Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



And thus Kaede's first scene was about to start (I assume. The music's right, at least). I'll of course skip the details, as per usual.




Asa calls from the front door. Rin suspects she heard about "the other night" and is there to give him a hard time. Of course, Rin can't be thinking straight; Kaede's the only person who could tell her (and Kareha, who is there too) about either of the "the other night"'s incidents, and she doesn't seem like the kind of person who'd go boasting about it or anything like that. No, Asa & Kareha are here to congratulate Rin (and Kaede, I assume) on their kiss. When she asks Rin how Kaede's "first" was though (she's referring to the First Kiss, obviously), Rin says it's none of her business.

...Which was a bad choice of words. Asa and Kareha both have seemed to gather from that the truth of another of Kaede's firsts. Asa asks Kaede what she thinks, but doesn't really get any words out of her embarrassed friend. Kareha on the other hand is able to get a nod when she defends Kaede as merely being bashful.

Rin sees where the topic is going and speaks loudly at Asa, asking whether she's had her first time or not. Normally this would be a bad idea, but Asa seems easily embarrassed when this topic comes up, so she in turn diverts the conversation back to being about celebration. As it turns out, Asa just wanted to come here to throw a party.


It's been a week and Rin is confused at Kaede's lack of change in how she's behaved since that time. When he tries to ask her about it though, her normal response to when he tries to get her attention stops him, so he quickly changes what he was going to say into a request for a certain thing for dinner that night (Chinese food, but I doubt it matters). She doesn't seem to suspect Rin's confusion at all.


On yet another sunny day, Rin realizes that despite it being summer break, he's only really been out of the house twice - to go to the beach and pool - and so decides to ask Kaede if she'd like to go out. She accepts the invitation happily, and remembers how they'd usually go to the mountains at that time of year. Rin sees the infeasibility of that idea - there're no mountainous backgrounds, for one. :P - and so suggests they go to the park. Kaede likes that idea too, and figures it would make for a nice picnic.

Once at the park and sitting on the grass with their lunch, Rin comments once again at how impressed he is of Kaede's cooking skills - this time in particular regarding her cooking speed - but she shrugs it off as usual. When Rin says that he wouldn't be able to come close to that skill, Kaede gets huffy and says that he shouldn't, and that she'd be sad if he could. When Rin counters by asking whether that means he shouldn't be able to do anything, she changes the topic to be about the weather. Smooth.

...Later, after they've eaten, Rin has woken up in Kaede's lap. He apologizes, but after she tells him that she liked watching him sleep, he reverses it and suggests she rest in his lap; he thinks he'd enjoy that as much as Kaede already did for him. She says she'd be embarrassed, but eventually obliges.

Odd though is that neither of those lap scenes had a CG. :/


Rin's doing homework in his room... then dozes off before even finishing the first question. However, his pencil hurt enough as he went down to wake him up.

...This is the most boring part of Shuffle! so far.

As it turns out, Rin had pulled an all-nighter trying to do the assignments he had procrastinated doing until then, and so this is him early in the morning, even before Kaede has woken up. Speaking of which, Rin decides that it would be a good idea to go have a shower to wake himself up.

...Normally I would think this to be one of those situations where the protagonist accidentally barges in on a girl, but we already had one of those with Kaede. No, as it turns out it's Kaede who barges in on Rin after he's already completely undressed. Unlike the earlier scene though, she's not shocked or surprised or embarrassed or anything... she just comments on how early he's awake, and leaves. Oh, and she looked at his crotch, saying, "But... It's you..."

Blaming a cake Nerine's father brought in last night for both of their sleepiness, Rin starts his shower. During the middle of it though he notices Kaede outside the room folding the clothes he had thrown down. He briefly considers calling her in - knowing she'd accept - but figures that it was neither the time nor place. Kaede, however...

Has come into the bathroom completely naked, lazily holding a towel in one hand (covering nothing). As they face eachother, Rin is shocked and attempts to leave, while Kaede blocks his way and suggests they bathe together. Rin wonders whether she even realizes what she's saying, to which she responds by pouncing him.

...Cue music? Already? I suppose I can continue.


Haha. Turns out she really was half asleep the whole time. Once she wakes up she realizes what she just did and screams.


Rin's watching TV at night as Kaede comes into the loungeroom. She says she needs to go down to the convenience store to get something, leading Rin to trick her into letting him go with her again. As they're returning, Rin suggests they take a walk in the nice night weather, to which Kaede agrees.

