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Been a couple of days, but here I am again. A pity that I expect the next few days to be even busier for me than the last few. :/


It's sunny for the first time in a while, and we're outside. Kaede feels that it's perfect weather for shopping, and we can now see that Primula's back. She's still lacking outward emotion, but seems to enjoy the sun, unlike the other two people from the Devil world we know the opinions of.

Oddly, Kaede starts to say something, but Rin interrupts her by saying "I'm not trying to say no... but..." I wonder what that's about. Rin then monologs about how nothing out of the ordinary was found with Primula. But like was mentioned last weekend - on that... memorable rainy day - we are here today to get some things Primula needs.

Oh. Looks like Asa & Kareha are along for the ride today. That must be what that bit earlier was about. I ask why they're here, and Asa starts to cry - fake tears, no doubt - due to my coldness. After, she says that she'll choose a bra (implied for Primula, but considering who this is...) that will make me want to appreciate her. We'll see.

Soon enough, we're at the CAFFE. On screen are Primula & Asa, the latter of whom is asking the other a lot of questions about what she likes. Could we get any people with more opposed personalities than this? Primula says simply, "not really". Expected. She doesn't even know what it means when Asa asks what size she is. The Genki Girl is still confident, however... and perhaps also a bit scheming; she didn't sound disappointed - she sounded like she was planning something.

If I know how these sorts of things go, then Asa will attempt to catch us both off-guard by asking my opinion of the various bras she puts on Primula. Or maybe just one, considering the relatively few different images which can be used to show what any given person looks like.

And look, scene change. A unique one in which Asa is holding a decorative red bra over Primula. Knew it. And while they talk about at least three, I only see one here. And also as expected, now Asa's trying stuff for herself. And asking my opinion about it. I'm not as available as I seem, lady. After getting redirected to Primula however, it is short order before I am asked for my opinion, including the priceless line "This will defiantly knock the men out!"

Well, I suppose "definitely" is rarely considered an easy word to spell.

But man, Asa & Kareha are getting far too into this. I don't care if it was expected, it's just a bit... much. After Asa points out what she's wearing, I let her know that she's being loud... but she pretty much ignores that. Kaede sympathizes and asks if I'm okay.

Oh look. Then I realize that there's not really any point me being there in the first place. I leave, and the screen blacks out. Before the new scene there's a bit more talking - between me and Kaede - and Asa screaming that I'm escaping. I ignore her.

Back at the CAFFE scene, I wonder what to do now (Why did I even come in the first place?), but lo-and-behold, here is a new choice, after several days of none.

"Now that I've escaped from them, what should I do?"

Just go shopping

Take this opportunity to do something with Primula

Hmm. A difficult choice. While The former sounds like it could result in me meeting one of the girls not currently bra-fitting, it could also end up like that time I didn't stick around the school that day when I was given the option. On the other hand, while hanging out with Primula may get me closer to Nerine by proxy (or I meet someone else on the way anyway), that would mean I'd probably need to go back up to where I was earlier to get her.

This sounds like a job for... a twenty cent coin! Heads I "just go shopping".

...Heads it is. Turns out I want to go buy some shoes Rin saw the other day. However, on the way I see something. A small fancy store with stuffed animals on display. It seems this is a day for Primula anyway. Rin finally remembers that Primula had a cat doll with her the day I met her, and that that was all she was interested in on that day one week ago. I wonder what happened to that doll from the beginning?

That aside, Rin goes into the store, displaying far more enthusiasm than I would be comfortable with, considering where he is. Seeing a doll with a black cat and a white cat connected, he picks it up. It seems it's affordable, but certainly not cheap, either. A "four digit number". (So somewhere between $10-100? I know it's an out of date comparison now, but I still base the yen on a point of the cent and yen being equal. :/) I convince myself that buying it is the right thing to do.

New scene. It's been a while, but this looks like the same place as the opening scene with Itsuki and the "handsome man", as he was titled then - Nerine's father.

Kaede apologizes for the wait - they're around an hour later than the hour I said they should take - while Asa & Kareha echo her. Primula merely seems to complain about how long it took. I ask them if they ended up picking the right kind, saying that Asa is the kind of person who'd pick a transparent one or one with holes, and Kaede replies saying that they actually had to stop her from doing that. Figures.

Kaede then asks me if I've done my shopping, and I say I have, handing a bag with the cats inside to Primula. She's at first confused, but the screen flashes (Kinda. Hard to describe.) to a unique scene in which we can see Primula smiling. Well that's certainly heartwarming to see. The others notice the kind gesture and compliment me, but I try to shrug it off. Kaede asks if I was able to get what I wanted, but even without answering her clearly she knew I wasn't.

Back to a normal scene, Asa suggests we get something to eat. Specifically the cake bakery from the other day. Was that the day I met Primula? No matter; the scene flips over to the kitchen at home anyway.

Asa laments the lack of time to be able to get together like this, while Kaede blames her busy schedule. Asa, understanding perfectly, says she (Kaede) can't help but show devotion to a certain someone. Kaede is of course thoroughly embarrassed, and Kareha is of course thoroughly loving this development. It seems, however, that I am in the lounge room, listening in on their conversation. I stop.

After briefly thinking about the food being cooked, I see Primula still smiling, saying "kitty-cats" (specifically, nekoneko), and hugging them tightly. Rin wonders if she has a good memory about cats.

Later - it's night time now - we're in the dining room, and Rin is surprised to see traditional dishes rather than western ones (while I, of course, see nothing). The chefs of the day talk about the great features of traditional foods, which can't usually be bought in restaurants, but since I can neither see nor taste what they're talking about, I don't particularly care.

Kareha then notices that Primula still has the cats with her. Asa suggests they be put aside while eating so that they don't get dirty, but Primula says otherwise. As the conversation moves on, it is revealed that she has already named the cats Shirotama and Kurotama. (I knew immediately that these were "white" and "black", but a translation note had to remind me that "tama" means ball.) Asa comments on these names by saying in Engrish "Simple is best"

After an awkward (for Rin) conversation about his admirers which is mostly skipped over, Asa mentions that the final exams are tomorrow. I'm not worried because Shuffle does not seem like something designed to test knowledge (unlike Persona 3 & 4), but for her to call them the final exams seems wrong. Wouldn't these be their first major exams of the school year? I was always under the impression that the Japanese school year started around March or April. :/ Rin, however, is not as nonchalant as me, and for good reason. Asa is oddly excited though, saying it's a school event... although she does wish that her cooking class had an exam too.

Later, at the door, Asa & Kareha say their farewells. The house turns quiet. We who remain talk about how our day was, and what we think of the two loud-mouths. All-in-all, a boring conversation. After Rin decides that he'll be staying up all night cramming for the upcoming tests, the day ends.



Ends in March and Starts in april as far as I know. It could be the term test before the summer break.

Oh, and Asa is awesome.
neobowman 22nd Apr 11
I thought as much.

And yes, yes she is. Kareha's sparkles bug me though.
Sabbo 22nd Apr 11
No new entry yet? =(
neobowman 27th Apr 11
Sorry; my two weeks of holiday finished last Tuesday, and I had quite a bit of homework to do at the end of the holidays.

I should be able to get one or two of these done every weekend though. :3
Sabbo 28th Apr 11
neobowman 28th Apr 11