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Chapter 11 - Harvest Points
Last time, we did some quests and sold monster parts to a business woman so she could instantly turn them into items and equipment.

Now, I've said before that selling loot is your main source of income, but monsters aren't the only way to get it. There are other places to get loot for the shops, and are much better for making money. We're going to make full use of these places, and to start, we'll head to that room from before with the glowing spot on the ground.


Okay, glowing points like these denote Harvest Points. Harvest Points come in three flavors: Chop, Mine, and Take; this one in particular is a Chop point, meaning I need the Chop skill in order to make use of it.

I've got some skill points from my last few level-ups, so I can go ahead and make use of this harvest point now.

Harvest Skills are Common Skills, so all classes can learn them; I put 3 points into everyone's Chop skills. Harvest skills grant one use per skill level per person, so with a level-3 Chop for 5 people, giving me a total of 15 uses.

>Discovered a new item: Supple Branch

>Discovered a new item: Palm Trunk

>You feel that you're on the verge of finding quality materials, but you detect danger nearby...

Realism means that the monsters won't just stand by and let you do stuff without making attempts on your life, and gathering materials is no exception. At this message, you're asked if you wanna keep gathering; if you choose Yes when prompted, there's a chance that you be thrust into a battle. If that happens, you'll get a battle, and this message:

>You inhale sharply at what you find...!

In this case, I get into a scuffle with 3 Deadly Durians. I guess I disturbed their sleep or something. Regardless, they're no stronger than normal, so they pose no threat.

>Discovered a new item: Soft Bark

After I run out of Chop uses, I have acquired:

I also net 3 Green Thorns and a Mountain Claw from monsters that attacked. I'm done here, so I pop a Thread and return to town.

Naturally, the first thing I do is swing by the Firm to unload my loot:

That's 925 en total for 15 items (the Palm Trunks are supposed to be rarer, but I just got lucky); compare 168 for a full pack's worth of loot from the monsters on the same floor.

Harvest points are superior in every way to monster-killing as far as money-farming is concerned. The only drawback is that the uses are limited, but Farmers have a skill that can-

OMG, I just realized this!

Farmers = Abusing harvest points for quick money

Then again...

Farmers = Suck at combat

Meh, it's a moot point.

Anyway, Farmers have a skill that recharges a few harvest uses; otherwise, all of the uses fully recharge every day at midnight (i.e., when the in-game clock reads "00 am").

I pop back into the forest real quick to map the path to the stairs down and open up a shortcut to it. I've wrung all I can out of the first floor for now.

Next time, the second floor.







Everyone also has 13 spare SP.
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