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And thus I pick up where I left off: Primula's first "scene"... But don't worry, I won't go into any detail this time either, for the sake of all of our sanities.

And thus the next day...


The doorbell rings. Apparently Kaede is busy, so Rin opens it instead... only for the conspirators Asa & Kareha to be there. Asa said she found something and that it's "finally complete". Rin's suspicious, but of course doesn't stop them from doing whatever they're about to do.

Heh. Primula in a maid outfit with nekomimi (and tail); her cats are hanging on to her tail. Asa & Kareha are of course pleased with the result - to the point of I'm Taking Her Home with Me! - while Rin, as the elder girls easily notice, can't take his eyes off her. Oh, and it seems they were aware of who Primula liked (and thus who she was taking on a date).

After the CG goes away, Asa suggests a few other costumes, but Rin knocks her back by accusing her of being a "uniform maniac". Asa denies it, and explains that she got this costume last year when she wore it to the culture festival, and remade it recently to fit Primula's size.

Then Rin feels a tug on his sleeve. Primula, of course; what could she be wanting... Ah. She wonders whether Rin likes this kind of thing. Asa waits expectantly for his answer. He's a bit reluctant, but decides to tell the truth that he likes it. Primula decides to stay in costume for the rest of the day. Rin monologues that he needs to make sure she doesn't wear it to school.


Another morning of black, it seems. Primula is trying to wake Rin up, but she's having a very difficult time of it... and so eventually gets the bright idea of yelling directly into his ear.

This is what makes people deaf, you know.

Rin of course gets up in a hurry after that, having no idea what's going on, only to get greeted by Primula's ^_^ face... which somehow doesn't look as bad as it used to. Maybe I just needed to get used to it?

It seems Kaede had asked Primula to wake up Rin this time, and when she (Primula) realizes that it was very effective, she decides that she's going to wake him up tomorrow as well. Rin hopes she doesn't use the same method.


Rin, coming home from a tiring day of school, is greeted by Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers outside his home. They look serious, and Rin has an idea about why they want to talk to him. Once inside, they ask him simply whether "it's true that (he) has an official girlfriend", and that it is neither Lisianthus nor Nerine. Rin was expecting this, and answers with the truth that he has indeed chosen somebody other than one of their daughters.

He closes his eyes and braces himself as Lisianthus' father raises his hand... only to be slapped on the shoulder as the two smile happily. They congratulate Rin, saying how they feared he wasn't interested in girls, and propose a celebration. They suggest that they open the "special bottle", which apparently has a 7 digit price tag. That's $10,000+, for us non-Japanese. And no I don't know any approximation for its conversion into Pounds or Euros or any other currency.

As Rin tries to explain how worried he was, the fathers ease the misunderstanding by assuring him that he's allowed to like more than one person, referencing the world of the Gods' polygamist society. They suggest he get married there so that the polygamy is legal, then than he take both thrones, then they wonder about what to call their grandchildren... Rin's efforts in getting them to listen to him are ignored entirely.


Primula's waking up Rin again. She's eventually able to wake him up after he remembers when she yelled in his ear, but still tries to bargain for a few more minutes. Once he's put the covers back over him though, Primula figures it'd be good to get in there with him. Rin's mental alert yells at him for Primula's actions (a very grating sound this alert is, might I add), causing him to get up rather quickly.

What's the issue? Surely Rin'd love that kind of situation?

Primula's at first a bit disappointed when she gets up as well, but returns to her earlier happy self quickly enough. Rin finds it scary how natural Primula found it to do all that.


Rin and Primula heading home after school, walking through the neighbourhood scene. Primula notices a kitten atop a tree and is worried that it can't get down, Rin understands perfectly and goes up to get it, but as it keeps backing away from him the branch it's on eventually snaps. Rin in his determination kicks out from the tree and catches the kitten in mid-air, and falls to the ground. Primula yells out in shock.

Heh. The background's upside-down.

Somehow, Rin's not in too much pain, and has successfully saved the kitten, but Primula is still worried. When he suggests they go home, pain shoots through him as he tries to get up. Turns out that he broke his arm.

Later, at home, Rin informs Kaede & Primula that the doctor said his arm should take around a month to fully heal. Kaede is angry at Rin's flippancy regarding the severity of the incident, but Primula is still feeling responsible. Kaede however gets an idea (which should have been an obvious thought, but no matter): Lisianthus or her father shouldn't have any problem fixing it; Gods, it seems, are generally good at healing magic.

