Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Or maybe I won't be lucky. No matter though.


...I went through the first few lines without even realizing that the text was white. To summarize, Mayumi is having a conversation in the classroom with Kaede about first kisses. It started off by her asking Kaede what it tastes like, but soon finds out that Kaede hasn't had her first kiss yet, and blames Rin for being either scared or irresponsible. Mayumi then moves on to asking Nerine, who looks at me before saying that she'd like to be kissed, implying that she never has before. I'm unsurprised, but Rin just wants the conversation to end. He glances at Lisianthus' seat, and is glad she isn't there... until she walks in the room, wondering what's going on.

When she's asked though, she answers that she has kissed before. Cue Mayumi & Itsuki's Delayed Reaction. In fact, everybody in the room seems surprised. Rin, however, is not. He slowly tries to back out of the room before the centre of attention gives her story about what happened 8 years ago.

8 years. How unsurprising. As should be obvious now, Lisianthus' first kiss was with Rin all those years ago, and Rin was unable to leave the room before she says this. He bolts into the corridor. Several of his male classmates go to alert the entire school, while Kaede & Nerine are in shock. This was a... touchier subject than one would usually expect.

Ah, outside the school, and it's blue writing again. This is interesting though - the results of Rin & Itsuki's bet was announced on this day last time, but has gone unmentioned this time. I think this is the first point where the plots have inexplicably differed, and I was really hoping they wouldn't resort to that... But I suppose that may just be the Determinist in me talking.

So yeah. Like last time, Nerine stayed late at school talking to Mayumi, and has now asked Rin if he wants to go somewhere (namely, the cafe). They talk about stuff like girls naturally being partial to sweet foods, and the day ends just like it did last time. Ah well.


Seems the same as last time again. Lisianthus asks Rin if he has the translation for English class (he doesn't), and she mentions how she normally just uses translation magic for everything except Japanese. And her native language, I assume, which it seems is not Japanese. After thinking through who can help her, she rushes over to Kaede.

Not really sure what the point of all that was though; we already knew she's bad at English (and world history). :/

After school by the CAFFE, it's more stuff repeated from last time. In the cafe we get to find out exactly where Kareha is working, and why. She gets Rin to promise not to tell Asa.


More repeated stuff: Rin went to get a drink in the cafeteria, and while heading up to the chemistry lab, we get to see the CG of Mayumi having crash landed on top of Rin in the still terribly-unlikely 69 position. She again tries to shame him, but they're both caught out in the end when Lisianthus shows up and asks what they're doing. Despite the route I'm (fairly sure I'm) on though, nothing's different.


The same again. I'm sure all of my 2+ readers would love to something new, right? Well me too. -_-;;

Nerine is being asked by a couple of students if she can sing, and she turns them down. After school, Nerine has again asked me if she can come with me as we leave. We talk about the summer break, from which she finds out a bit about how things work for their school and its break.

And again, in poor taste, Rin asks her about the nickname "Angel's Bell". She becomes saddened and refuses to sing.


And today was (unseen) the semester closing ceremony (In Japan, isn't it a trimester?), and the teacher has a tiring conversation/argument with Itsuki about what to do during the break. Kaede feels sad about it, but Rin calms her. Itsuki begins taunting Mayumi about her extra lessons. Again, it's all the same.

Afterward, near home, Lisianthus & Nerine's fathers have come out to convince Rin to agree to a trip to the beach. As enthusiastic as ever, they successfully put the pressure on Rin and get him to cave.


Opening day for the pool, and the text is once again a lovely white. After a brief exchange between Itsuki and the teacher, the fun begins... except that as I keep reading - Asa & Kareha talking about summer, Itsuki hitting on every girl he can see, Lisianthus, Kaede & Mayumi having fun in the pool and talking about why it opens when it does, it's seeming all the same, despite the text color.

Oh, I see. Nerine is late again, but this time she's wearing her pinkish two-piece rather than the school swimsuit we saw in a CG last time. Apparently this is a new one for her though, as Lisianthus asks about it and gets told that her old one felt too tight around the chest. Mayumi faints. While Rin is trying to skirt around the issue, Lisianthus just says straight out that it's because of their boobs, causing Nerine to get a bit apologetic. Smooth.


I think that will do for today though, as from tomorrow onward (game-time) the opening for each day contains a faded-out Lisianthus.



Oh, you actually are in Sia's route. Was starting to get worried there.
neobowman 19th Jul 11
Ha. When I aim for Kaede or Asa, I'll be making at least three different choices I can think of off-hand. More for Kaede, I think.
Sabbo 20th Jul 11