Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



And here we are once again. No headphones yet, which is a pity, but not a necessity.


I've been through this day before, it seems, so I won't bore you with all the details. It's at school and Lisianthus is panicking about being called up to read something for English. She eventually gets help from Kaede. After school, Rin is down by the CAFFE looking for the shoes he passed on buying when he got the cats for Primula. After going into the cafe to cool down, he finds out that Kareha is working there, and why she's working there. Nothing of interest there, but...

That night, Rin is doing some homework in his room. Interesting how this has all remained (relatively) untranslated though. I'm not sure whether to prefer this or more pragmatic translations. That aside though, when he finally finishes, he stretches and complains for a bit, and notices that it's past midnight and thus he has no time for music or reading. Or so he says; I'd have no issue. He turns off the light and goes to bed...

...And hears a squeak. Too tired to worry though, he ignores it. When he feels something get into his bed, he ignores it... momentarily. As you may have expected (and I did expect at least something close to this; I like to keep my expectations general), Primula has come into Rin's bed. Well, at least she's clothed. Shocked, he asks her why she's in his bed.


...You're a very unconvincing sleep-talker, Primula.

But yeah. She came because she found it difficult to sleep in her own bed and thought it would be easier with Rin. Even when he tries to convince her not to though, she remains obstinate. Rin eventually gives in, on the condition that it's only for that night. Primula now seems excited, to Rin.

I look forward to the next morning when Kaede wakes them up, and at school when Primula offhandedly mentions it to Rin's friends. Fun times ahoy. (Rin does wonder about the former though, which means that the latter will probably be made into an even bigger deal, if it happens.)


Today starts earlier than most mornings, with the first line being a black screen wherein Kaede is announcing that she's coming into Rin's room. He of course doesn't have the sense of mind to remember that Primula's with him... until after Kaede screams. At first he still has no idea - even after he's sat upright - but Kaede shakily points down beside him. Primula says she didn't get much sleep last night and so wanted to sleep more, which Rin immediately notices is a very risqué statement to make.

Kaede, still emotionally unsteady from the shock, says that it's okay if Rin and Primula are in love, and wishes them luck before bolting back out the door.


No drama at school yet though. And today is thus far another repeat day, with Nerine getting questioned about the "Angel's Bell" moniker.

That night though, Rin is passing by the fountain after doing some shopping. He says it's rare for him to come this way - that it's coincidence. Is it also coincidence then that Primula is waiting for him here?

When he asks her why she's there at this time of night, her face turns worried, or perhaps even angry. Rin senses that she's there for a reason, but doesn't know why. He says that he'll stay with her until she leaves, which within moments prompts her to leave. As they're going home and Rin asks again why she was there, Primula says that she wanted to meet "her". Rin assumes she meant Nerine and tells Primula that she'd be at her house, but gets told that she actually meant Lycoris.

So he was partly right, not that he knows it yet... but how Primula expected to be able to meet someone who is intrinsically a part of someone else, I don't know. Rin hears sadness when Primula says that Lycoris "won't come."


End of semester. Itsuki argues with the teacher about what he's allowed to do, but nothing new. After school, Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers have come to suggest a trip to the beach. Also nothing new here.


Pool opening day.

...Asa's swimsuit keeps looking better and better. Still weird, but better.

So yeah. Everybody's loving summer, Lisianthus gets told why the pool opens now instead of later, and people notice that Nerine's not there yet. While you'd think that this'd be just like a previous route, I see white text anyway. Maybe Nerine was helping Primula, considering that she's a student this time around?

And it turns out that I was right. No immediate CG like there was for Nerine, but Primula is there this time, in her school swimsuit thing. She says it feels weird, but considering that she's never worn anything like it before, this is understandable. She's also very hesitant to get into the pool, which - being an outdoor pool and only open durng summer - is smartly not heated. Primula repeatedly stretches her foot to the water, and then pulls back from the cold... until Nerine pushes her in. Primula doesn't seem too put-off.

Soon after, Asa comes up to Rin and asks him a simple question: Why is Primula wearing a school bathing suit? My guess is either that it was Nerine's father's idea (a less likely possibility; he ships Nerine, after all), or that they didn't have time to get her a proper one. Asa seems... disgusted, perhaps, at the idea of someone her age wearing it, despite it fitting her figure. Turns out it was Itsuki's idea though.

...Of course it would be. The one guy who ships Rin and Primula. -_-;;

That said though, Asa's main complaint turns out to be that Primula looks too good in it. And that it's almost a crime, so should get a new one. Rin somewhat agrees.


In Rin's room, he complains about the rain. It seems he had just gotten into his uniform, and was prepared to go into school on this day off to do an assignment in the library.

Just as Rin was sitting back down though, Kaede comes into the room, and says that she can't find Primula. It also seems that she left her pair of cats behind, yet took Toratama - "tiger ball" - with her. Why would she take that ratty stuffed cat from the start with her but not the pair?

Rin gets an idea as to what happened, but decides to call up Nerine & Lisianthus' fathers first. As I expected, Rin has decided to ask them who Lycoris is. They're surprised for a moment, but quickly hide it, and after a brief bit of the God not wanting to answer, they reveal a truth regarding Primula.

It turns out that Primula's lack of emotion is not merely an ignorance of emotions, but rather an outright inability. The god mentions how only a select few people can suppress "Neri-kko's" power (Nerine, I assume), and thus there is no one who would be able to suppress "power such as that".