They've made their way to the fountain park, and while admiring the scenery Rin decides to confirm something with Kaede: Whether she loves him. (Even if it is rather obvious...) She of course without hesitation says she does, leading Rin to muse aloud about who he likes. It's a little bit wordy, but he admits his love for Kaede right there, and wants to be more than just friends. She's a bit surprised, and Rin senses that she's also in part sad as well. After thinking about it for a short time, she says she can't.

Cue sadness music.

As she mentioned in passing right before her first "scene" - when she first said she loved him - she doesn't want Rin to love her. Quite hypocritically it would seem, she only wants to give love, not receive it. Rin doesn't understand.


I was about to say I want to continue this on Thursday, but I really want to know what happens for what little remains of this route, as I get the feeling it's going to go into Kaede's past. >_< I'll continue.


First day back at school. In front of his house after school though are Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers, waiting to talk to Rin.

...This is like Primula's route I'm guessing, wherein they celebrate Rin's new relationship. I did after all notice last time that they didn't mention any names at all. Interestingly, Rin nods when they ask whether he has a girlfriend. Kaede would disagree with that. :P


A windy day atop the school building, with only a few people around. Rin has called Asa up there to have a talk with her regarding Kaede, during which she calls Kaede's words "merciless". Further, Asa isn't entirely sure what Rin should do either. He knows he loves Kaede, but isn't sure whether he can keep loving someone who doesn't want to be loved back.

He then mentions the promise he made with Kaede when they were kids, and that he wants to keep that promise... but he doesn't actually say what that promise was. Darn.

On the other hand, Asa asks Rin whether he knows why Kaede didn't like him - causing Rin to become very curious - and continues in saying that the reason Kaede first joined the cooking club was to repay a favor to him. That Kaede had held a grudge against Rin and hurt him, yet was ultimately thankful for him anyway. She also muses that Kaede's feeling seem a bit too strong. In wanting to understand Kaede's current feelings, Asa asks Rin about what happened when they were children.

Rin is very cautious about whether or not to tell Asa about the lie he told all that time ago - a lie only children would believe, he says - but in the end does decide to tell her...

It was about the car crash in which their parents - minus Kaede's father of course - died. Rin remembers Kaede's dad looking very grim while talking on the phone with people from the hospital, and him telling the two children to "get ready". The two didn't know why at first, but once they found out they couldn't help but want to cry. Kaede was bawling her eyes out though, which made Rin not want to cry.

Due to how close Kaede had been with her mother, she blamed herself for the adults' death, since they had been on their way home to Kaede (who was sick) when they died. For a time after their death, Kaede had seemed to lose the will to live, with no treatment working on her at all. That's when Rin decided to tell the lie. To tell Kaede that he had called the adults home.

As he had expected, this worked. Kaede no longer hated herself, and started hating Rin instead: hating became her reason to live, and she had attempted to kill him several times. Rin considered it worth the price.

In time of course, Kaede learned the truth and did a complete 180 on her actions, essentially becoming Rin's servant from then on (even if he didn't want it, as has been shown many times thus far.)

...Though this does put an interesting twist on the scene from a while back when Kaede was sick yet still forced Rin to go to school. As Rin was going home, the teacher had said that if Rin had had an accident on the way home, Kaede would probably kill herself, and with this revelation... Well, it's far more true than I had first thought.

As for Asa's reaction to the story, she mentions how it was a case of a girl falling in love with a guy who protected her while sacrificing herself, and that she can't make light of it because it's just like someone she knows. (...who I assume is herself. Very curious.) Asa says that she is now certain that Kaede loves Rin deeply, but also that she is afraid. She suggests that Rin forgive her.


I didn't think I'd ever see this in an official translation, but while Rin is musing about the relationship between him and Kaede, it says
She's seen my smiles, my tears, my surprise ? she's seen it all.
Never did I think I'd see a question mark in an official version to indicate an uncertain translation, which is exactly what it looks like this is.

...That aside though, Rin without hesitation knows that he can forgive Kaede. The only problem I see is whether Kaede will believe him.

He also touches upon the promise he and Kaede had made when they were kids, although very annoyingly doesn't say anything else about it at all.


Rin has suggested to Kaede that they play with some fireworks, what with it still being Summer. (...Which it isn't, last time I checked. Not in Japan, anyway. The Japanese summer ended around a month prior to this day, what with it being early-mid September.) Kaede agrees with the idea.

As they play with the sparklers (which I find odd to call "fireworks", but suppose they do still fit their Japanese name: hanabi/flower fire/fireflower.) and are having fun, Rin likens it to when they made the promise all that time ago... He asks her "We're together as promised, right?", which startles her, and thus makes Rin smile (since it was then clear she had remembered). She's surprised that he had remembered, but he responds by saying how important of a promise it was.

