Blinder than blind, here's Shuffle!



Time to get this ball rolling.

After pressing "Start", it tells me the date of the first day - the 13th of June - and starts up the story... wait, that guy on the left has rather elfish ears. What have I gotten myself into? While reading through their riveting conversation about their rating system for girls I can't even see, I figure out that the guy on the right is Itsuki - if he's got a name then he has to have some relevance to the plot, right, even if just a little?

Okay then. Internal monologing seems to be telling me that this Itsuki guy is a friend, albeit not a very good friend. I guess I'll just have to trust myself on this for now. (On a related point, it turns out that the protagonist's name - and thus my name - is Rin. Not the character I am used to knowing as Rin, that's for sure.)

So after a while - a couple of pages' worth of text I suppose - I am told than the man on the left, who has so far only been referred to as "Man", is a devil. This is not seen as out of the ordinary, it seems. After employing (and failing) to use his Informed Attractiveness on a passerby, Itsuki gets taken away by her. Turns out she's a teacher and he skipped classes. Lucky him.

Good news though: After Itsuki's gone, the background music turns kinda mellow... but not for long. I leave and the next place has a really active music starts up. But what is this I see in the background? A "caffe"? Silly Japanese and their Engrish.

After more monologing, this time about someone called Kaede, I meet a girl - a devil, it seems - in the meat section of a supermarket. Oh, my mistake, more monologing tells me that she is a God, due to the ears only being a little bit long and a bright atmosphere she apparently has. My first thought is that she's meant to be the target of First Girl Wins.

After an awkward silence, she addresses me by name. How did she know my name? After a brief conversation we part ways. On the way home though I (or rather, Rin) get entranced by some music heard from a nearby park. A girl is singing, and she has longer ears that the redhead earlier, so she's probably a devil. *

Oh and here's something, this girl knows my name too, calling me Rin-sama. How did a random stranger deserve so much respect on the first meeting?

Oh look, my internal monologing finally realizes after the girl leaves that all these people met today knew my name. Took long enough.

And finally, an introduction sequence. Lots of arrows flying around the place, and around five girls - including the two met so far - get shown and named. Kinda like an anime's OP, I suppose.


That said, it's now the 14th and this liveblog instalment has gotten long enough. おわり


That opening scene is hilarious imo. Even better in hindsight.
neobowman 10th Apr 11
Regarding the devil, Itsuki, or one of the girls?
Sabbo 10th Apr 11
Heh, not the guy I'm used to knowing as Itsuki. But then, in my meager collection of anime and manga, I already know two Chikas and two Matsuris.
Nyperold 11th Apr 11
For me, "Itsuki" has gotten to the point where it's just another name. Like Sakura, but less so.
Sabbo 11th Apr 11
Both. Just the concept of the king of a world talking to an average teenager he met on the street about rating girls.
neobowman 13th Apr 11