The first homunculus was created around 20 years ago, and as we already knew was made by simply strengthening the already-existing power the devil had. The result was clear: The unreasonable levels of power caused mass destruction of both it and the area around it.

Also as we know, the second homunculus was a clone: An already existing strong being was copied and raised, but this time including the ability to suppress its power. But still, it deteriorated over time. (Oddly, they mention nothing during this bit about Nerine or that she was the Lycoris person Rin heard about.)

Third of course was Primula, for whom every aspect of her body was made from scratch, both physical and magical. They also emphasise here about how Primula is a one-of-a-kind. Rin doesn't entirely understand, but they say he's half right in that she wasn't born.

Next they talk about how Toratama was a present from Primula's only sister and family member Lycoris, when the second homunculus had come to the human world, and so that's why she liked cats. Also from Lycoris was Primula's like for the boy her sister had met in the world of humans: Rin. Lisianthus' father then says how surprised he was that Primula had come to the world of humans just to see Rin.

Of course, all this exposition couldn't come without Rin becoming curious about meeting Lycoris, for he doesn't have any memories associated with such a person. Nerine's father vaguely explains why he wouldn't remember, but mentions essentially nothing that would lead Rin to suspect Nerine.

Next, Rin - remembering the other day by the fountain - asks whether Lycoris had ever picked up Primula. The devil is at first surprised by the question, but soon remembers one time when Primula had escaped the research facility and Lycoris had found her. This also happens to be around when Primula started following the other around. This answer makes everything clear to Rin (as far as he knows, anyway), and so he thanks the two and leaves to find the last homunculus.

By the fountain, in the rain. Once Rin has found Primula, he covers her with his umbrella and light-heartedly jokes about how she seems to like being in the rain. He then closes his umbrella and says that the rain's not too bad after all.

When Primula says that she can't find Lycoris, Rin tells her that she's not anywhere. Primula is confused, but Rin continues, saying that he has no intention of replacing Lycoris, nor for Primula to forget about her. Indeed, all he is here for now is to "pick (Primula) up". She's confused at first, but he elaborates by saying that "he will accept her always"; that she doesn't need to be alone.

Once Primula realizes exactly what's going on here, her face changes. At first she looks sad, or perhaps disappointed, then surprised - a real surprise, not just a "Oh, what's this?" surprise - then leans/falls/jumps into Rin while crying (as a CG scene). I'm not sure whether to surprised about how short she is, or how tall.

In her outburst of emotions, she cries out for Rin - for him to relieve her of her loneliness. Rin monologs how it was never that Primula never needed to be shown how to express her emotions, she just needed to be honest with herself. After embracing, they return home together.

That night, while Rin is watching TV, Primula comes out in her sleepwear holding her two cats looking for Rin. And she's blushing.

This quickly sends Rin and Kaede hysterical, but before they can call Nerine's father to help what they believe to be a problem - they suspect her to be sick - she yells out (moderately) for them to stop. She assures them that nothing is wrong, and that she just wanted to ask a single question... Which she does embarrassingly and with quite a bit of hesitation: "Can I think of you as Oni-chan?"

"Oni"? I wouldn't consider Rin a demon or ogre of any kind, you know. (ie. Why use the term "Onee-chan" but not "Onii-chan"?)

It takes Rin a bit to realize what she meant, but it soon dawns on him that she wants "proof" of their connection. Once he realizes he of course agrees happily, which makes Primula smile. Kaede is fascinated by the new Primula, but Rin remains calm (albeit still happy). Then comes a proposition I was expecting would come from Primula rather than Rin.

"Okay, since we became brother and sister, do you want to sleep together?"

...Ulterior motive? I have no idea. Primula is surprised and a bit embarrassed, but thinks about it seriously. Reminds me of that early scene when Rin asked if he could carry Kaede shopping.

And just like that earlier scene, she agrees. Rin really has to watch his mouth. Kaede is shocked, but when Rin says he was joking, Primula demands he not take back what he said.

Kaede, either jealous or protective from what I can tell, bashfully says she, as another member of the "family" wants join in too. Rin dislikes the idea, but a smiling Primula readily agrees.


And thus comes the next day. That's probably a good spot to leave off, I think.



Oh, and I just wanted to note that the artist's Only Six Faces is a big issue with Primula. While it doesn't look so bad for anybody else, Primula does not suit having a ^_^ face.
Sabbo 21st Aug 11
Oh generic visual novel protagonist, why must you be so popular?
neobowman 23rd Aug 11
Seriously. I can't think of a single character who actually dislikes him, and from what I can tell, four of the five heroines in Shuffle started liking Rin for pretty much no reason at all as soon as they knew of him, and the feeling never wavered despite a lack of contact with him for eight years in three cases. Kaede took some time, but otherwise she is the same.
Sabbo 23rd Aug 11

neobowman 23rd Aug 11
Whoops. That blank post was accidental =D.

And about most of the girls, you're right. About Kaede, dead wrong. You'll see in her route. Actually, I think it's mentioned in Asa's route too.
neobowman 23rd Aug 11
Yeah, I figured I'd find out more. I don't actually consider myself certain yet of anything regarding Kaede & Asa's pasts, nor parts of Primula's.
Sabbo 23rd Aug 11