Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!


School! (aka. Could they get any more ambiguous than "Academy"?)

And we're back. Interestingly, the OP played this time when I opened the file (Which I amusingly find to be 666KB in size).

After loading up my file, I find myself - Rin - being woken up by a girl about to yank off the blanket. (Do we have a trope for a guy being woken up by a (or several) girl(s) his own age leaning over him/in bed with him? I feel as though I've seen it often in manga.) After she bribes Rin out of bed with mushroom miso soup (Ugh.), I find out that this is Kaede, a childhood friend. From what I can tell, she is in love with Rin... hello love interest No.3?

Haha, turns out Kaede's dad is a Shipper on Deck, and has left the two alone for a few months. I think I'll wait a bit before agreeing with him or not though.

Moving on though, it seems that several nearby houses got very quickly replaced some time ago. I also get some self-exposition about the event ten years prior which let the Devils & Gods into the world of Humans. (Nitpick: these should all be lowercase)

And the screen flickers.

Turns out Rin & Kaede have a friend who loves to hit him. Asa, as she is introduced, seems to be a Shipper on Deck on the surface, but is probably actually rather jealous of the childhood friends. (Yay for manga teaching me these tropes) Kaede then points out the obvious in that Asa is a Genki Girl - who else would whack a guy on the back for no apparent reason? At least she apologized though.

In class, Itsuki is back, and hits on Kaede... poorly. Is his status as a Casanova an Informed Ability or something? Noticing this, a girl with an Ahoge and Boat Lights - red and blue - comes up and is introduced as Mayumi. (Seems she's half-devil, but... how is that even possible? Devils only first came into the human world 10 years ago. :/) It also seems she's a Pettanko, and proud of it. I guess that this where that line from Lucky Star came from. (Yet another love interest here? I know that there is an expansion to Shuffle which adds more though, so beyond the first three - which seem really obvious - I'm not really sure who fits.)

Unrelatedly, it turns out that there will be a couple of transfer students in the class. $50 says it's the two I met yesterday. Kaede unwittingly makes this even more obvious by saying they might both have a crush on someone in this class, and convinced the school to put them in with him * . Then they talk about how stuff like that only happens in comics and games. There's a trope for that, right? Beyond mere lampshading, I mean. It seems very overused.

And then class starts. Fun.

The teacher - same as yesterday - points out why Mayumi can be part Devil despite her age, and a bunch of other stuff which is common knowledge to everybody around (except me). I do wonder why she instructs the class to remember it though; shouldn't everyone already know? Especially considering that the school they go to is all about the connection of the three species. :/

After class, the teacher directs me out of the room to talk, and asks me whether I met a girl of a different "strain" when I was young. I claim no such memory, and she says something about a love affair. She seems to be another Shipper on Deck, although is not specific - or implicit - regarding with whom.

After school, Kaede says she needs to buy rice. I, being a far better womanizer than Itsuki will ever be, offer to carry her as she carries the rice. Smooth. After some thought, she eventually concedes... into letting me carry her.

Real smooth, Rin-kun.

Back at home, Kaede tells Rin about some math homwork he would get into a lot of trouble for not doing, and gives him a notebook, which likely has all the answers. (I do wonder about the handwriting differences though...) After Rin monologues about not letting Itsuki anywhere near Kaede as she is now - post-bath, after midnight, and happily in the embrace of Rin - the day ends.