As Kaede heads for the phone though, Primula is fixated on Rin's cast; as her first shown act of magic, Primula has decided to heal Rin's arm herself. Kaede and Rin are both very confused, under the impression that while Primula has a lot of power, she can't actually use it. As shown now of course, this isn't actually true. Still in shock, Kaede & Rin only say generic stuff at first, but once they'd calmed down a bit a realized exactly what happened, Rin hugs Primula tightly.


The kings are here today again as well, this time regarding Primula using her power. They seem serious this time also, but considering who it is, I'm still not actually sure whether it's real seriousness or just more preparation for celebration.

Ah. Serious. Although both Rin and Primula were happy about her development, the kings are not, and explain that Primula being in the world of humans was in significant part due to it suppressing her magic, and now that she's used it they explain that she'll have to return to the research facility, likely to never come back. Rin is angry, and essentially demands to know why the research is so important. As it turns out, while magic can do many things, it cannot raise the dead.

Rin asks why it has to be Primula who aids this research, and is told that the best way to research the revival of life is too research a created life - Primula being the only one. Without compromise, the kings tell Primula to pack her things and be ready to return to the research facility.

After the kings leave, Rin and Primula embrace, both set on her not leaving. (My first idea for a solution: Rin goes to the facility too.) Rin is aware of how little influence he has, but still wants to keep Primula with him.


Late at night in his room, Rin is desperately trying to thing of a way for Primula to stay, although the more he thinks, the more he realizes that he has no power at all in this matter.

Primula knocks on the door and comes in, sitting on his bed. Familiar music starts. Primula is worried that they only had sex once, but Rin says that it took a lot of self control to not want it every day.

*obligatory scene skip*

...Oh? During all this, Primula says she put a spell on Rin to make him lose his memory. Or rather "You're not going to forget me, but I'm going to disappear from your mind." Uhh... there's a difference?

In time, even Primula's name changes to "girl". Hrm. :/


Kaede is there to wake up Rin. He's at first confused, and asks whether she always had that hairstyle, but she assures him she did. He supposes that he was just dreaming, but as she leaves the room she says he wasn't.


At school... Oh? It says "Rin is standing in the glaring sunlight without moving an inch." Is that a mistake? Or perhaps a representation of distant he'd feel? Never before has Shuffle! referred to Rin in third-person like this. :/

Itsuki, Mayumi & Lisianthus are concerned, with Lisianthus even saying that she feels sorry for Rin & Primula, and that her father is too harsh. It seems that they were all told by Primula about what happened - that she erased his memory, essentially. When Mayumi asks what Primula's currently doing, Nerine says that she's staying at her place until the weekend, when she'll be leaving. She's still going to school, but is avoiding Rin.

Itsuki realizes well what the issue is, knowing that Rin not knowing Primula is the best way for the research to continue, but Lisianthus & Nerine both see how it can only result in the continuing sadness of Rin and Primula both. All five of those present have become determined to set things straight, and agree that bringing Rin & Primula back together is their best course of action. Sure it's not the best action for the research on resurrection and healing magic, but that's not nearly as important to them as the two lovers are. Itsuki comes up with a two-step plan, although of course doesn't go into any details.

That night, Lisianthus and Nerine's fathers are in the livingroom. Lisianthus, Nerine, Kaede, Mayumi & Itsuki are here also. Itsuki is confident, but the girls are all tense. The kings of course know that this conversation regards Primula, so are slightly surprised that Rin isn't there too. Itsuki says that it will be easier without him there.

The kings however remain steadfast with the decision for Primula to leave, saying that there would be far too many consequences were they to intervene using their political power without good reason. Itsuki says they can create that reason - Itsuki says he wants to play a game with the kings.

*Itsuki explains the "game" offscreen*

The kings are interested. It's a bet, it seems. The kings can see that while the students would have something to gain should said students win, they have to told what would happen should they win. Itsuki offers an "unchanged status quo" - that the kings would not lose anything should they win.

It begins to dawn on them.

Lisianthus tells "shinoh-sama" that should they refuse the bet, that from then on his meals would only be TV dinners, while Nerine tells "maoh-sama" that she'd never talk to him again. This smells like blackmail. The fathers are in shock, but soon enough try to threaten back, saying how easy it would be for them to get rid of Itsuki.

They then ask what the students would lose were the kings to win the bet. Simply enough, they would affectively lose Rin himself; having a Rin who is not himself would be the same as losing Rin entirely.


First person again. Rin's in a hallway afterschool... Oh?

Scratch that.

