A Spelunker's Adventure Through Caves with Significantly Less Ghosts

Reecer 6

5 - Stupid Arrow Traps...

Day Twenty Three

The first thing I notice in this second cave is another shop. As I enter, I find the only goods here is Trixie! The shopkeeper introduces himself as Smithy and says this is his Kissing Parlor. That's terrible, how could they be holding poor Trixie here for everyone else to kiss for hearts! After using $10,000 to buy a kiss (It'll come in handy), I ask Smithy why there are so many stores here. He says that all the shopkeepers here are part of the Shopkeeper Union, a group of shopkeepers most notable in dangerous caves that will more rather for their family to die than a thief to run off with a cheap .99 cent toy. That's a bit... insane. I leave. I jump up to a awkwardly placed hole to a ladder and climb down, finding a box holding a machete! That'll be useful! I also found a lot of valuables through there. After finishing off the floor, I jump down to the second floor. I saw an arrow trap close to the ground holding some GOLD hostage, so I threw my machete down for a moment and trigger it successfully. Before falling down to the second floor, I manage to get hurt by a snake on a really small ledge and find lots of loot for the size of the floor. In this part, I see a little chamber with a spider at the top. I try to kill it using my machete, but I failed to see the arrow trap in the wall, knocking me out and then the spider fell down and hurt me a bunch and I ended up with no machete and 1 heart. I told you that kiss would come in handy! But I'm not even sure there was any valuables there! I grabbed a rock before descending to the final floor. Turns out, there was an arrow trap I needed to activate to leave. I did so with the rock but didn't notice a second arrow tra

I'm back at the start now. Ugggggggghh! I'll update CULI and some of my other friends too. Goodnight.