Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Guess who missed a week and is now going to do an extra-long liveblog today! :D


And thus we begin with Lisianthus in the classroom asking me if I have the translation for... something in third period's English class. I don't since I say it's not my turn, but she's worried because it's her turn. She complains about needing to study foreign languages in the first place (Japanese is not a foreign language to her?), and that she usually uses translation magic instead. Like telepathy, she says. After thinking through who could be helpful in this situation, in the end she asks for Kaede's help.

Lunchtime now. Everybody's on the roof, and Lisianthus asks me where my lunch is. I (and Itsuki) explain that all the guys in our class had an early lunch thanks to a heavy workout in second period, and thank Kaede for the food. Itsuki says that every guy in school is jealous of me for where I get my lunches, which gets nods of agreement from all the guys in earshot. Kaede starts to speak (quietly), but Nerine pops up asking if I want any of her lunch. She assures me that she didn't make it herself; it was likely her father.

Unique scene! In what I would call the first scene wherein Rin's face is fully shown (there's a pair of chopsticks and a bit of food in the way), we can see Nerine hand-feeding him, along with Itsuki looking accordingly jealous (and a bit angry, what with having a red ╬ mark on the side of his head).

Back to a normal scene, Kaede makes a weird noise - translated as "Hey!" - but then goes quiet when she realizes what she's doing. (I feel sad for her, really, but a roll of the dice decided this outcome long ago. :/) Mayumi chuckles.

Back to the not-so-unique scene, Rin is hesitant on eating Nerine's food like this in front of everybody, while she is only hesitant about the phrase, "Aaaaah..."

While I assume Rin ended up eating some of her food, the scene now moves over to the CAFFE after school to go find the shoes I skipped out on buying when I got Primula's present. Unable to find the shoes however, I go into the cafe to get out of the heat. Turns out one of the waitresses here is Kareha, which Rin is very surprised about. She says she's saving money for a present for Asa, which is understandable, but she told her about working here under the pretext of saving up money for a graduation trip. Kareha had offered that Asa work there too, but she didn't want to. She tells me to keep the present a secret, and walks away with Rin thinking that this will be his favorite place to eat from now.


In the school cafeteria, after second period, I mentally thank Kaede "for granting me a decent, humane lifestyle". Oddly, that's pretty much all that was said before a scene in the hallway, wherein I can hear Mayumi calling out from the top of the stairs nearby. She falls, and my view whites out for a few panels until... Unique scene!

Here we can see Rin and Mayumi in the ever-improbable position of an accidental 69 (She wears green & white stripes, for the curious). Me being a fan of a number of ecchi and borderline manga series, I can't help but notice that this scene was drawn without a cameltoe of any sort, which while realistic on one end, kinda makes her ass look really weird.

Oh. Oh this is rich. Again with the prose-like monologing, Rin...

Two soft mountains are exposed in front of my eyes. If I poke them with my finger, it will probably suck me up.

I tell her to get up, but Rin monologues that he "can't stop staring at her exposed breasts", which is odd, as from everything I can tell in this scene, he shouldn't be able to see them at all.

That aside, Mayumi says I should pretend not to look, but I say that this kind of situation isn't normal - a girl doesn't just fall down stairs onto a guy's chest that often. She blushes, saying she was in a hurry to get some food, not even minding if she's late because of it. I tell her that her pride would not be hurt if her stomach rumbles during class, but this only gives her an idea...

She starts undoing my belt, saying that if I could hurt her pride, she could hurt mine. Fun. While still in this rather compromising position, we exchange blackmails at eachother right up until we get a little bit of an interruption in the form of Lisianthus asking what we're doing. Mayumi, being the... person she is answers "Playing Doctor..."


In the classroom around lunchtime, a couple of (female) classmates ask Nerine if she can sing (in a confirmatory way, not a curious way), leading her to be embarrassed and modestly denying her talent. The girls continue to pester her, but she declines and leaves the room.

After school in the hallway, Nerine comes up to me, glad that she caught up before I left, and asks to leave with me, apparently in a rather formal way. I mention this, but still agree.

