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Chapter 12 - The Second Floor

Hey all, and welcome back. The deadline for naming the ship is when I start the second mission (which will be when I reach B4F).

After eight chapters, we're finally ready to move on to the second level of the Labyrinth. I'd have preferred to have started the 3rd floor by now, but that guard was a jerkbag and wouldn't let me finish.

Anyway, I've done all I can on the first floor for the moment (that's right, eight chapters and there's still more stuff to do. We've only explored about half of the map, and the other half won't come for a while.)

>>Forest Entrance > Enter The Labyrinth > Waterfall Wood > Yes

Back in B1F, I head to the weird impassable opening 5C and press A...

[ B2F - Marshlands of misfortune ]

Report: Wait...what?

Ere: Oh, what now?

Report: That pop-up just said "B2F".

Gabe: "Basement: Second Floor".

Report: Exactly. If we're below the first floor, how is the sunlight reaching us?

Ere: What makes you think we're below the first floor?

Gabe: We just came down the stairs.

Ere: [turns around] What.

Gabe: We went down-stairs from the first floor, so we're "lower".


And while everyone stood around talking...


(Okay so I walked back and forth a little to get the encounter. Creative liberty, remember?)

Ere: Hello, outlets for aggression.

Gabe: Wait, the one on the left is new.

Report: Looks like a cross between an Axe Beak and a spoonbilled duck. Also, it's green.

Ranko: I bet it tastes delicious.


Ranko: What?

Gabe: We didn't say anything.

Axel: Let's worry about differences of opinion after we kick that thing's ass.

Ranko: Fine...

So, in this battle there's a new enemy, that looks like a giant radioactive chicken. They're called Largebills, and if I remember correctly they're not as troublesome as the Great Lynxes.

Okay, scratch that. They hit a little harder, and they're faster than most of my party. They also have a skill called Chomp, which hits one person for increased damage.

Chomp hit Axel for 50 damage (Who had 28 DEF, plus the effects from Report's lvl 1 Guard Order). For a comparison, the Deadly Durian it brought as backup hit Ranko (who has 24 DEF) for only 4.

I also netted 2184 exp from it (it came with only a Durian as backup, but still...)

>You've discovered a new monster!

>Discovered a new item: Green Feather! (Regular drop from Largebills)

Axel: Ow, damn...

Gabe: You okay?

Axel: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Ranko: Here, I'll patch you up.

Ere: If everything here is strong like that we won't last.

Report: Well then the solution should be obvious.

Get stronger

Axel: Music to my ears.

Ere: Really, any excuse to fight.

Gabe: He's right, though.

Ranko: Let's get training, then!

So, yeah, the monsters here are a sizeable step up from the previous floor (compare the Durian who hit Ranko for 4 to the Largebill that Chomp'd Axel for 50). I'm not proceeding any further until I'm at a decent enough level, so as not to trip any scenes or messages and not be able to include them. I'll wrap up this update here to do some grinding, and start the next one when I'm finished.

Next time: Chapter 13.