but swimming, Rin is walking back to the beach from the water, although soon notices that Asa's not there with him. When she calls out for him and he looks back, he sees her squatting in the water. Once he's approached her though, she jumps up at him and hugs his back.

Cue CG scene which I only half-expected to see happen: Asa has lost the cloth that is the top half of her bathing suit. At first Rin just wants to go back to the beach to get her towel, but she likes him like this. They walk back to the shore, everybody staring at them for their own reasons.


Ah, the day Kareha convinces Rin to walk with her as if they were dating. I wonder if anything will be different?

Nope, no difference. Ah well.


The day during the break when everybody needs to go to school. It's of course the same until after school, when Asa comes up to Rin while he's walking around not doing anything in particular. After talking about how long each of their homeroom classes (if you can really call them that) go for, Asa gets kinda annoyed. When Rin asks what she's annoyed about, she tells him that she doesn't like how he calls her "Asa-sempai". He doesn't understand at first, so has be told directly that "sempai is forbidden". It takes him a while, but Rin is eventually able to call her "Asa-san", which she is very pleased about.

...I don't foresee "Asa-san" to be particularly easy for me to type, should I need to again, what with the Asasa in it. Asa alone is hard enough already. >_>


Heh. Friday the 13th.

As the sun sets, Rin is walking through the empty neighborhood area on his way home, only to see Asa & Kaede in the distance. When he goes up to them though, he notices that they look sad and aren't saying anything. He decides to secretly follow them.

In time they reach the fountain, where Asa has finally spoken, apologizing to Kaede. Kaede tries to just shrug it off, but I'm sure she doesn't like the fact that Rin chose Asa over her. Kaede continues, saying that she had always wanted it to be that while she always loved Rin, he should never love her back.

...Is Asa's route blocked until after Kaede's route? Because what I'm learning about Kaede here is similar to what I learned about Nerine during Primula's route. :/

That said though, Kaede is glad that Asa was the one Rin fell in love with, and that with her, he'll be happy. Asa counters by saying that it's more like that with him, she'll be happy. Kaede sees this as a good sign of the love she feels for him.

Rin then thinks how he doesn't want to hear what Kaede's saying, even though he knows he needs to. That even if he couldn't respond to her feelings over the past few years, he at least owes it to her to know exactly how she feels by her own admission.

Kaede then makes one lone request to Asa: That she (Kaede) be allowed to still love Rin and watch over him. Asa says she's really sorry, which leads Kaede to start crying loudly.

Rin apologizes too. While he had always been with Kaede he hadn't really thought about it, but he now realizes that he has broken the promise he made with her; he realizes that they can no longer be together forever.


Finally! Asa's portrait is opaque! Took it's time.

Rin & Asa are at the fountain... Oh. I just realized that I haven't described the clothes Asa is currently wearing before. It's a white vertically-striped shirt with a short black tie and blue overalls. I get the feeling that the overalls are purely cosmetic and serve no practical purpose.

But yeah. They've come here on a date, and while they call it their first date, they both had already realized that they'd been on several dates before this.

That aside, Asa has brought along some cookies she had baked that morning, saying that Rin's the only guy should could give them to. Excluding her father. When she tries to feed them to him though he gets embarrassed because of all the people around, but that only serves to give Asa an idea. She decides to stick a cookie in her own mouth and wait for Rin. He's very hesitant, but eventually gives in and takes a bite. Afterward, Asa admits that it was kinda embarrassing for her too. When she tries to do it once more, Rin says how much he's trying to control himself, leading her to mentally note that it makes him horny.


In front of Asa's house, Rin has met with Ama. She quickly realizes why he's there, so lets him know that Asa is inside baking. She's sad however that she has to leave even though Rin has come, so says that Asa will entertain him today. Rin thinks about the different meanings "entertain" can have.

Inside Asa's room, Asa is blushing, and... oh. I shouldn't be too surprised, but it seems that the next scene is here already.



One the way to school, it's that scene from the second day again, only this time neither neither Kaede nor Rin are shown, only Asa (who now looks like she's waving weirdly rather than karate-chopping Rin). Apparently Primula is looking at Asa & Rin weirdly.

Once at school, everybody is staring at the couple, being very surprised, but Rin muses that that's because that's exactly what it is: surprising. Kareha is also there, and congratulates the couple.

Once in class, Rin gets loud cheers from almost all of the male students, who are very glad that Rin didn't pick Lisianthus, Nerine or Kaede, although Itsuki does warn him that there may be some fans of Asa's who will be angry.

