The Journal of Teddy Brown

Awesome Zombie 22

Professional Chef, Ted Brown!


Nobody was there. I need to find him. I need to find the person on this island. Whoever they are, they've helped me out so far, and I need to repay them. LU: I tried out my new fishing rod. You know what? Fishing is boring. I couldn't catch a damn thing. Luckily, I found a deer right next to me, and I put the fishing rod back into my knapsack, whipped out the knife, and killed the thing in one quick motion. I cooked the deer meat with my kindling. It tasted really good, even better than cow meat. I remembered my dad's hotdogs and how he would smile when he made them. I teared up a little bit, but I didn't really care. My friends weren't there and even if they were, crying over your dead dad is something any tough person would do. Besides, I just made a Bambi's mom happen, so I'm not being a weakling here.

LU: I've been noticing a lot of these huge brown boulders around, blocking my way. I can't push or pull them out. Maybe I need to find something I can use as a battering ram, first. For now, I'm going to put some stuff I don't need in the hut's chest, and go to bed.


It was raining today. I really hate getting wet, like, I might as well be the Wicked Witch of the West when it comes to water. I decided to sleep through the day.

LU: I had a dream that it started to rain fire, and I was stuck in the burning hut. Then I heard a helicopter coming, and I saw a mysterious boy coming towards me, holding something bright in his hand. Then, when he got close enough, the boy looked like a young version of my dad, and the helicopter became a jet, and when I looked bak at the boy, he was my dad, and he picked me up and told me that everything was going to be okay. Then I woke up. I need to find a way off of this island.


My mouth was really wet with saliva, so I had to drink some water. After that, I walked back past the tree hut that I saw and went through this passageway. It lead to a swamp, with gigantic lily pads. I was thinking of riding them, but I doubt they'd support my weight. I found a  huge stick in the area. "This can probably move those rocks." I thought out loud, when I walked back to the beach area, I felt hungry, so I baked a clam. I'm not much of a seafood person, but the clam tasted really good. I ate a Round Berry and a  squishy fruit before going to bed.


When I woke up, I headed north and pushed away the boulder with the Big Stick and wandered to the east, but nothing was there. When I went back, I found a rabbit and impaled it. If any of the girls from my school were here, they'd call me a monster, even though I'm doing it to survive. The roasted rabbit filled me up a bit, and then I found a weasel, killed it, and ate that, too. Somehow, I doubt the girls would care that I killed a weasel. Rabbits are way too glorified. I found a stick and head through a passage that lead me to a huge Christmas tree. I think they were called Evergr- LU: A monkey blindsided me and stole my knapsack! Wow, how many times do you ever get to say that? He didn't take my journal since I was holding it, but I'll have to find that son of a bitch.

LU: I got my knapsack back, and the monkey dropped this pointy rock. Hey, I could probably make an arrow out of this with the stick and feather! LU: I found some tree sap on the Evergreen. I think you can make a torch with wood and sap. Let me try that. LU: I just killed a chicken, and plucked all of it's feathers out. The arrow looks pretty good. I'm gonna find a stick tomorrow. I cooked the chicken meat and preserved it with a Hard Berry. It's getting dark, so I'm going to put the arrows away and go to bed.


I seem to recall deer being somewhat difficult to kill. And now I want honey, because I pretty much lived on that stuff in this game.
FreezairForALimitedTime 8th Mar 11