Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Asa's turn!

...A pity that the start will still have so many scenes I've already seen ~3 times before.


Boring stuff. All the main players get introduced, minus Kaede, Asa, Primula, Mayumi and Lisianthus' father. You know the deal.


Kaede, Asa & Mayumi's turn today. Mayumi announces that there will be new transfer students.

Although I do note that Kaede says she didn't join the cooking club because she found something more important... wasn't that "more important" thing the reason why she joined it in the first place?


Lisianthus & Nerine's proper introduction, as well as Lisianthus' father's. The first choice I can make is also today...

Ask about Sia

I chose this because, as I've previously mentioned, I think it in part leads toward Asa. Nothing really worth repeating is mentioned though.


Kareha & Asa's question today. The answer is clear:

Someone else

This answer as we know leads to Kareha thinking Rin likes Asa, which neither Rin nor Asa deny.


Primula's introduction. Also the first day we see Asa in normal clothes. Sleeveless hoodies are still weird.

Also, I got bored during Primula's introduction scene and decided to read the sign in the background: fuwa fuwa tamago *something* ribbons (ribanzu). A quick check tells me that the something is... mocchi. Or maybe motsuchi. Either way I have no idea what that bit's meant to mean; I already know tamago is egg though.

That said though, today has a choice I can make: Should Primula stay?

Don't take her in

Best to avoid a definite positive (for someone who is not Asa), I think. Moving on.


Not much happens today. Although I do still wonder about this CD thing Rin & Itsuki talk about in the hall; it seems to be completely irrelevant to everything.

That said though, today has a choice. Or two choices, in the case of the choice I'm about to make.

Actually I've got something to do

With this choice being made so that I can get the cooking bit with Kaede & Primula afterward. Speaking of which...

Maybe I should mention Asa?

Nothing really different from the first option (encouraging Kaede) except that Rin is the one to suggest Asa help rather than Kaede. Primula still wants just Kaede though.


First day of the rainy season. As You Know, Kaede forgot her umbrella... but when the other option today is to take Asa home, the choice is clear.

Go home with a friend

And thus Rin ends up taking Asa home. I find it kinda interesting how she's the only character to speak much Engrish, what with her saying herro almost every time she shows up.

An odd translation though... not strictly a mistranslation, but when Rin offers his umbrella Asa thanks him by saying "and that's why I love you" (along with a qualifier saying that she'd never look at him as a love interest. Sure.), but since the term used was "suki", it should probably have been translated as "and that's why I like you". Says the same thing only with weaker connotations, just like comparing suki and daisuki. (...Not that daisuki is strictly "love" either. >_>)

But yeah. As I've been through before, Rin accidentally sees Asa while she's on the toilet. It took less than that to provoke Kaede into action, so why not Asa? :P (Seriously, this thing where the girls like Rin more when he peeps on them or does otherwise questionable things with them... it's a bit of a cop-out way to progress the plot, you know?


Primula visits the school, and I get to choose whether Rin stays at school or goes straight home. The null answer is of course the better answer here.

Go home

Because, as a reminder, the other answer leads to Lisianthus.

...Oh? Just outside the school is a new scene. Rin has been distracted all day by what he saw the day before, and thus while not paying attention he bumps into somebody. Standard plot progression tells me that it's either going to be Asa or Kareha.

...And it's Asa. Who is also still thinking about the day before. Rin tries to apologize (I assume), but Asa yells at him to stop before he could finish what he was saying. After she calms down though, she goes on to thank him for walking her home, and commenting on how Rin had left in a hurry afterward. Rin's a bit sad that he didn't get to eat any of Asa's cookies, leading to Asa suggesting that they "start where we left off yesterday. I'm open." An odd choice of words, I think.

That said though, Rin declines the invitation, even though Asa says she "wouldn't get attacked that easily". Whatever; the day ends there anyway.


Rin takes Primula for a walk today. No choices involved and no Asa involved, thus is of no interest to me during this run.


Nerine's father takes Primula away for a few days. At school there's a talk about who likes what weather, but I've already read it at least four times...


The day Kaede is sick, and thus also the day someone comes 'round to cook for Rin. Due to the route I've been choosing for, Asa has been hoping all day in futility that Rin would ask for her help, but in the end she goes there by her own choice, taking Kareha for moral support.

I do wonder what Asa's real laugh would sound like, as opposed to the forced laugh she always makes. Also, Asa's top (without the hoodie part) looks like she's just wearing a towel.

So yeah. The night passed exactly as it did during my attempted anti-route.


Bra shopping for Primula. While had I done this route before Primula & Kaede's I would have answered to "go and do something with Primula", it is now clear that that answer would more correctly be phrased "go and do something for Primula. The answer is clear.

Just go shopping

A null-answer, I assume, and also the last plot-steering choice I can make, if things go like they have every other time.

The rest of the day however goes exactly the same as every other time.


That'll do for now. As usual, the next day I can do this will be sometime on the weekend.



Addendum: As I was going through this whole thing again (picking the first option in every choice: Ask about Sia, Lisianthus, Take her in, I guess I'm free, Go home with Kaede, Go home, Just go shopping), I got a scene I hadn't gotten before. Having had done Lisianthus' route before (as it was clear these choices would lead) I didn't think there'd be anything new, but as it turns out, the choices I made moved the CG wherein Lisianthus feeds Rin to be the day after Nerine feeds him. The scene as a whole was essentially the same as Nerine's except that at the end Kaede was encouraged to do the same the day after (which didn't happen). Everything else up to the route lock I had already seen before.
Sabbo 8th Sep 11
Just a note, the anime has pretty horrible animation in my opinion. I'd just watch the part with Kaede's meltdown which is really the only part that differs from the VN.
neobowman 8th Sep 11