To put it simply, she thought he had forgotten because of all her abuse (even though the effect was the exact opposite), while he thought she had forgotten because for a very long time she had behaved as if it didn't matter to her (during her abuse of him). She goes on to say that many times it was the promise that had kept her going; her last excuse to be with him.

Rin says that he has always kept the promise, and intends to continue keeping it... but Kaede says she couldn't forgive herself for hating him without reason. Later when she had found out the truth, she had begun serving him in an effort to forgive herself, but seems to now realize how futile that was. She says she wanted him to love her so that she could forgive herself, but... doesn't that make her a glutton for punishment if she won't accept his love?

...Wow this is hard to summarise.

Kaede also makes an implication of how she had put a wall between her and Rin in an attempt to keep it as a one-sided love, but of course ultimately failed (in this route. :P). Much easier to explain is what she says next though: That she wanted to be needed by Rin.

Wow, Rin is one top-class psychologist. This kind of baggage would normally take months or even years to admit to, but Rin can do it for the girl he loves in just a couple of weeks. Replacement Goldfish syndrome* ? Self-esteem issues and a multiple personality disorder* ? Avoidant personality disorder* ? Dependant personality disorder* ? Rin should consider a career in the field, if the whole king-of-two-worlds thing doesn't work out for him.

But yeah. Kaede has now run into Rin's arms crying, releasing all the emotion she had pent up, as Rin proposes that they turn their old promise anew. It's an annoyingly simple promise - not worth the buildup as far as I'm concerned - but essentially goes by Rin asking if she'll always be with him, and her pleading for him to always be with her.


Rin is outside the house waiting for Kaede. It seems she had tried to return a CD without the actual CD, only the case. Rin found it funny, while Kaede just says that she had been listening to it the previous night and left it in the... boombox? What is this, the 80s?

As they head off to school, Rin monologues of how their lives haven't changed much since the day they renewed their promise, and considers the possibility that there was so little change because they essentially were already in love. Apparently. Something about having always having wanted to be with the other.

Thinking is apparently not a free action though, so Rin's musing had led her to wonder whether he was staring at something on her face, to which he simply says that he realized that he's used to seeing her face. She replies saying that she's seen his face so much she's almost fed up. Rin asks whether she actually is fed up (of course not), to which she momentarily makes her huffy expression before saying that she'd be more likely to get tired of eating rice. Rin agrees.

Out the front of the school, Mayumi has also just gotten there and greets the couple. They talk about watching late night TV, to which Mayumi briefly wonders how Rin could wake up in time to get to school when he was watching movies until dawn. Then she remembers "his perfect wife" (her words). Mayumi finds it weird that nothing changed, but Kaede corrects her by kissing Rin right there and then. The CG scene for it shows Mayumi and Itsuki looking on in shock, and Asa looking surprisingly happy. I can't wait to figure out why she doesn't turn jealous in situations like these.

So yeah. The change in their relationship is simple: They are now happy to express their feelings for eachother publicly.


...Huh. Reading through the parts of the credits I can actually understand, I find it odd that "cast" is spelled kyasuto (キャスト) rather than kaasuto/ka-suto (カアスト/カースト).

I just looked through the CG scenes I've got, and I am inexplicably missing one of Kaede's. I'll wait until after Asa's route before worrying too much, but it's the first column, second row, on the first page. :/

But yeah. Next up is Asa; should have time on Thursday.


Oh, oh! I almost forgot something: Why is the person well-known as a photographer (Mayumi, of course) never shown holding a camera, even though it has been said that she always has one with her?


I actually never wondered about that. Maybe she's not a photographer at all and just a really good photoshopper.

Also, in every VN I've read, the use キャスト in the credits.

You should check out the anime, if only for Kaede's past and her Yandere mode that she doesn't show at all in the VN.
neobowman 6th Sep 11
In the scene right before Lisianthus & Nerine's introductions to the class she is right there offering to show Rin photos of the two. She's definitely a photographer. :/

Yeah, I figured キャスト would be the "correct" spelling, but it goes against how I've pronounced the word my whole life. I assume it's a dialect thing, but...

Perhaps. Are the voices the same?
Sabbo 6th Sep 11
I believe they are. Unless I was delusional or my hearing was impaired while I was watching.
neobowman 7th Sep 11 7th Sep 11
The reason for the difference in katakana is the first stretches out the a sound so it sounds like kaa-su-to instead of ka-su-to. 7th Sep 11
"Stretching out the a sound" would be done by my example of using カースト instead of キャスト. As it is now, it's an entirely different a sound being made. "Kya", "Ka" and "Kaa" are all different, with "kya" moreso than the others.
Sabbo 7th Sep 11