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Another week, another installment.


And so we begin outside with Rin saying that he's got nothing to do, and has taken a walk in the hopes that something interesting will happen. (Because that's totally not a terribly cliché thing that only happens in fiction. Really. *rolleyes*) As expected, in short order we have our "something to do": Hang out with Nerine, who has also taken a walk.

Oh, but before that, it turns out that straight after noticing me, she ran toward me, fell over, and gave me a (unique scene) view of her having fallen back. And she's wearing a skirt (and leggings, so no what-color-is-Nerine for you today), giving me full view of everything below the waist.

It takes her a while to realize where I'm looking, but when she does, she (only a little bit embarrassedly) says I can look as much as I want. This is so blatant it's trite. Rin doesn't really want to look, and thus soon enough asks her to close her legs and stand. He helps her up. Both embarrassed, they part ways. Oh well.


Same opening screen as the last two times, but this time for the first real scene there's no image and no music. It seems as though Rin is having a dream about Primula, wherein she is crumbling down to the ground as if broken. He calls out her name with no response. He likens her to "a doll with broken strings".

Awake now, he's glad that Primula is not lying in his arms in the manner as she was apparently positioned in the dream (which was blackness the entire time, although a sombre melody was playing for all but the start of it). A concerned - or perhaps just wanting some self-comfort - Rin checks Primula's room and notices that she's not there. Assuming she's out with Kaede, he feels relief... but also worry, due to for the first time actually realizing that Primula really is a homunculus - a "created existence".

Rin goes outside in order to take his mind off the nightmare, and in the process (figuratively) bumps into Lisianthus' father, who decides to start a conversation... about Primula. I ask him about what happened with the previous homunculi, and he realizes that the Devil didn't tell me.

The explanation is as such: The first homunculus was a "strengthening" - a devil who had her magic power forcibly (although I assume willingly) amped up, but lacked a body which could handle the extra power. The second homunculus was a "reproduction" - a clone - made from the remodelled DNA of an already powerful devil. Unfortunately, this DNA deteriorated rather quickly.

Primula, however, was created completely differently from these two, and gets described as made using the method of "manufacture". Normally impossible, Primula was essentially created from nothing, and by her very nature can be the only one of her kind. Trusting that with me she can be brought out of the Emotionless Girl personality she developed during her sheltering, he pats me on the back (hard) and leaves.

Rin thinks back on the girl's emotionlessness, and decides that he wants to see her smile again - to show the true emotion she has beneath her blank outer appearance.


Another day, another image of Nerine. Of course I can't be certain, but if this isn't a marker to say that a Nerine end isn't the only end available now, I'd be very surprised.

At the CAFFE I can see Nerine's father and Primula taking a walk. He assures me that Kaede is aware of this. We all enter the cafe together, where it seems Nerine's father has a table he always sits at. (I don't expect any problems regarding its availability, but I do wonder why they're bothering to point out that he likes the table by the window. :/)

As somewhat expected, Nerine's father loves this place, and mostly because of the uniforms. After a short time, I ask him about Nerine's lack of will to sing. He's a bit surprised to find out that I've heard her sing though, as even he doesn't hear it often. Primula speaks up, saying that Nerine thinks she stole "that song", but the devil buts in to say that that's all they can tell me. Primula wants to say more, but Nerine's father is stopping her. He asks me to drop the subject for Nerine's sake.


Oh, well this isn't a background tune I've heard for a while. If I'm not mistaken, I haven't heard this since the first day, so... guess what happens now!

...Too obvious? Nerine is once again singing in the park, and Rin with his multitude of questions he wants to ask runs there as fast as he can. I somewhat expected it after seeing a repeat scene a few days ago, but once again we see Nerine swinging, singing with a smile on her face. Very curious.

After the song ends, Rin (I'd say in somewhat poor taste) comes out from where he was hiding and listening to the song in order to clap and say "Bravo!". I'm not expecting a terribly positive reaction.

She's surprised, and doesn't like that I listened while hiding, but admits that she would have stopped had I shown myself. When I confront her about whether she likes to sing, she says that she really does dislike singing, but does it to remember. Oddly, she says the following:

If I sing as I wish... I won't be forgiven....

I know for sure... there'll no more smiles....

Heh. More bad translation.

Nerine runs off, leaving Rin to wonder whose permission she'd need to just sing. It's certainly an odd concept.


At the beach! Here, aside from the multitude of people in the background, I can see Primula wearing that frilly white shirt Kaede gave her way back. She remarks about this being the ocean before the view moves over to the fathers and their distinct lack of decent clothing - the Devil is okay, wearing an open shirt of some sort (over a form of swimwear I don't know what people outside Australia would call it. Speedos. Budgie-smugglers. No idea.), while the God appears to be wearing naught but a loincloth. They together decide that the only thing to do is to yell out "Ocean" as loud as they can. Honestly, it would've taken me longer to figure out what "Ohhhhhceahhhhn!" meant had I not semi-recently read Umi no Misaki and checked what the title of that manga meant. (Because I could hear them yell out "Umi!")

Nerine & Lisianthus are accordingly embarrassed.

Kaede, Itsuki & Mayumi are similarly embarrassed.

Kareha is impressed, Primula seems ambivalent as always, and Asa smartly makes sure that their stuff is nowhere near ours. I'm liking her.

Right. I ask Mayumi why she's not doing her extra lessons, which she explains is due to her having a cold, and needing to keep warm... in the sun. Itsuki then says that he'll get our place ready so that the girls can get changed, to which Mayumi is thankful, but Kaede seems... hesitant. I promise to make sure he won't peek, which Mayumi & Asa thank me for.

Itsuki seems to have planned something regarding sending the girls to the changeroom, but I think the translation is giving me a hard time realizing what it was. He mentions letting everybody on the beach appreciate the girls' beauty, or something like that.

Ah. Turns out he's brought four different types of camera for this occasion. Fun.

Soon enough, the girls are out. The swimsuits are the same as last time, except for Nerine who is wearing a pink & purple two-piece, and Primula... who is wearing a school swimsuit akin to Nerine's. At least she's the right age for it. Itsuki points out the similarity between Primula and Mayumi's sizes, to which the latter declares that they should form a "tiny boobs league".

After I get changed, Lisianthus & Nerine remark on how the oceans on their world are rather different, in that they aren't as salty and don't have waves (which... makes no sense. It would mean that they have no moon, the amount of aquatic life on their worlds is negligible, among many other things). A suggestion to go there as a vacation one day is met with approval. Nerine, while liking the idea, suggests we go into the ocean in front of us rather than think of the ones which aren't. Despite me saying I was just in, she pressures me to go anyway. Lisianthus agrees, saying that if I need to recuperate, they'll just use a spell to do that for me. I ask whether they think that's torture, to which they happily disagree.

...And that's the end of that day. Nerine is in the opening of the next, again, but I'll leave the liveblogging of that for another time.



Little do you know, you are actually on the "King of the Devils" route!
neobowman 7th Jun 11
*shudder* Don't scare me. >_<

I think I'm going to sit over in the corner here and convince myself that Shuffle only has five routes, two of which I can't even reach right now.
Sabbo 8th Jun 11 (edited by: Sabbo)