Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!


Cooking! (aka. How long do you think before I run out of one-word titles?)

And we're back. Shall we get straight into it then?


In the blue-grey I have changed the read message text color to, we are by the still-amusingly-titled CAFFE where Rin has randomly met up with Asa. There's some chitchat about why they're both single, and I find it amusing how Rin complements Asa's looks, being totally clueless as to how she feels. But then again, does she even feel that way yet? Most of the evidence from my last run through was by Kareha's shipping. :/

After Asa leaves and Rin has done a bunch of window shopping, he spots Primula. Who I almost just now spelled her name as Purimula. But yeah. Like last time, she attaches herself to Rin, even while Itsuki chastises him for it. I do find it odd though that she has a beat-up cat doll on her arm now, which disappears by the time they reach home. Like last time, Nerine's father explains Primula's nature as a homunculus, and Kaede & Rin take her in. (Although this time I specifically chose "Take her in", instead of refusing like I did last time). The devils leave, introductions are made, and time moves on.


Breakfast with Primula, who calls Rin a sleepyhead. She gets left home alone while we go to school. I bet she throws the wildest parties. At school, Itsuki has again accused Rin of pedophilia, and Lisianthus is happy to hear about Primula.

...It does kinda bug me though that thanks to recently doing the Nerine route, my eyes automatically drift to her when she's on screen with somebody else.

That said, next up is Mayumi asking about the new girl on the scene, and then a conversation with Itsuki (which I still don't see any point for) regarding a band who releases a new album for every single. After school, Mayumi asks if I can show Nerine where the garbage goes.

I remember this choice. I'm going to go review my choices last time to see if any others from here on favor one of the two transfer students over the other.

...And it seems that there isn't. Nothing obvious, anyway. I think I'm going to decline this on the odd chance it locks me out of Lisianthus' route.

Actually I've got something to do

Mayumi tries to stop me from refusing, citing that spending time talking with Itsuki proves that I don't have much to do. I reply that it's because of the wasted time with him that I'm busy now. Nerine says it's okay, but Mayumi says Nerine needs somebody to protect her from guys coming close to her. Like Itsuki, who shows up just then to offer his help. Mayumi doesn't like the idea, but Nerine accepts the help... but Itsuki's terrible nature convinces Rin that he should go with Nerine instead. Unlike how the other choice would have happened though, the next scene is not of the school track (I think that's what it was anyway) but instead is immediately back home. I suppose the extra time deciding who would go was enough for the bullies to no longer be there to harass anyone.

Still in white writing, it seems that I've caught Kaede trying to teach Primula how to cook. Kaede seems distressed that she didn't meet me at the door, but I brush it off. Kaede says Primula was interested, and wanted me to be proud of her. Primula seems embarrassed, or perhaps annoyed, at what Kaede revealed.

Fun time! I guess this could be a result of finishing Nerine's route already - I recall a comment early on in this liveblog saying Primula's route is only available after Nerine's - but I get another choice here!

Rin: I see. That's why you're practicing, huh?

Kaede can be trusted with food

Maybe I should mention Asa?

Best to play it safe

So let Kaede teach Primula, get Asa to teach her, or say she shouldn't be taught, huh? Treating all this as a relationship points system (which I remember from The World God Only Knows when Keima was ranking the goddess candidates; I have no idea whether Shuffle uses them or not), I'd guess that the first is Kaede & Primula +1 (maybe Primula +2), the second is Asa & Primula +1 (and maybe Kaede -1), and the third is Kaede & Primula -1. Since I don't want Kaede or Primula's points to get too high, I pick the last option. Let's see where that takes me.

This answer leads to Rin telling them to be careful, and offhandedly telling Primula she seems flimsy (A poor choice of words, I think, were I doing her route). Understandably, Primula responds angrily (well, considering her lack of emotion) by saying "How dare you." Kaede assures me that there's no problem, to which Rin remarks that he can't really judge by appearances; that Kaede "doesn't look so cleaver from the outside". He he.

Kaede of course, is hurt by the comment, which Rin laughs off. Maybe -2 for her then. After telling them both to be careful, Rin muses that it seems like Kaede is being the one being taken care of.


And I think that will do for today. The next day is, I believe, the day where Kaede forgets her Umbrella, so I suppose we'll get to that tomorrow.



AHH, lost track of time and I stopped following lol. So many entries to read!
neobowman 19th Jul 11
You're going off a point system now, I see.
neobowman 19th Jul 11
I'm considering the concept, yes. It's the easiest way to show a risk vs. reward system with more than two factors.
Sabbo 20th Jul 11