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As I had decided in the previous installment's comments, my next run - this one - will be one in which I make choices which avoid the five girls as much as possible. Originally I was going to do this "anti-route" last, but after consideration have figured that doing only half a route last wouldn't be a great idea. That said, let's move on, shall we?

...Oh, and I'll be taking advantage of the Skip button for this route and this route only.


Introducing/meeting Itsuki, Nerine's father, Nadeshiko (the teacher), Lisianthus, and Nerine herself.


Introducing Kaede, Asa and Mayumi. Rumors of new students.


Transfer students arrive. First choice of the route: Who do you want to know about?

Ask about Nerine

I choose this because later I'll need to choose between Kaede and Asa, and I'd rather keep all the girls as even as possible. (And my theory is that choosing Lisianthus at this point also in part leads to Asa, who will be coming into play in at least one other choice later)

As for the rest of the day, it's just hanging out with Lisianthus and Nerine.


Confronted by Asa & Kareha in the cafeteria. Who do I like most right now...?

Someone else

I've never answered this before, so I'm not sure whether it's an Asa-centric answer or a null-answer. Either way, it's better than answering for one of the main three, I'd think.

Rin says "None of them", to which Asa wonders whether Rin has a very high standard. Kareha considers the possibility that Asa is the one Rin likes, but Asa & Rin both say "What!?" to that, with Asa saying that while she and Rin may have had the same feeling right then...

...Which leads back into the blue text and Kareha going all sparkly. Oddly, part of the blue text here is Asa saying "Well now I know how you feel", which in this case is a lie - Rin was very much dodging the issue of who he liked, if anyone. I'm not sure whether to consider this answer a success. :/


Meeting Primula. Do I want her to stay?

Don't take her in

Obvious choice. This is at worst a plus for Kaede, but more likely neutral for everyone except Primula.


Mayumi wants Rin to take out the garbage with Nerine...

Actually I've got something to do

Obvious choice. This does lead to the choice regarding Primula cooking, but that's got an easy answer too:

Best to play it safe

Which as we know is an answer leading to Rin insulting both Kaede and Primula. Perfect.


First day of rain.

Go home with Kaede.

While I realize that "Go home with a friend" is in context the more neutral response, I've already answered in favor of Asa before. Kaede wins this round.


Primula visits school. After school I...

Go home

Better to do nothing than stick around and go with one of the girls, I say.


Taking Primula for a walk. No choices today.


Everybody talks about the rain. No choices.


Kaede's sick. After second period though, there's some white text...

Rin is very impatient for the day to end, and when he leaves the classroom for a moment he notices Asa is pacing by the door. When Rin asks her why she's there (and tries to explain where Kaede is), she denies that she's there to see Rin, and bolts in a hurry. So I guess I've hit Asa's route?

After school, oddly, is more white text. Everything the teacher and classmates say is the same, but this time Asa greets Rin on his way home. She, seeming a bit shy, appears to be asking Rin out, but Rin of course is in too much of a hurry to want to go out right then. "Inexplicably" embarrassed, she runs off again. (My explanation of course is that she does indeed want to ask Rin out - taking advantage of Kaede's absence - but just can't bring up the guts to.

Once at home, Rin once again notices that he has no food, but this time as he's leaving and the doorbell rings it's Asa and Kareha. It seems that in this route, Kaede called Asa instead of Lisianthus that morning. Also at this point is what I consider a priceless line from Asa, "She love you so much, Rin-chan!"

As expected, Asa then cooks for Rin, leading to a CG of them (and Kareha, who I assume is there for Asa's emotional support) sitting at the table eating. Rin comments how impressed he always is about Asa's cooking. Further, he starts talking about how they were called "the two greatest of the Verbena Academy cooking club". When they ask what they are each called individually though, Rin reluctantly says that they are "Healing Kareha" and "Shocking Shigure", with the latter being named due to it being a shock for someone like Asa to be good at cooking. Asa turns sad (although the CG doesn't reflect this).

Kareha then mentions how after Kaede had called Asa earlier, Asa had been waiting all day for Rin to ask her for help. Asa turns terribly embarrassed and Kareha turns into her shipping mode, both of which are reflected in the CG. As Kareha goes on and on about how often Asa was wanting to be asked for help - also perhaps wanting to ask to help yet being too scared - Asa gets even more embarrassed and unsuccessfully tells her to stop. Indeed, Kareha even goes so far as saying that the food Asa cooks for Rin is filled with love. I swear there's a trope for all of Asa's denial here.

After they're all finished eating and they're cleaning up, Asa doesn't let Rin help on the grounds that cleaning is part of the cooking, leaving Rin to just sit on the chair thinking. All this thinking does give him an idea though: To ask Asa & Kareha to make porridge for Kaede... However, they decline, saying that it's important that he make it for her, as a real sign of appreciation. They then ask whether Rin knows how Kaede feels, to which he doesn't really answer. Asa then promises to make the porridge, so long as Rin feeds it to her directly.

So... Am I on Kaede's route then?

As the two are leaving, Rin comments on how he relies on Kaede too much, but they say that he should get help when he needs it, with Kareha going further and saying that Asa wants him to rely on her a lot. Asa begins to complain, but nothing comes of it before they leave.

Later that night, there's no difference from normal: Rin sets the porridge down by a sleeping Kaede while she dreams of him.


Shopping for Primula. No difference at all, and I go with the character-neutral choice of...

Just go shopping

Obvious choice, and also no different from other times I've answered that way. If things go as I expect, this was the last route-changing choice.


First day of the exams.


Finding out Asa doesn't like magic. Nothing of note.


A conversation with Nerine about what to do after the exams.


The last day of exams. A chat with Nerine regarding expected results.


First results back. Lots of optimism regarding failing and not failing.


Lisianthus' father helping his daughter with shopping by the CAFFE.


Mayumi's talking about kisses. Isn't this part of Lisianthus' route? I'm curious to see which route I'll end up in. Also a date with Nerine after shool, but I think that's happened every time so far.


Lisianthus being frantic about being called up for English. After school is the scene wherein Nerine feeds Rin part of her lunch. (Wow, this route is all over the place...)

And finally, after school is seeing Kareha in the cafe. Nothing new there, of course.


Mayumi crashing into Rin in a very improbable way. Nothing different here.


Nerine gets asked about the "Angel's Bell" moniker. Rin also asks about it after school.


Last day of school. Afterschool, the kings "suggest" a beach trip.


Pool's open. Nerine is in normal swimwear.


And... that's the last day without a specific route. I'll leave you to guess which route I hit. ;P



10 Bucks on Asa's route.
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