Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



And back. Before I begin, I would just like to wonder aloud whether the real introductions of Asa & Primula will be sooner or later. Asa will probably be this week I think, but I know nothing of Primula. :/

Today, the day begins at home with Kaede asking if I'm alright, having drunk quite a lot during last night's celebration, or whatever it was. I say I'm not, but when she suggests I stay home, I tell her that the new girls would probably overreact if I didn't turn up. (I bet Kaede just doesn't want me to be hogged by them) After she tells me to take it easy, we leave.

...And we're immediately met by Lisianthus, who was likely waiting for me. Seems that unlike Rin, she has a high alcohol tolerance. As we leave together, her father comes up and starts being overprotective of his daughter. She makes it okay by mentioning that I am here. (I would not be as confident as she seems to be though. Not that I know Rin's strength. :/) Something that I misread at first though; Rin addresses Lisianthus' father as "Shinoh no Oji-san", which I first read as meaning "God-King of father", but now am unsure between "Father the God-King" or "God-King... no; father."

Noticing the fun Lisianthus' father is having, Nerine's father can be heard from his house. He asks if Nerine can come with us. She smiles and her father is so happy that the smile made me blush that he hugs me and says, "Now call me Papa anytime!" "MAI SAN!" (Actually, that was written as 'My son!', but was very much Engrish.) Thanks to this however, Lisianthus' father cuts in and begins what to me seems like a magical staring contest.

Did I mention yet that the Gods and Devils can do magic? Because they can.

After Lisianthus and Nerine tell me that last time these two fought it caused two entire (vacant) cities to disappear, I break up the fight and say I'm not marrying anyone yet. The fathers ask Kaede what she thinks of me, but she seems too embarrassed to answer. I get them to stand down again.

School time!

I've told Itsuki about that morning, but he says I had a "fabulous morning". Riiiight. The conversation then gets sidetracked into how he's smart but skips what he considers to be unimportant tests. Reeeeal smart. As was hopefully obvious, the "fabulous morning" was entirely because I was with Lisianthus, Nerine & Kaede.

No, he's not biased at all... -_-;;

Turns out that all three of these girls have fan clubs, and that Kaede's is the KKK. Not sure them Japanese guys who thought that up were thinking properly at the time... (This even ignoring how this KKK is terribly fanatical.) Less amusingly, the other two clubs are the SSS and RRR. :/

After more jealousy by Itsuki, Mayumi makes a rather forgettable catchphrase summarising my situation. I can't even be bothered going back through the logs to see what it was.

Next, the cafeteria. I apparently want milk from a vending machine (Japan is so weird...), but here's Asa and a blond-haired girl - who Rin knows as Kareha-sempai - instead. At least it's not Itsuki or someone else annoying. First some pointless chat about why they're all there, then some talk about which out of Lisianthus or Nerine I prefer. I say I haven't really thought about it, which is true enough. Asa then makes it clear that she's still a Shipper on Deck for Kaede. She, however, wants to make a story about it, so I get my next option question thing!

"Just at this moment I'm most interested in..."




someone else

And considering who I'm talking to, I get the feeling that this will have quite an impact on the upcoming plot. I'm not really sure who to answer though... "someone else" definitely seems like a bad answer, so I'm not saying that.

  • Lisianthus is an unknown; seems kinda Mary-Sueish in how happy she is, but out of the princesses she definitely looks better.
  • Nerine is calmer and more emotionally grounded, which is good, but her face is a bit... plain. Maybe it's the eyes. :/
  • And Kaede... in manga I read I usually prefer shipping the childhood friend or First Girl Wins, but here it's an unknown as to how the Kings would react were I to choose neither daughter. That aside, I currently view Kaede as similar to Lisianthus except in how Rin knows Kaede better.

Any tips? No spoilers though please. (If you can't give advice without spoiling you can simply state who you prefer.)


Kaede's story is a lot more interesting to me than the others. They're all fine choices if you're going to go through them anyway. My favourite heroine out of the three is probably Kaede.

Oh, and Nerine's boobs are huge.
neobowman 13th Apr 11