...After the break though, the same students appear to be very angry at Rin. As it turns out, the three girls had made some statements to their fan clubs: Kaede, as I expected, is still eternally devoted to Rin. Lisianthus as expected brings up the subject of polygamy and thus still wanting Rin. As of the line before though, I have no idea what Nerine would say. :/

Ah. A simple statement that Rin is the only person for her. Itsuki asks Rin what he wants on his tombstone.


The day Lisianthus & Nerine's father talk to Rin about the world of Gods allowing polygamy. I don't think Asa would be okay with that as she is now, but it's not like Rin gets a chance to make any complaints today.


Rin's staring at the sky from the school rooftop. He has invited Asa & Kareha to eat with him and his other friends. As the introduction go by, they mostly talk about how good a cooking teacher Asa is, and other related topics. Such a conversation then moves on to Rin being fed by Lisianthus and Kaede - Asa not minding at all - until Asa gets Rin to feed her himself. Everybody around is impressed at her tactic, without exception. On top of that, Rin is mentally exhausted.

Actually, I was wondering whether such a scene would show up. I honestly expected it back in Primula's route. :/


Rin and Asa are on another date today, this time talking about the weather to begin with. Supposedly it was meant to rain, but this only causes them to want to plan their next date to be under an umbrella together. Asa says that such an idea makes Rin sound like Itsuki, although this only serves to make him depressed... Or rather, only act depressed. I don't think he cares when he's with Asa.

Later, after having gone shopping for a bit, they've entered the cafe wherein Kareha is currently working. While Asa wasn't able to find what she wanted, Kareha notes that she still looks happy anyway. Asa of course attributes this to Rin. When Asa then asks why Kareha doesn't have a boyfriend yet, she says she does, surprising both Asa & Rin. She then clarifies to say that there is somebody she has a crush on, although not to the point of being able to claim that she's in love with him, whoever he is.

...I bet it's Rin. Everybody seems to be in love with Rin in this universe.

And I'm right. Once Asa and Rin have asked Kareha who it is (claiming best friend/best friend's boyfriend rights), she admits that it is indeed Rin. Asa yells that Rin is "sold out", but Kareha assures her that there's no issue and that she should relax... because the world of Gods allows polygamy.

Shortly after, Asa and Rin are on their way home, with Asa still being frustrated by what her friend said. She even gets the idea that she should be a bit more lenient regarding Rin and unfaithfulness, although Rin takes this as meaning she expects him to want to have an affair.

Then she collapses.

As another one of the times she's become dizzy, Rin decides to start carrying her home until she can at least stand. She's very embarrassed once she wakes up though, and insists that she can stand. When Rin asks her why she wouldn't use any spells (Or as the text phrases it, "your spell"), she again says it's because she's human. Finally, she apologizes for how the date ended, only for Rin to say that it's the best way it could have ended, what with him holding her in his arms.


At school, Rin realizes that he's forgotten his lunch. Kaede had left it on the table wrapped in white cloth, but it seems that wasn't enough for him to remember to get it. He gets a feeling that it would be a bad idea for him to ask the others for food, even though they would give it to him.

...Luckily though, it seems Primula had realized Rin's mistake, and has brought his lunch for him. Extremely happy, he thanks her - which for some reason makes her smile. Didn't expect to see that outside her route - and then calls out for everyone to head to the roof.

But then Mayumi shows up in a panic. It seems that Asa has once again collapsed, and is currently in the nurse's room. I get the feeling that Primula will be coming along, and notice the nature of Asa's condition.

Or not. As Asa and Rin are once again alone, with her in bed, Rin confronts her about the issue. Asa's theory is that it's Primula's proximity that has caused her to faint, and that she has been collapsing more often recently because of the magic power which has accumulated from her via Rin. Rin again suggests that they use magic to help, but Asa is against it.

Then, Asa compares Kaede & Rin to her and Ama, saying that she had once held a grudge against her mother too. She says how she had blamed her mother for her sickness when she was young, but in time grew to become thankful for how much her mother was taking care of her despite the harsh words and feelings. Asa had then decided to "become human" in order to make her mother stop worrying. Asa refuses to use magic so that her mother can forget who and what she once was.

...So I guess Asa's father is of no consequence whatsoever? Darn; my guess was off.


Late in the day, Rin has come to the station looking for Ama. After finding her and talking to her about Asa, Rin asks her if she knows of a way to help Asa. She responds by comparing her daughter and Rin to herself and her husband. She says how she's surprised that she (Ama) has lived so long, but says that it's thanks to husband for helping her that she lives as well as she does. Similarly, she says that Rin is the only one who can help Asa as she is now.

Rin is at first confused and unable to think of an answer to the problem, but does eventually figure what he needs to do. It wasn't specified, but the plan seems to be to put Asa in a situation where she is compelled to use magic.


