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Supplemental 3 - Status Effects
Good morning, class. Professor Tsidalb here, ready to teach you more of the mechanics of the Etrian Odyssey gameworld!

Today's topic: Status Effects.

Status effects in the Etrian Odyssey series technically fall into two categories, but I'm going to separate them into three:

Physical Effects

Physical Effects are the status effects that appear as a symbol in the small square in a character's namebox in-battle. They are:

Death and Petrifaction are what I call "Battle-Stopping Ailments", in that if each member of the party is afflicted by either of these ailments, it's "Game Over; Would you like to save your map data? [Yes/No]".

Mental Effects

Mental effects are effects that directly affect character parameters rather than the characters themselves. These include:

All Mental Effects follow these three rules:

1. All Mental Effects last for a duration (the base is 3 turns), but can be removed by applying an opposing effect. The duration can be lengthened by reapplying the effect while it is still active, but only if the same skill is used. For example, on Turn 1 Axel uses White Flame to gain ailment protection, and on turn 2 Report uses Prevent Order on the front row (which Axel is in) to grant Ailment Protection; rather than 5 turns of ailment protection, Axel now has 2 turns of White Flame ailment protection and 3 turns of Prevent Order ailment protection; if on the next turn Axel were to use White Flame again, only White Flame's duration would be extended, and Prevent Order would still only be at 2 turns remaining.

2. Each character can only have a maximum of six Mental Effects applied at once (three positive, three negative). If a "fourth" effect is applied, the "oldest" effect (the one that was applied first) is removed.

3. Mental Effects that affect the same thing but come from different skills stack with each other to increase the effects; examples include Attack Order and Charge Tactic, White Flame and Prevent Order, and Wolf Howl, Eagle Eye, and Primal Drums.

Currently applied Mental Effects and their durations can be view via the in-battle status (press Y while over the intended character during the Command Phase). Positive Effects are Red, while Negative Effects are blue.


Binds are unique to the Etrian Odyssey series, functioning as a sort of "Silence" effect. There are three types of binds:

In addition to the sealing of most skills, binds each have an additional effect that the game doesn't directly tell you:

Physical Effects can be removed with Thericia B's or the Monk's Refresh, and Binds can be removed with Thericia A's or the Monk's Unbind. Mental Effects wear off on their own or when replaced, though you can buy an item later on in the game that does this for you.

The best part:

All Status Effects Wear Off After Battle

You heard me; everything but death and petrifaction wear off when the battle ends, so no poison sap-damage or nothin' (though you will have to fix death and petrifaction on your own).

In fact, I think the sole reason that petrifaction remains after battle is so the developers can have a quest that involves bringing a petrified member to the clinic so the doctors can test a new medicine (there's one in every game).

I think this about covers Status Effects.

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