Proof I'm a Glee fangirl- Blogging "Dalton"



And we have yet another chapter of the wonderful Fanon series, Dalton. This is a creatively titled chappie based on the verb form of the name of the show choir. This should be fun...


SO Kurt does the little theme thing at the beginning of the chapter. Blaine is reading a book, and there's a guy named Dwight being a total creeper. Dwight's a creeper who, according to the Dalton Wikia, looks like Curt Mega.* Although whenever I hear the name Dwight I think of this. Dwight snuck into the library because he needed something on exorcising the bell tower, even though he was banned. Um, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that schools can't ban students from using the library. Dwight has a freak out that Kurt is moving in without anyone telling him, claiming that something in a closet attacked some kid named Reed (who we WILL be seeing later). Blaine points out that Reed is The Klutz. Nekozowa Dwight is convinced Kurt is possessed because he seems lost. HE'S THE NEW KID. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??? They get yelled at by Madam Pince The librarian and Blaine declares a mini meeting.

Wes and David tell Blaine that Kurt is being paranoid. Their little Possession Sue will be just fine. Again, if this is anything like My 8th grade GT class, no he won't. Also, Blaine's Celeb Crush is Tom Felton. Huh, I would have thought it was Rupert Grint. The merry Windsors decide to do something nice for Kurt, but due to multiple Noodle Incidents, they can't find anything they can actually do. Ethan and Evan get an idea. This can't be good...

The apparent (and canonically non existant) choir directors, Greg Harvey and Sylvia Mendel, want Kurt to audition. Kurt gets the pre-audition jitters and he gets a call from Rachel. The glee club sings "For Good" from Wicked. It's a bit of a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. Well, it would be if it wasn't totally overdone. This is where we really start to notice the terms that CP Coulter uses to identify characters. For example, she refers to Rachel as "the soloist". Yeah. Kurt decides to sing a song back for New Directions. He sings "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" for New Directions. Hilarious in Hindsight, since Kurt did sing the song in "Special Education". And who should be listening to the choir directors, since singing in a semi-public place gets you good things. just ask Blaine. He will tell you that that is not true. The merry Windsors are having their "we're glad to have you, Possession Sue" party planning session, when they hear Kurt's beautiful voice. The warblers love him and the choir directors worship him (of course). He joins the warblers and everything is happy.

Those Two Guys are a bit upset that Kurt isn't singing a solo at sectionals. Wes makes a joke about Blaine dueting with Kurt. yet another hilarious in hindsight moment after "original song", but are we surprised? no. There is a mention of a fall music festival. Yet again, Law of Conservation of Detail. The twins show Kurt his new room, which is... right across from Blaine's. Apparently it's to stop Blaine from talking about Kurt's eyes, which is understandable. The twins noticed Kurt's mini collage of courage when they broke into his locker to get his stuff into his room. Blaine passes this off as something friends do, because he's Oblivious to Love.

And yes, Blaine has been playing Teenage Dream on a loop.