...Huh. Like in Primula's route, there is now a point wherein the view shifts away from Rin. In this case the perspective is now Asa's, in first-person.

She monologues of how she had learned long ago of her mother's past, and how she had not been afraid to die as an experiment, but rather afraid to live as one. One time when she had almost died, she was blown to the world of humans, and had a child. Asa goes on to say about how much she cares for her mother, and doesn't want to hurt her no matter what. She knows that she may collapse or even die from not releasing the magic power she holds in, but considers that the best way to stop her mother from remembering the past and thus the best way to stop her from suffering.

Then she says that she won't die, because she is just a human. A normal girl born from a mother and father like any other (...Except Lycoris & Primula, I guess. :P)

Then the scene switches to Rin standing over Asa, who is sitting on a park bench (assumably near the fountain), where he makes one last try at asking her to use her magic. When she refuses, he says that there's something he can do to force her to use it, but she doesn't believe that's possible.

Then he takes a craft knife out of his bag.

Before she can realize what he's about to do and stop him though, he's already slashed his left wrist. Asa turns into a panic and tries to get first aid, but Rin stops her. He says how due to the similarity between Asa and Kaede's relationships to Ama and Rin, he knows what Ama's feelings are with this. He says that Ama doesn't want Asa to be human, she wants her to stay alive and be happy. As Rin's consciousness fades, he continues, saying that if he were alone he would die within days, and so needs to be with Asa. Her face seems to thinking very carefully about what to do as Rin's vision fades to black. When he eventually comes around, he realizes that he's smiling into Asa's smiling face as he rests on her legs.

Note: Gah. Because the day started with a black screen (Asa's monologue) and ended with a CG, I had no chance to actually check what the date was at a time I had remembered to check. I'm guessing it was Sunday the 19th.


At Cafe Ether, Kareha has led Rin to his usual seat, where he asks in a curious way whether she's going to show him the cafe's new special. Kareha said it took her breath away, which of course serves to make Rin even more curious. Before Rin can say whether he'd order it though, Kareha goes off to the kitchen to get it.

...And out comes Asa. Of course. I'm not surprised at all, but I suppose that I'm probably not meant to be. Rin on the other hand is very surprised, particularly when Asa says that the new special is the new waitress: Her. With a spin, Asa is once again her happy self, and Rin wouldn't have it any other way.


And thus I've finished every route... Although it does concern me that there's still one scene of Kaede's I'm missing.

Once back in the main menu, I notice a new option under "Extras", which lets me mix and match the expressions, poses & clothes of every visible character in Shuffle... with an odd lack, and an equally odd extra. I almost called it an omission, but after going through it I realized my mistake. The issue is with the stuffed cats Primula is usually holding. When cycling through "dress" I can change which one she's holding between the pair of cats, the tiger, none at all, and oddly, Shirotama alone. Shirotama alone even has more variations than the tiger does, which can only been seen while Primula is wearing the black top she started in.

Finally, for the curious, my favorite route was Asa's, followed by Lisianthus', then Nerine & Primula's were about the same, then Kaede's last. Kaede was rather boring. :/



Yay! Pachipachipachi! Yep, Asa's route is definitely the best. The ending for sure was great.

Again, last part of the anime is decent (but they **** up Asa's hair colour). Congratz on finishing.
neobowman 11th Sep 11
Yeah, I had a check at the trope page and Asa's hair looks terrible.

Also, I would have had no idea (offhand) what you meant by pachipachipachi had I not just done a bit of searching for Kaede's final CG, wherein Lisianthus actually says "pachipachipachi" aloud. Equally odd but at a completely different point in a different route entirely, Nerine says "ji~" while staring at people.

Not a huge fan of Asa's ending though. The epilogue was boring, and the bits leading up to it didn't have much tension. To me, the best ending was Lisianthus', then Primula's; the rest aren't particularly memorable.
Sabbo 11th Sep 11
Well most people agree that Asa's route is the best which is why they made it the cannon one in the anime
Envyus 11th Sep 11

But what of the manga, where it's Lisianthus?
Sabbo 12th Sep 11

Cannon. It's cooler.

Also, no one cares about the manga :).
neobowman 15th Sep 11
I care about manga. :<

...Haven't read this one, but I will usually choose to read a manga rather than watch its anime. :/
Sabbo 15th Sep 11
Always good to see someone else that liked Asa's route the most. The only thing that drives me nuts is while I like her, Asa's reasoning seems really stupid, you'd think 'being dead' is gonna make your mom sadder than 'being able to use magic.'
trunks2585 6th Oct 12