Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Ah, now where were we? Ah yes, "the scene I won't have on while anybody else is around."


This installation of this liveblog has been deleted at my own discretion. Don't worry though, it's not like it had anything interesting to read.

Of note for readers though may be that there was a choice at the end for whether Rin should, uhh... make a mess inside or outside, to describe it as cleanly as possible. The consequences of said choice were not known to me by the point I finished this installation.

Note that I did not save anything I wrote here, but am willing to answer any questions about it if anybody has any.



I think we could've skipped this part. Ohwell.
neobowman 5th Jul 11
well this is somewhat odd i take number 2 to prevet some random kid showing up latter
Envyus 5th Jul 11
@neobowman: Hah, yeah, I was kinda thinking that, but also figured I may as well. I'll edit out the majority if I get multiple people preferring I did. (Or a single mod, not that I know any other than Fast Eddie himself and Janitor, who I haven't seen around for ages)

...Note that multiple means two or more, so if you feel like making a sockpuppet or getting someone else to come here, go ahead. I'm not particularly attached to this oh-so-plot-important-hey-I'm-being-sarcastic installment that I would dislike cutting it down significantly.
Sabbo 5th Jul 11