Let's Analyze and Graph Fetishes


Car crashes are HOT

DISCLAIMER: Anything mentioned in this liveblog is for humor's sake only (even if my sense of humor isn't exactly witty). Just ask me via private message and I'll remove any offensive content and keep it out in future entries.

April 17th, 2009

New comer: Jethro Q Walrustitty

Claims no fetishes, only kinks. Alas, all kinks are fetishes for what I'm doing. And an attempt to derail the topic again. Don't do that!

And already, derail. Starting at post 45 and going to... erm, maybe it didn't? They're discussing the fetishes of Korg... on the other hand, chibis in a cup! Hooray!

But no, third page and they're back to discussing juice. I guess that derail never ended, did it? Zombie derail? Temporarily stunned derail? Rederail? I need a name for this phenomenon. Right, anyway, this all leads to Jethro to tell Korg to send a PM with a list of Korg's fetishes to see if there's massive amounts of squick involved. I can only hope I get to see this list later...

Nope, seems like we'll never know, but the wild mass guessing is open season.

Skipping on forward, Bobby G poses an interesting question: "Is it possible for a person to not have any kinks?"

To be without kinks would be to be 100% Vanilla. Nothing, beyond Consentual Heterosexual Maritial Sex In The Missionary Position For The Purpose Of Procreation (eugh), will make your member inch.

That was a quick conclusion. Jethro even has the answers to what kinks and fetishes are...

  • Preferance: I like it when women wear high heels.
  • Kink: I like having sex with women wearing hight heels.
  • Fetish: just give me the damn high heel.

Any disagreement? Feel free to technically not necro the topic in the discussion down below. For me however, all kinks are fetishes.

Anyway, then Zephid brings up this novel.

its protagonists become sexually aroused by staging and participating in real car-crashes. The novel was written in a highly sensationalized manner.

...really now? Goes to add it onto the list.

And then EI gives me a damn big lists of squicks. And if it squicks someone, it turns someone else on. I point towards gurochan as my evidence. This is going to take a few moments...

Wait, can hentai be a specific fetish? Maybe the art style can be? But then that's over generalizing right? I, um- Brain shuts down.

Okay, I'm back. Answer is no, otherwise porn is a fetish and that's just circular and silly. I think...

Semen that goes anywhere other than in a condom, or in someone

Shuts down again.

Okay list done, you've just doubled it's size, good job English Ivy. However Noimporta's post I can't stop laughing at. Woo boy. And then matrix finds out what A 2 M is. If you want to find out, I'd recommend using google I'll say it's ass to mouth.

Another recently deleted post by Matrix. Mark that as number 3.

It only bothers me when people think you should be into certain fetishes. For example, a man stating he doesn't anything shoved up his ass. So many "open minded" jackasses then go "Oh, well you're a homosexual in denial, " or some other bullshit. Because apparently everybody likes getting things shoved up their ass.

Well said, washington 213.

Women don't have chest hair, you silly people.

Really, English Ivy, really? Anyway, I'm not really sure if a discussion on chest hair for women is a derail or not considering the topic that it's in. However, it starts at 90, ends at 103.

Also, hickies, they're a fetish, right? If they're not, vampires most definitely are. Swoon.

Don't like dumb people? Yeah, I can understand that. However, my dumb blond, vegan, Foe Yay rival story from highschool will have to wait for another day. So yeah, attractive != arousal. How about that. Maybe something to do with being selective about the gene pool?

And then HERSEY! How can you not find lesbians sexy? They're the paragon of hotness. >:(

Anyway, can nudity be counted as a fetish? I'm really not sure anymore... Whatever, they're back to talking about lesbians and that's hot. No, not the discussion, you freak, the lesbians.

On the other hand, this is how you know Lull is trying to get in your pants. Anyway, that's a good stopping point. So let's have the counts...

  • Posts on 2nd day: 81
  • Number of tropers in this day: 22
  • Number of tropers all time: 28
  • Number of fetishes mentioned so far: 42
  • Number of posts removed: 3
  • Number of derails: 3
  • Longest derail: 18 posts about "Not Sex"
  • Troper with most posts that day: Zephid, you win with 11 posts.
  • Runner up: Tie between Korgmeister and Jethro, each with 8 posts.
  • All time most poster: Zephid with 15 posts.
  • Runner up: Lull, with 14 posts.


Oh, look, I used to post in that thread. I'm enjoying this liveblog, keep it up.
Noimporta 20th Mar 11
I can't believe someone is actually doing this. You are a brave, brave soul.
Idler20 20th Mar 11
I disagree. Bondage fetish does not mean someone is turned on by a bunch of chains.

Well, not a lot, anyway.
MrAHR 20th Mar 11