Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



In lack of time for doing a proper installment this weekend, I just thought I could do a little intermission thing here.

To put it simply, how do you think I'm going so far? As I mentioned in the first installment, this is both my first visual novel and my first liveblog - and I don't tend to read liveblogs much either - so I don't really know how I'm going. Should I make them shorter? Longer? More detailed? Less? And regarding the visual novel itself, is there anything which can be said without spoiling it for me?


Oh, and a little side-note: I find it amusing that the only liveblog installations so far with comments are those with single-word titles. Besides this one of course, since I've only just posted it now.


yes it is good good good 8th May 11
I think you're doing fine, really.
ShieldOfDoom 8th May 11
It's a great read. I enjoy following you through it. Shuffle is a relatively short VN so you should get through it pretty quickly.
neobowman 10th May 11
I really wish the liveblogs had stayed in their separate subfora based on media. I know at the height of the fad there were too many for that to be reasonable, but this new system's so isolated!
FurikoMaru 15th May 11
Do you mean everything should go in the Liveblog subforum, or everything to go in the subforum of the media it represents (such as this going in Visual Novels)?

But yeah, this place is definitely too isolated for my liking.
Sabbo 16th May 11