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Chapter 22 - The End of B3F
Okay, back on the third floor. I had initially planned to press forward, but then I realized that Axel's been using the same weapon since the first floor, so it's time to upgrade.

Commence grinding mode!

...That was fast.

Alright, it's another new enemy: The Scylla Crab. They're crabs, so they have shells and claws that they use to attack. I'll be wanting those shells and claws.

The thing goes down in two turns, dropping its superhard shell, a claw with dried, caked blood on it, and 1960 exp.

>You've discovered a new monster: Scylla Crab!

>Discovered a new item: Steel Shell!

>Discovered a new item: Bloody Blade!

Instead of wasting a mini-update just for two items, I'll just put it here.

Total: 65 en

New items:

Ax' gets the 'sax and Report (being the only one who can use heavy armor here) gets the Spiked Leather as well as Axel's Kopis (My Princes and Princesses tend to focus on buffing rather than attacking physically, so as far as weapons they get the party's hand-me-downs).


Back on the third floor, now I continue forward.


Through the warp point and north to a door.

>You are about to open the door before you when a figure suddenly appears to bar your way.

>The one who surprised you is a boy clad in ninja garb, an eager smile on his face.


Ninja Boy: Yesss! I finally found someone! Hey, you guys must be explorers if you're down here, right?

>You're a bit taken aback and not quite sure how to answer the boy's carefree, earnest question.

Everyone except Ere.

Ere: Hells yeah, we are! Whazzit to you?

The boy snaps his fingers excitedly at this

Ninja Boy: Honestly, guys, I'm kinda in some trouble. You know the things on this floor that chase you?

Report: The wind?

Gabe: Our footsteps?

Ninja Boy: No, the monsters.

Report: Forest Frogs?

Gabe: Spotted Frogs?

Report: Great Lynxes?

Ranko: Largebills?

Gabe: Scylla Crabs?

Axel: Scylla Crabs just kinda sit there.

Report: Great Platypi?

Ninja Boy: No, no, the one that looks like a sphere.

Report & Gabe: Claw Shrimp?

Ninja Boy: No, the red ball-things that kinda hover above the ground.

Gabe: ...Still sounds like Claw Shrimp.

Ninja Boy: When you get close, it looks like a giant hippo.

Report: Oh, those.

Ninja Boy: I dodged 'em so far, but the one in the room up ahead just doesn't let up. I can't get past it. So I gotta ask you... Can you find a way to avoid the monster and teach me how it's done?

>You are still not quite sure what to make of the boy or whether to honor his request.

Except for Ere.

Ere: Replace "Avoid" with "utterly pwn" and you've got yourself a deal.

A wide smile spreads over the boy's face

Ninja Boy: Thanks! That'll be a big help!

Having a sixth character helping out in battle would do wonders for-

Ninja Boy: I'll be close behind you, so just lead the way!

Of course.

>The boy takes up position behind you, ready to follow as you effing destroy the monster in the next room.

Entering through the door, we can clearly see the FOE. I'm assuming the way to dodge it would be to head around the right, but dodging doesn't give us EXP or phat lewt.

Ere: It's class FU 042: Kicking Hippo Ass! Butts down and pencils out, 'cause class is in session!


Ere: And that's how to pwn giant homicidal hippos in less than ten turns.


>You bask in your victory over the master of the shore when the boy who was hiding reappears.

Ninja Boy: Man, you guys are strong! I didn't think anyone could beat that thing.

Where the hell were you?

Ninja Boy: Who are you guys...? Oh, wait, I haven't even introduced myself yet, huh?

Agata: My name's Agata.

Not Naruto...?

Agata: I'm the ninja leader of the Murotsumi guild. Nice to meet ya!

>You recall hearing the boy's name some time ago in a previous conversation...The girl calling herself Hypatia said she was searching for a boy by this name.

>It might be best to tell this boy that Hypatia was looking for him.


Gabe: Wait, you're Agata? Your girlfriend was looking for you.

Agata: Girlfriend?

Gabe: Hypatia.

Agata: Hypatia was looking for me? Seriously...? Man, she's hopeless...Wait, "Girlfriend"?

[Insert obligatory denying of the obvious]

Agata: Okay, I'll head back to the city in a bit. If you get there first, can you tell her I'm coming? [Turns to leave] See ya.

>You can go the same way or return to the city and give Hypatia the news about Agata.

We're gonna go on a little more, since we'll be forced to return anyway.

That FOE is gone, so north through the door. East along the path and take the first south and then the second east turn.

Now we run into a somewhat weird Warp Point that activates from the "Near" side. It leads to a pair of chests in a small room. Said room can only be reached via this warp point, so you don't have to make some asinine loop to activate it.

Warp Point 3C-05: 3B-25; face south and check wall

Speaking of asinine loops to activate Warp Points...

Warp Point 4C-07: 4C-06; face east and examine wall (activated)

Back to the chests, one of them is silver and can't be opened yet. The other one contains a Medica II.

The stairs down are a short distance away, so I'll stop right here (not heading back to town yet, though).

Next Time: A quick glimpse of B4F and another Mini-Update!







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