Primula's in a hallway afterschool, noticing for the first time how big the place truly is. She notices all the changes in herself since she first started there, and as she talks to herself she remembers her friends, and especially Rin. While walking though, she suddenly stops. She has unconsciously walked up to the second-year's classrooms, and realizes that she should leave, lest she bump into Rin. However, as she turns to leave, she sees him. She can see that he doesn't look at her the way he used to, but she's still nervous all the same.

She continues walking, gathering all her courage to only walk past him, (shown in a set of 4 CG images made to look like photographs laid atop one-another) and once past, mutters "...So, this is the ending", and says it was a nice dream while it lasted.

Rin says that he's still in that dream (I guess the kings restored his memory?), and turns back to hug her. Primula is surprised, but gets told by Rin that he remembered everything the moment they passed just then. While Primula says that he shouldn't be able to remember anything, Rin simply says he did, and that it turns out that he really can't live without her. Trite phrases like that still bug me.

Rin says how even if Primula went to the world of Devils, he'd go there to get her back. She admits that she doesn't want to go any more, now that erasing his memory didn't work, and likely won't work again.

Later, Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers are surprised the whole thing worked, but admit that they did indeed lose the bet. Lisianthus' father laments having to come up with an excuse for Primula to stay in the world of humans, but Itsuki already had this idea planned: Make a research centre in this world. Despite how this may slow the research, Itsuki assures them that the fact that the awakening of Primula's power was due to a human and the human world is reason enough.

Mayumi says Itsuki would make a good conman.

When the fathers ask their daughters whether they're okay with Primula being the one with Rin, they say that it's fine, and that they can all be together so long as the marriage is in the world of Gods. The fathers are shocked that they didn't think of that.

Uhh... hello? You did. Only nine days ago, might I add.

Soon, Lisianthus wonders aloud how Rin could have remembered anything, to which Nerine's father says that the only possibility was that his memory was a part of his body and life itself. (I've seen this "memory of the body" thing a few times before; is it purely a Japanese concept? I can specifically recall it from xxxHolic, Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-, and Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi.)

That said though, they decide to chalk it up to The Power of Love - those exact words, mind you - saying that whatever far-fetched ideas they may come up with don't sound anywhere near as nice.


At home in normal clothes, Primula is calling out to Rin for him to hurry up, as they need to leave soon. Once done, he muses that he should thank his friends for the game they set up, but doesn't like that his "thanking" is treating them for a whole day. Food, I assume.

As they leave the house - Kaede already left earlier - Primula says that she wants to stay by his side always, and that Asa's earlier idea of her waiting for him outside doesn't interest her.

Huh. The music changed to something I don't think I've heard before. I'll check the sound test later, but it sounds like... a synthesized xylophone and violin, perhaps? I could've sworn I'd already heard everything the sound test had to play though. :/

The credits roll as they leave.

...This time, I made sure to be extra-observant regarding the person in the cast I haven't seen before. The name shares three kanji with Asa's, so I assume it's her mother. Interesting that I haven't seen her before though, despite how many times I've been through this thing. I guess she's only in Asa's route.

Checking the sound test...

Hm. Seems it was "HIMAWARI". Checking, it seems that Lisianthus' epilogue is the only other place I've heard this music.


All that said though, I'll take opinions on which route I should do next. My original plan to do Primula last has of course been busted, which means that the order of the remaining two doesn't really matter to me any more. I get the feeling that whichever I do last is the one which will stick in my mind the most, so keep that in mind.



Asa next

also fun fact about Asa's mom she looks and acts younger then her daughter
Envyus 28th Aug 11
Do Kaede's first. I DEMAND IT!

Oh, and Ama's introduction is amazing.
neobowman 30th Aug 11
Ooo~ Sounds like I'm going to need to flip a coin.

...Tomorrow. No time to do this thing today.

That said though... is either route shorter? I'll be getting a very good opportunity to do the end-of-route stuff in around one and a half weeks, so being able to reach the middle-end of a route then would be nice.

Finally, as I look over it, I realize that during my run of "Kaede's" route, only one of the answers I chose was actually different from how I originally planned to do Primula's route. Oops~
Sabbo 30th Aug 11
Actually, new idea. I won't be doing Kaede or Asa yet (intentionally), and will instead be doing an anti-route route, to see where I end up. This means I'll be avoiding all confrontations, if I can help it, and when I can't I will be as reluctant or oblivious as the scene will let me.

Of course, unless this results in either Kaede's or Asa's route, I'll be stopping once I hit the route lock.
Sabbo 31st Aug 11
An Anti-route? I've never tried before, haha. Have fun.
neobowman 31st Aug 11