Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Okay, so I might not get time to do three today. I do want to do several in a single day sometime, but I guess for today you'll have to settle for just one. At least I won't be rushing it like yesterday.


Wow, the days are just rushing past, huh? Today, we find ourselves in front of Nerine's house again. It seems that Nerine herself invited me over this time, to which Rin is a little bit surprised. As he reaches for the doorbell though, I hear two loud pops and the "excitement" music comes on. No idea what it's officially called, if anything, but this music usually turns up when the two fathers are showing up to make something suddenly exciting (so they think). This time it's...

Nerine's father. What a curveball. It seems that Nerine has been cooking and actually did reasonably well. Or maybe only comparatively well, but who cares? While her father is over the moon in happiness, Nerine herself is terribly embarrassed by him. Who wouldn't be. He continues, declaring his intent to make it a national holiday the world over, right up until Nerine demands he stops, in the process calling him Maoh-sama (as opposed to the usual Otoh-sama). Good for her. He's a bit shocked though at the lack of familiarity in the address.

Or maybe "a bit" is oversimplifying it, once she emphasizes calling him Ma-o-h-sa-ma. (Note: To those who don't know, on the odd chance that there are any such people reading this, "maoh" is actually "maou", meaning that the h in Nerine's emphasis is pronounced like a u, not a h... however a h would be pronounced.) Really, the man's in tears. Not that he didn't deserve it.

...Later, in her house, she apologizes for calling me over on short notice. Warning that I might be disappointed, Nerine says that her father's announcement was a bit exaggerated. Rin, of course, doesn't care if it's bad; he just wants to try her cooking.

Today's menu: An omelet, slightly burned. Rin uses his chopsticks and takes a bite (chopsticks? For an omelet? Silly Japanese... or is it really even an omelet in the first place?). He likes it well enough, and likes even more Nerine's face when he tells her as such. She declares that she'll keep trying and improving.


Nighttime, Rin is in the neighborhood scene coming home from buying some food to eat for the night - Kaede is staying over at Mayumi's house, you see - but as he reaches his house he sees Nerine out front, looking rather sad. She's still in her uniform, so it seems that she's been wanting to see me ever since school ended. "To see your face" she says. Rin easily picks it out as a lie, but she maintains it and tries to leave. Rin grabs her arm as she goes, knowing that there's more going on than what she claims.

Unique scene! And new music! The scene is pretty much a headshot of Nerine looking sad, while the music... I hear piano, some sort of bass (the bass end of the piano, perhaps?) and a drum, perhaps bongos. It's a tune which seems rather calm, but also has something else to it. Hard to tell what though.

Rin wants to ask her something, but words don't seem to come out. All he can seem to do is remember...

New scene and music again! Sepia-toned, I can see Nerine as a child looking very happy. The music, as you might expect, can best be described as "nostalgic". Picking apart at his memories, he notices the differences between the girl in his past and the girl in front of him, seeming especially focused on how they each introduced themselves. In a vague way, he speaks aloud his concerns, causing Nerine to shake. Fear? Concern? It matters little; I at least hold little trust and reliance on age-old memories, but does Rin feel similarly?

The dialog avoids the issue, with Nerine commenting on the similarities in their names. Rin asks "Who are you?", but I don't think he even expected a direct answer anyway. It seems clear that they love eachother now... and since I can't write this kind of stuff with feeling, I'll just state it outright: They kiss. New scene and everything. Wow is he taller than her. I pictured Nerine as being of a reasonable height, but here it is quite clear that Rin is probably around a whole head taller. Smartly, he decides that what matters is the girl in front of him, not the memory of someone who may or may not be her in the first place.

Later: Rin's bedroom. Nerine is curious as to where everybody else is, and... oh. This scene is one of those scenes, huh?

I realize that I wanted to do a decent-length installment today, but I can't do this when other people are around to look at it. It's just... No. I'll continue this in another installment tomorrow morning.



Good idea.

Something that bugs me in most V Ns is that all the girls are exactly the same height and the protagonist guy is always a head taller than them.
neobowman 5th Jul 11
They're not all the same height here! Primula's shorter.

...But I guess that that doesn't help, considering her age. >_>
Sabbo 5th Jul 11