Let's watch Last Exile!

Sapphire Blue

Episode 2: Luft Vanship

Well guys, I've finally finished my Luminous Arc liveblog. That means I'm back to work on this one. And with the sequel series starting later this month, I'd say it's a perfect time to rewatch!

I’m really sorry about how long it took, but I swear I’ll actually update from now on. :P

If you want to watch this episode along with me, you can do so here.

The first shot we get is of the mansion. Holly appears to be playing the piano. Suddenly, she stops, and goes outside. There’s a bird lying by the door, either dead or seriously hurt. She picks it up, strokes it a bit, and then looks out to the sky.

We then cut back to the aerial battle. The Anatoray soldiers are panicking, and we see Claus and Lavie lying on the floor. Claus gets up first, and Lavie stirs. He asks her if she’s OK, and she seems to be. He then suddenly remembers the message he was supposed to deliver. The gold tube is lying on the floor nearby, so he goes and picks it up.

Meanwhile, another ship in the fleet is starting to sink. Everyone watches as it falls below the clouds, eventually exploding. A mention is made of a ship called the Goliath retreating from the battlefield. Lavie isn’t sure what to do.

We see a large, stationary structure floating high above all the other ships. Briefly, we see two men who seem sure that this Anatoray fleet will be destroyed. Apparently, someone named Maestro Delphine will be glad to hear that.

A vanship leaves all of a sudden, and we see a man who kind of looks like a monk talking to a very important looking figure. They’re talking about the breach in regulations. The important looking man asks the other guy to deliver something to a place where the Guild can’t find it.

Back at the battlefield, things are still not going well. Lavie asks a soldier to deliver their message, but Claus protests and says they can’t do that. They’re supposed to be the ones to deliver it. The soldiers say that they’re in the way, and try to get them out of the room. In the chaos of it all, Claus drops the tube.

Again, the scene changes to several injured soldiers watching the battle through a hole in the ship. Mullen touches a cluster of medals on his uniform, saying that he only has two left. He has to survive. Meanwhile, one of the men in charge says that at this rate, their whole fleet will be destroyed. All of a sudden, Mad-Thane stands up and picks up the message tube. He notes that it’s a three-star message. Claus and Lavie start running towards their vanship, seeing several injured soldiers along the way. They’re about to leave when the other message falls out of Lavie’s pocket. It’s the one from Holly. Lavie asks Claus what to do, but she knows they have to deliver it. They promised.

The second-in-command begins to relay a message to the crew from the Captain. While they’re doing that, Lavie is setting something up so that they can read the letter over the intercom. He begins. In the letter, Holly asks her father when he’s coming home. The olive tree he likes to look at is starting to bloom. Mad-Thane looks like he’s starting to get emotional, and we see a flashback of him, Holly, and his wife by that tree.

Claus continues to read, saying that people are starting to place their wishes for peace on those white flowers. The second-in-command seems angry about this, thinking it’s an insult to be talking about peace at a time like this.

After the eyecatch is shown, we see the same lines being read while the soldiers continue to move through the ship. Claus suddenly tells Lavie to read the rest. There are other soldiers trying to get through the door to the room they’re in, and he tries to hold the door closed. Lavie reads. The letter continues to say that Holly’s mother and the butler are trying to keep her from knowing how dangerous her father’s work is. However, the flock of birds she saw flying away from the scene of the battlefield, as well as what the servants are saying, makes her worry. That’s as far as Lavie gets before the soldiers storm into the room, surrounding the two of them. The command goes out that all ships are to advance.

One of the five soldiers surrounding Claus and Lavie smirks, but then a gun is pointed at him. It’s Mullen, who says he wants to hear them finish reading the letter. As the ships continue to fire at each other, the soldiers lower their guns.

Claus continues to read. Even if there are things that Holly doesn’t understand, like chivalry, there are things about her that her father doesn’t understand. Like the cake she wants to bake for him. She will continue to pray for his safety. With that, the letter ends.

The second-in-command yells through the intercom at them, saying he doesn’t expect a child to understand the ways of chivalry. He doesn’t expect a vanship pilot to understand, either. Claus protests that he does understand, but Lavie interrupts him. When was the last time that any of them were so hungry that they couldn’t sleep at night? She says they can just screw their stupid chivalry.

Her words echo throughout the ship. The one soldier says to forget about him and shoot them. The others hesitate. Just as they’re about to do that, Mad-Thane speaks. He tells them to lower their weapons, saying that his soldiers will not fight each other as long as he’s in charge. I guess he heard what was going on through the intercom? I don’t really know.

He says that their battle with Disith is approaching, and that his soldiers need to value each other’s lives. Then he tells Claus and Lavie that he has a job for them. He wants them to go and tell his daughter that he promises to come home soon. The two of them prepare to leave. Mad-Thane asks them what they’d like in return, and Claus says they just want him to come home safely. With that, the two of them leave in their vanship. Just as they’re going, though, Lavie tosses her canteen to Mullen as a thank-you.

Mad-Thane repeats Lavie’s words. Screw chivalry, huh? He thinks for a moment, and orders all ships to retreat. He wants the damaged ones pulled toward the middle of the fleet, and he wants their ship to take the rear.

The Disith ships begin to close in, and Claus flies the vanship up to the Guild structure. He asks Lavie to ask them to stop the battle. It doesn’t do anything – the Guild completely ignores them. As Claus and Lavie try to escape, a familiar voice tells them that they’re in the Silvana’s line of fire. It’s the woman from the beginning of the first episode. A red vanship appears, and the voice tells them to follow. Claus does. As they begin to leave the area, the red vanship drops a bomb at the center of a Disith ship, destroying it. The Silvana itself appears. Its captain gives the order to begin firing, and the Silvana starts attacking the Disith ships.

This gives the Anatoray fleet the chance they needed to escape. Claus is able to give Holly the message that her father will be coming home soon. Unfortunately, due to all the extra time they took, they missed the time attack for the race. They’ll have to start last. They don’t seem ‘’too’’ upset about it though, and the last thing we see before the ending song starts is the two of them drinking some water.

If you’re wondering who the little girl in the ending is, you’ll be seeing her next episode. I can’t tell you any more than that, though. You’ll have to wait and see. Or I suppose you could just watch the next episode yourself, but that’d be no fun. :(

Anyway, no need to worry about waiting months for the next installment. I’ll probably have it up within the next week. See you next time!