In the neighborhood scene - I don't think I've seen for more than a moment this since the second day - we have some idle conversation about how summer here works, but this eventually leads to me asking about her nickname "Angel's Bell". Her face says that it may have been a bad idea to ask that. Simply put, she says that she doesn't like to sing, and that her song earlier (on the first day) was a requiem. Rin is not sure whether to believe her.


As the teacher speaks to the class about the summer holidays (I should note that summer is nearly over; autumn starts in early August in Japan. The eighth, I think.), Rin monologues that the semester closing ceremony - amusingly known to at least him as the annual lullaby festival - has ended. There was an argument between the teacher and Itsuki, but the teacher clearly won out.

Kaede comes up to me with a sad expression on her face (which Rin seems oblivious to) while I say how we should just ignore him for now. The "him" is non-specific, but I think he's talking about Itsuki. In the background we can hear the loser talking to Mayumi about how only two people from their class have the extra lessons during summer; "A pair of bright jewels!", he says, likely meant purely as an insult.

At home, Nerine and Lisianthus' fathers are standing out front. They start off by looking and sounding serious, but quickly turn happy and excited, declaring that they want to go to the beach. Interestingly, judging by the background music, I get a strong feeling that Lisianthus is the primary heroine of Shuffle. It, like her father and her house, are very much in a Japanese style, while everything about Nerine is significantly more westernized.


Oh, this is a first. The bit at the start of each day which tells me the date and has a different scene everyday has, for the first time, a person there too. She's a little bit faded, but I can see Nerine standing in front of her house.

The first real scene however, is at the academy's pool, which has just opened for use today. After a brief banter between the teacher and Itsuki again, the first people I see are Kareha - wearing a green one-piece (Hmm... Nah. I bet it's been thought of many times before.) with a ribbon - and Asa - wearing what would amount to a ripped denim bikini on the lower half, and something which seriously does not look like it could go in the water, appearing to be a small rectangular blue cloth over her breasts, tied by string around her back and neck. Does she ever wear anything realistic away from school?

After they say how much they like summer, Itsuki pops up and agrees, stating his reasons plain as day: Girls wear less. He then goes off screen to flirt with several random people... poorly. Mrs. B yells at him again.

Next up is Lisianthus, wearing a much more reasonable yellow two-piece than Asa's blue one earlier, and asks me if I'm going to swim. Nearby are Kaede in her frilly spotted white two-piece, and Mayumi... whose red two-piece makes her look flat as a board. Lisianthus asks why the pool wasn't opened sooner, leading Mayumi to answer as such: The rainy season is during June & July, and the pool has no roof, as well as not wanting to distract people from the tests a week or so back.

Lisianthus says she doesn't fully understand, but is happy again once Kaede reminds her that the pool is free to use for her. Kaede asks where Nerine is, to which Lisianthus replies that she said she'd be late. I consider her lateness odd, but am assured that girls have their reasons.

And wouldn't you know it, here she is now, and her introduction even gets her her own unique scene... wherein she's wearing a school swimsuit, nametag and all. No Nerine, those don't really hide your breasts as well as you might think. Oh, but wait, apparently her father convinced her that this was the proper thing to wear, the "school designated bathing suit". Damn overprotective parents.

Or maybe not. I'd forgotten that not only is her father overprotective, he's also a pervert. And a NerineXRin shipper. Sigh.

She's concerned about my opinion, and while I say that she doesn't look bad, I ask her if she has another swimsuit, to which she replies that she does. I am easily able to convince her to change into something she picked for herself; it turns out she's very much aware of what school swimsuits do to how one's chest looks.

After the pool calms down from that scene, Itsuki comes up to me saying that he had no idea how to respond to what just happened, and is impressed at how I handled it. We look at the pool, which is now "full of guys bending over". Ha.

And that's the end of the day. I'd continue, but I don't like to split saves too far apart. Also, I've got homework to do. As a final note so that I don't forget to say it later, the next day also had the opening thing be Nerine in front of her house. Something to make it obvious that I'm on the way to the Nerine ending?



Dude, Asa's swimsuit is awesome.
neobowman 7th Jun 11
Yeah, but... I still can't help but think about how easily it would come loose. Especially if she was actually in the water.

Really, her fashion sense is of great curiosity for me.
Sabbo 8th Jun 11
I think it's awesome. Like everything else about her.
neobowman 13th Jun 11