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This thing's really growing on me. It's like a good book I can't put down, except it's on the computer and I'm doing a liveblog of it and thus have to pace myself.

That said though, the next day is another with just a black screen as the opening, but at least I know some of what's going to happen today, and maybe even all of it: today is the day Rin dreams about Primula's nature as a homunculus, and about her seeming a lot like a doll.


Although, after the previous day (blog-time), shouldn't the dream have been different? Sure she's still a homunculus, but a lot of her doll-like nature disappears when she openly shows emotions. :/

Rin still this time goes and checks up on Primula only to realize that Kaede's gone out with her, but of course there has to be some differences in Rin's response to the dream, right?

Well, there are. Namely in that he blames that he even had the dream in the first place on what he was told the other day by Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers. (Oddly though, he mentions "two older sisters". The gender of the first homunculus was never mentioned until now. :/) While the fathers said that there is essentially no chance that Primula will end up like her predecessors, Rin is still concerned.


Beach time. Embarrassingly excited kings, camera-covered Itsuki... you get the drill.

...Oh? Asa has come up to Rin to ask him something. It seems it's a follow-up to the pool the other day when she suggested Primula get a new swimsuit. Well, now it's... the same. Or rather, it's a new one which fits slightly better. Asa gets angry about it again, while Rin holds the same stance he did last time (That it's good... although perhaps too good).

Later, Rin notices that everyone around is really cheerful. He doesn't really know why, but refuses to consider that he might be getting old. While surveying the energetic people on the beach, it takes him a while to spot Primula... who is building a sandcastle. She seems embarrassed, but Rin assures her that everyone's done it at some point. He offers to join her and help out, to which she accepts.

As the waves keep attacking the castle, Rin becomes more and more eager, surprising Primula significantly. Kaede mentions how when Rin "gets into something there's no stopping him".


I see. Lisianthus & Nerine didn't drag Rin around during this route. Maybe that's only for theirs? No matter.

Today is another repeat day, this time by the CAFFE, where Rin once again meets up with Kareha and semi-reluctantly agrees to hang out with her for the day. I imagine that that day will have much more to it during Asa's route.


New day. Rin is in his room and hears very loud footsteps coming up the stairs. Lisianthus' father?

Oh, no, just an angry Primula. She kicks the door open, to which Rin complains about the potential damage and inadvertently cools Primula down a bit by mentioning that he saw "you(r) green checked pattern". She's momentarily embarrassed - and calls Rin horny in the process - but when Rin asks her why she's there she asks him if he ate her cake. It seems he did. She kind of expected it, but becomes very sad anyway, guilt-tripping Rin into going out that afternoon, probably to get some more.

By the CAFFE, Rin has no idea where to find a good bakery. He didn't bring along Kaede because the whole thing was his fault, but is very happy when he runs into Asa, who he calls "an angel from heaven!!"

She's angry at first, after he grabbed her, but she understands the situation soon enough. She mentions how it'd be bad if "Kaede found out" and that it'd create a problem, but her dismissal of the thought leads me to believe Asa moreso sees the issue as being Rin hanging out with her than Rin buying cake. I think. She directs him to the cafe, which he previously had no idea sold cake.

At home, Kaede is happy and Primula happier. Rin got a piece too, so is mildly surprised when Primula asks if she can have a bit of his.

Another feeding scene? Really? Having the genders reversed doesn't make that much difference.

Oh wait, never mind. Him feeding her didn't trigger anything... although her adamant nature means that he didn't take long for her to reverse everything back the other way. Still no CG scene though, oddly.

Just before the day ends, Primula is looking very happy with her ill-suited ^_^ smile, while just for a moment we get to see Kaede look sad, or perhaps disappointed. Jealousy seems to be a common emotion for her.


In the hallway of his house Rin is just outside Primula's door, and takes a deep breath. I guess he doesn't want a repeat of Primula's first day of school. :P

...And it's not a repeat. He announces that he's about to come in, but this time she yells out for him to stop, which he (to my surprise) does. When he hears a crash though...

He opens the door to Primula standing in her underwear. They both freeze. Then Primula screams and starts throwing furniture at him. He leaves before she can start throwing things more dangerous than stuffed toys.

He does, however, notice that her reaction to the same situation was completely different than last time. He wonders if anything's different. Idiot.


Rin is in his room at just as he's getting ready to go to bed, when Primula knocks on his door. He makes a remark about how it's like when she wanted to sleep with him, but says that that's not it. This time she merely wants to ask Rin on a date. Apparently she got the idea from Asa & Kareha, who said it's the "first step". I can't seem to think of the right word here, but Primula is once again easily able to convince Rin.

...That said though, she obviously has no idea how dates work. She mentions a lot of things which I wouldn't be surprised Asa & Kareha would tell her... were it not Rin she's going out with. I don't think she told them who she liked. :/

Rin is furious with Asa, but is thankfully able to convince Primula not to "suck the marrow from his bones" when she stops him getting too angry. He agrees to her other plans for the date though.


In front of the railway station, half an hour before the date is due to begin. Primula, despite wanting to watch her date constantly check the time while waiting, is herself already there waiting for him. Rin realizes that although he's used to being around beautiful girls and thus being the centre of attention, today the attention he'll be getting will be slightly different. As expected, when he asks her why she was there first, she says she couldn't wait.

First stop for the date: The fountain. She's briefly embarrassed, but the conversation soon turns to how emotionally withdrawn she used to be. Second stop: The CAFFE. The catcher machine doesn't have stuffed toys this time, but it does have key chains, one of which Primula notices is a cat. Of course, even though she tries so much to get it, it eludes her grasp countless times. Rin is well aware of how much money this is losing him. As revealed during the next scene, she did eventually get it.

Third stop is the cafe itself. Lots of people are noticing the pair, including one woman who referred to them as siblings (Hello? Long ears and short ears? Learn to spot the difference). Luckily for them though, Kareha isn't working that day.

On their way home, Primula says that there's one last place she wanted to go: The park where Rin met a devil all that time ago. Here, Rin notices Primula's eyes as being the same as the girl from eight years ago, and thus is able to fairly quickly put together the pieces of what happened back then and why Nerine and the devil from back then were so different. He asks whether Primula "knew everything", to which she replies in the affirmative.

After she explains everything though - pretty much purely confirmation of ideas he had just monologued moments before - she realizes that she now knew more about Rin than she had originally set out to know, and (of course) had fallen in love with him. She says that she'd rather be entirely alone than just away from Rin, and Rin realizes that he feels similarly. As Rin realizes that he can't "say anything to Itsuki anymore" (man I've always hated that phrase), Rin and Primula kiss. Interestingly, unlike Nerine's equivalent scene, Rin is not shown here at all.

...Oh, I should have recognized this music. I think it's been playing ever since they got to the park, but the actual implication of the upcoming scene has only started now. I think I've gone on long enough though with this installment, so putting a break here isn't that bad.



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