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Supplemental 02 - Item Types
I've mentioned before that equipments are designated into categories, which are further broken down into smaller categories. Here, though, I will go into detail as far as the specifics of each, as well as non-equipment items as well.

If you're wondering why I sometimes say Slash, Pierce, or Crush instead of Cut, Thrust, or Blow, it's because the first EO used these terms (as did the second), and they seem to fit so much better than the new terms.

Plus, "Thrust" turns many of the skill descriptions into innuendo, and I already have too much "Thrust"-related innuendo planned.


Unarmed attacks also count as Crushing damage, but there aren't "unarmed" weapons.


The Chainmail Bikini in particular is notable for having good defense (despite being Clothing-type), and enchanted for resistance against all three elements (which is unique to it)

The difference between Light and Heavy Shields usually amounts to just a few points in DEF and an enchant buff. Later on, shields start coming in "pairs" of light and heavy, statistically similar and obtained around the same time.

I actually prefer Hand Armor to Shields on my Gladiators (Same with Landsknechts in past games)

In the first Etrian Odyssey, all footwear increased two things: Defense, and Agility. The absolute necessity of AGI in any RPG meant that many an EO-player had each party member outfitted with a weapon, body armor, footwear, and Fourth Slot.

Excuse me, for now I must rant for a little bit. In the first EO, Handwear, Footwear, and Headgear carried "weight connotations" like Body Armor and Shields do. Handwear was "Gloves" (Light) and "Gauntlets" (Heavy), footwear was "Shoes" (Light) and "Boots" (Heavy), and headgear was "Hats" (Light) and "Helmets" (Heavy). Gloves increased TEC mainly, Gauntlets STR and sometimes TEC, Shoes and Boots both AGI (Boots tended to have a bigger boost though, and Shoes sometime increased other stats as well), Hats increased TP, and Helmets usually weren't enhanced on account of actually being defensively-worthy. Now, not all of the classes could use all of these items; weaker classes like Alchemists and Medics were restricted to the lighter stuff, while heavier classes like Landsknechts, Ronins, and Protectors were better off with the heavy stuff. I didn't get very far in EO2 (so I don't know if it was changed there), but it kind of irks me that this separation was also removed.

Okay, done with that.


Accessories are not limited by class (because that would be seen as a stupid choice by players), and each comes at two levels of enchancement (3 slots and 5 slots)


This reminds me of something from Etrian Odyssey 2; on the second floor, at one point you are stopped because you hear a sound, which you can choose whether or not to investigate. Investigating the sound reveals the culprit to be an adorable squirrel...who then jacks your Warp Wires. You won't get them back from it. F*cking squirrel; I was just being nice and friendly, and it jacks my Warp Wires like an ass. I mean, since it lives in a Labyrinth (where it's die or be killed), it's no small wonder it'd be malevolent but, damn, that squirrel was evil. It's things like this that make 09 scenes like this totally justified.

Key Items (or rather, items that go into the "Key" pocket in your item bag)

As I want to attempt to avoid spoiling things as much as I can during this LB, I will explain each of these "Other" Key Items as I acquire them.

I think that about covers the item types. Next time: What defines EO.
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