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Chapter 14 - Exploring B2F

Hey all, and welcome back. Last time, we fought our first FOE in a battle that wound up one of attrition since I had underestimated its DEF.

I've activated the warp point at 4D to provide a shortcut, so while I'm at it, let's check and mark some more so we can be sure to activate them later.

Warp Point 3D-12; 3D-13, face west and check wall (marked)

Warp Point 3C-15; 4C-11, face west and check wall (marked)

Warp Point 4B-12; 4B-17, face north and check wall (marked)

While I'm at it, right next to the point where I checked 3D is a new item point.

Ere: Look, an Item Point.

Report: But there's nothing to Chop.

Axel stoops and examines some plants

Axel: There are some odd flowers growing here, and some of these bushes have fruits on them.

Ranko: Those are Anra Fruits; when mashed up and liquified, they make a powerful medicine.

Anra Fruits are the key ingredients in Thericia B's. So key, in fact, that selling them to the shop opens the item for purchase.

Ranko: You can also make medicines with those flowers, and I heard you can find Hibiscus around here.

Gabe: Let's Take some, then.

See what I did there?



As Gabe alludes to, this type of item point is a Take point, meaning it requires the Common Skill Take in order to utilize. It's also why I saved three SP per person earlier.

Dumping those points into everyone's Take, I go ahead and harvest 15 times.

  • 3 Small Flower
  • 6 Anra Fruits
  • 6 Hibiscus (Rare Loot)

>Discovered a new item: Anra Fruit!

>Discovered a new item: Small Flower!

>Discovered a new item: Hibiscus!

Oh, god, yes. 6 Rare Loots from an Item Point. In addition, these 6 Rare Loots From An Item Point will give me one of the most broken items in the game.


Another FOE patrols the hallway in 5C and 5B, but I try to slip past it.

At 6C-1 we get a scene.

>As you go forth, matching wits against dangerous monsters, you see a cloaked figure.

>Noticing you, the figure comes near. You can see it is female, and what's more, she is smiling.

Smiling Cloaked Female: Hello. It is nice to meet you. You must be explorers from Armoroad.

Gabe stares at the girl

>An incongruously cheerful voice comes from the girl.

Report: Yeah, but...why are you so-

>The girl ignores your bewilderment and continues.

Smiling Cloaked Female: You needn't be frightened. My-

Ere: No, seriously, why are you so cheerful? Also, I'm going to ask this upfront: who are y-

Axel: Maybe you should just let the lady talk.

Ere scowls


Axel: Continue.

Smiling Cloaked Female: Ah, yes.

Olympia: My name is Olympia. I am active in helping explorers like you.

And Awe.

Report: Finally! Someone here decent enough to actually introduce themselves!

Ranko: What's with you?

Report: I want my boat (;_;).

Ere: Would you shut up about the boat?

Report: No!

Gabe stares

Axel: Oi...

Olympia: Uh...

Ranko: Sorry about that. They get like this sometimes.

Olympia: No matter. It certainly is refreshing to see such a lively guild.

>The girl smiles again and hands you one of the backpacks she is holding.

Olympia: This is a camping tent. It is practically a necessity here.

Report: Oh, thanks, we-

Olympia: It's also made of the remains of Forest Frogs and Great Lynxes.

Report: Uh...

Olympia: You may have it if you like.

What Report Says:

Report: No thanks.

What Olympia hears:

Report: Why yes, Olympia, I would very much like this tent. I thank you very much for offering it to us.

>Obtained Tent

>The girl called Olympia points to the right fork of the road ahead before continuing.

Olympia: That way lies a campground. It is a safe place to use your tent.

The way she says this implies there are unsafe places to use your tents, and that using them in those places gives you a 50% chance of being attacked by an enemy group with a guaranteed ambush rate and random party members starting out asleep. No such luck.

>Olympia looks again at the tent in your hands.

Olympia: I want that tent back...

Olympia: Many explorers use tents to rest during their travels. You should make use of that spot as well.

>Though she has said little, the girl turns to leave as if there is no more for her to say.

Olympia: I will rest at the campground myself for a while. If you would like to talk more, come see me.

>The choice is yours: investigate the campground Olympia spoke of or continue on your way.

>[Investigate the Campground]

>[Continue on your way]



>[Investigate the Campground]

>[Continue on your way]

>>[Go back and kill that FOE you skipped]

There's no simple warp point to here past it, so I'm just gonna kill it so it won't bother me for a few days.

But first...

Ranko: Here.

Report: Your Dagger?

Ranko: Yeah, I don't need it anymore.

Ere: Why not?

Ranko: I just realized I can deal more damage hand-to-hand.

Monks deal the most damage without an equipped weapon. Also, it's a necessity for their Fist skills.

Report: Granted, it would get in the way of punching and kicking, but...why now?

Ranko: I just realized that it's much more fun to just beat the crap out of stuff.

+5 Axel approves

Axel: Best thing I've heard all day.

Without her dagger, Ranko's ATK increases by a whopping 30 points, and it's only gonna get stronger (a Monk's unarmed ATK increases with their level as well as STR)

More importantly, Kikouken and Breakfire Fist are no longer blocked.

It's Greedy Lizard Time.

On turn 2:

Gabe: Whoa, it got dark!

Ere: How is this going to affect the battle?

Not by much. The only one who would be affected by the night right now is Ere, and she'd only get stronger. As it is, I don't have that skill for her yet.

On turn 3 Gabe binds its head again, and this time Axel's properly Charge'd.

Bind Cut missed.

Axel: Anger...

I also had Ere set up Sharpshooter to take advantage of Head Bind.

Luckily the Bind was still there next turn, but Axel no longer had his charge. He still hit for 63.

Gabe got poisoned and went down in turn 8...

Load Savestate 1

Gabe Deathcount: 1

This time, I have Ere use the Ambush skill to change the pattern.


Load Savestate 1

Report Deathcount: 1


Ugh, finally. I don't remember these being anywhere near as tough last playthrough...

Oh, wait

  • EXP x32
  • SP x8
  • Avg Lvl of party: 22.3

That's, whatever. That thing went down, so let's head to that campground.

Ooh! But first...

Treasure Chest 5C-11: Stun Blade

*Whoo Face*


Okay, I'm at the campground, so I'll stop here.

Next time: night!