Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



And despite me saying I was gonna do these more often during my time off, I've been procrastinating. A lot. And backstabbing noobs in Team Fortress 2, which I wouldn't exactly call procrastinating. Very important, you see.



We start off at the pool, with some nameless girls trying to drown another nameless girl. And this is relevant how? I have no clue.

It seems that I'm here today with Kaede & Primula, where the former is teaching the latter how to swim, being very encouraging. Rin lays down by the pool, musing "I guess this is the difference in age....", to which a "Lady" replies by asking (in a confirmatory way) if I am the same age as Kaede. Well, yeah, but wasn't Rin referring to Primula? He opens his eyes to see Kareha, who we see through Rin's view in what I've come to call a unique scene. As You Know. (What are these "unique scenes" properly called anyway? Do they even have a collective name?)

So Yeah. Here we can see Kareha in her green one-piece leaning over me. We exchange some small-talk, revealing that Asa isn't here too, and that she thinks that me, Kaede & Primula together look like parents and their child. At our ages? I'd hope not. She also says that I "shouldn't forget about Asa" and that "she gets lonesome". Sorry lady, but she's not my target this time. I get the feeling her route's locked until after Kaede anyway, considering that Primula is locked until after Nerine, it seems. It's nice to know who Kareha really ships though, considering that my first meeting with her involved her being really interested in my interest in Nerine.

Kaede calls out, saying that Primula can swim now. I notice, and quickly swim out to them. Kareha seems to muse again that this is just like parents and their only daughter. Rin pointedly ignores her.


Oh? The opening image this time wasn't a faded Nerine with a normal background this time. Instead I get to see a completely opaque Nerine in front of the swingset she sings at. Interesting.

First scene of the day: Rin marveling at Nerine's house. After a bit of internal monologing, he rings the doorbell, introducing himself as Tsuchimi... and getting cut off before he can finish, Nerine answers to say he can come in. So we get a house visit today? I'm looking forward to it.

Turns out that Nerine's father had something he wanted to show me. Curious. Inside, I see... pink. The color scheme is very much pink and beige, with the stylings being expectedly generically western. Upper-class western, but western nonetheless. Nerine's father is wearing an apron again, and is glad I didn't decline the invitation. He says he was ready to invite himself over to my house and throw a party, prompting Rin to respond as such:

I don't know what to say, but I am truly glad I didn't decline. I need to give myself credit for a good decision.

Ooh, tactful.

As one devil leaves, another arrives, but between these two moments I can get a good look at the room. There seems to be lots of frills everywhere. On a small table in the corner are some flowers and a few photographs, and on the coffee table are some books or magazines. It's hard to tell. On a windowsill, behind the larger sofa, is a small plant I don't know.

Ignoring all that though, Rin turns to face Nerine... who is wearing a maid uniform? Did her dad suggest this one as well? That aside, this is another unique scene, and an unnecessarily angled one at that. I try to ask her about what she's wearing, but she interrupts a couple of times before I can speak up. She seems... proud?... of the outfit? Either way though, it was indeed her father's idea. I say she looks good in it, and she smiles (which we can't really see), making Rin blush.

By the way all this conversation is going though, it seems that the thing her father wanted me to see was this maid costume. I think. I mean, it'd make sense, and I had suspected that Nerine would be bringing in the thing he wanted me to see, but... :/

After a bit, Rin asks whether anybody else has seen the costume (because, as we know, he gets jealous easily), but is assured that he will be the only one to ever see her in it. Except the others of this household, I assume, but that's a non-issue, really.

Oh, and she's just tried this "ahhhhnn" thing again. I bet Rin not being embarrassed by that will be a pivotal plot point. >_>


At the CAFFE, I coincidentally meet up with Nerine again. She feels bad for not being any good at the housework, and so figures that being the one to get the food is a good compromise. She's kinda surprised when I say that it's the same for me, since Kaede does all the housework too. She then comments how how she thinks Kaede is "impressive", to which Rin agrees. She admits that she's jealous of Kaede, despite Rin saying it isn't really something to be jealous of. I also encourage her, saying that Kaede wasn't always great at housework.

Rin (jokingly? I can't tell) says that Nerine not being able to cook is a lie she needs to apologize for, leading Nerine to reply that she'd love if Rin could eat what she cooks, when she can cook. He heartily agrees.


And that will do for tonight, considering how much I'll be liveblogging tomorrow.



Don't worry, she eventually learns how to cook... Kind of...
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Thank You!

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You're welcome. It's nice to see more than just neobowman reading it. :P
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