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I swear I'll catch up to that missed day eventually. I know I don't have to, but I want to. :|

Now considering that neobowman (my only reader? :<) has let me know that Primula's route is inaccessible during the first playthrough, I think I'll take a closer look at how this choice of letting the homunculus stay may effect Nerine's route by going through the text logs.

Relating to that, I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but I love how I can get to the text logs by moving the scroll wheel up, and leave them by scrolling down beyond the most recent text box. If it weren't for this, I would go into the text logs far less often, I think.

Back to the story though.

Okay, so looking through the logs didn't help.Next step: Flip a coin. Heads she can stay.

Tails. Hope this doesn't wreck anything. Justifying this, Rin says that it's probably better if Primula stays with people she knows. Nerine says not to worry about her, and to let Primula stay where she wants. After I ask Kaede her opinion again, she says it's okay for the girl to stay. Okay then.

While on the surface there doesn't appear to be any significant difference in what the other option seemed to lead to in the short-term, the fact that it was a choice in the first place is quite notable. I mentally note both the moment when Nerine said not to worry about her, and when "Kaede smiles, knowing how I'm truly feeling."

Around sunset Nerine and her father leave, while Rin and Kaede introduce themselves to Primula... who asks Kaede if she is my maid. >_> I say give an emphatic response in the negative, while Kaede says "It's pretty close". Just what kind of impression are you trying to give this kid? I mean, I know Kaede's right, but... :/

That aside, Primula introduces herself, while Rin seems to be able to identify that she is being shy. Huh. And after he pats her on the head, he thinks she's happy. This all despite the general lack of visual emotional change. (There may have been some verbal change, but she didn't actually say anything when she was supposedly happy, so I can't go back and check without loading the most recent save, which I'd rather not do.)


In the morning, Primula is still somewhat unsociable, but Rin doesn't mind this; he knows that she does not dislike her new housemates. He considers that this new environment could be a good experience for her.

That aside, it turns out that she and Kaede woke up at around the same time. Primula calls me (rightly albeit unfoundedly) a sleepyhead. Apparently Rin sleeps for around 12 hours on weekends, until noon. (Heh. "Weekends". Don't the Japanese only have one day break on weekends?) However, since today is a school day, Primula must stay home alone for a while. She sees us off at the door.

At the still ambiguously named (something-or-other) Academy, Itsuki greets me implying more annoying things regarding Primula. Even though I tell him about what Primula is, he's still calling me a pedophile and saying that he doesn't mind. Well... I guess the latter would be true enough; it would leave me out of the running for the three people he is most lusting after. Monologing that I don't want rumors spread about me, the scene moves on to Nerine & Lisianthus greeting me.

Lisianthus - now without a doubt referred to by Rin as Sia - asks about Primula. Kaede says it's like we have a new little sister. Probably a comforting way to phrase it, but I certainly wouldn't consider it that way. (Then again, everybody in the world thinks of family differently. :/)

...Mayumi is kinda blunt. She pops up from nowhere asking whether it's true if I have another potential girlfriend... I glare at Itsuki, and do my best to convince Mayumi that I am not a criminal while Kaede and Lisianthus admit that it would look like it from an outside perspective. At least they know the truth.

Mayumi, in her sentence about finding out who knows Primula, calls (from left to right) Nerine, Kaede and Lisianthus the "Tsuchimi-lovers". The moniker makes the girls seem happily shocked, speechless and excited, respectively. After explaining to Mayumi about Primula's circumstances, the scene moves on.

In the hallway at some unknown time, a short conversation ensues with Itsuki regarding a band who release a new album with every new single, and that he still likes buying their stuff but I don't. That seemed kind of... pointless. I suppose it'll be relevant later though. Chekhov's Gun, and whatnot.

After school, I remind Itsuki to bring the band's CD tomorrow and then return to my seat, where Mayumi asks me to show Nerine where to take that day's garbage (For the "class duty" thing I've often seen in anime & manga yet never in anything else, but am still unsure whether it's just a Japanese thing).

Ah, another choice. Should I help Nerine?

>I guess I'm free

Actually I've got something to do

Considering which path I've decided to take, the answer is clear. After telling Mayumi I can do it, I can see Nerine smiling. While it's the biggest smile I've seen her have yet, it is still quite tiny, around the same size as her nose.

In sight of the sports track, I complain about the fact that a new student - and a girl, for that matter - was made to take the garbage out. Nerine apologizes, but I say it's okay. While directing her to the dumpster though, A few offscreen students - all male - talk about Nerine rudely and try to bully me (about being with her). Nerine, being very pissed off about what they're saying, blows a hole in the side of the gym in anger, saying how disrespectful they are being of me. She warns me to stay back, and blows a crater into the ground... who exactly is expected to clean this up?

As the students try to defend themselves, Nerine merely says that they won't have to be hospitalized for what she is doing and are "obligated to be silent forever", before unleashing her fury on them. I try to get her to stop, but she continues her vengeful assault upon those who disrespected me. Oh boy.

Nerine forms a large ball of obvious destruction while the students - all physically larger than her - cower on the ground. Saying that they will all disappear, the Devil smiles and unleashes her magic, causing me to white out, videogame-style.

Back in the classroom, the teacher - who I suppose I really should introduce; her name is listed in the textbox as Nadeshiko - and Nerine's father can be seen. Mrs. B, as she is often referred, complains about the destruction caused... while Nerine's father merely compliments his daughter at being able to control her power. Well, I suppose it could've been worse.

She says it's good that nobody was around (Hmm...), but the fact that Nerine used lethal power is still a problem. I see her sitting next to her father while looking remorseful, and Rin feels guilty, considering himself the cause. Oddly, Lisianthus' father enters the room. He looks happy.

The Devil - Nerine's father - explains the situation, and the God is unphased... and also seems to want to take revenge for me being disrespected. At least he offers to fix the gym.

Interestingly, when the Kings say they want to throw a party celebrating Nerine being able to control her power, Rin says he can't drink. Didn't he drink on that first night, with the housewarming party? All that aside, we all depart, leaving behind a very shocked teacher.



(For the "class duty" thing I've often seen in anime & manga yet never in anything else, but am still unsure whether it's just a Japanese thing)

IIRC, Japanese schools make the students do all their own cleaning to teach them respect for public/private-but-not-theirs property. I think it's a nice midpoint between the North American model of Drop Your Shit Wherever, The Janitor Will Get It and the Third World model of Walk To School At Five-Thirty To Get The Stove Going So We Aren't Freezing All Day.

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