The Journal of Teddy Brown

Awesome Zombie 22



I'm surprised that my knapsack even survived the water. Oh, you don't know this, but... the ship sank. Yeah. I guess that answers the question why people never give ten-year olds cruises. Ya know? Why are the damn things so popular, anyway? I mean, at least there were only three people on it, since, you know, we had the driver-person, but...


Great. Now I feel awful knowing that my dad's probably dead. I should have had my head gashed against a rock, or have a shark eat me. I hate being alone. But... I did feel someone poke my forehead... maybe someone else is on this island. Oh, what am I thinking about? It was probably a bird pecking at my head, or something. I'm just lucky that my dad got me a knife for my birthday. I cut down some really tall grass in my way to make sure that there wasn't some wild animal about to attack me. I found a bird feather behind some grass. Out of sheer kleptomania or something, I picked it up. I also found a slab of tree bark. Okay, someone's on this island, all right. How else would a perfectly cut slab of wood be on the floor?

This is really weird...

To add on to the weirdness, I found out that there was a hut on this island. You know? There must be someone here. Someone looking over me. Whoever they are, when I find them, I'm going to thank them for helping me out. When I got in the hut, I realized how tired I was, and fell onto the bed made out of leaves. I'm becoming too tired to write anymore... goodnight.


I woke up groggy, hungry, and thirsty. I think there was a canteen our on the beach. I'm gonna go get that now. LU: From now on, when I update my journal at a later time in the same day, I'm gonna do that LU thing. I found a stick on the way, and merged it with the tree bark to make kindling. Finally, I can cook all these clams I've been finding. I killed a spider on my way to the north. The canteen was empty, so I have to find fresh water. LU: I found a  tough fruit on the ground. It was full of water and stuff, so it helped soften my throat, but I'm still thirsty as hell. LU: A monkey was drinking out of some water, so I drank from it, too. I immediately thought of drinking soda on a hot day, and come to think of it, the fruit I just ate had juice that tasted like cherry cola. LU: I ate this  tomato that made me feel more energetic, and I started eating  this grass, but now I feel like I'm go—— LU: I dropped my journal from barfing. I'll never eat that type of grass ever again. LU: I found a  large bendy piece of wood in the grass, and tied this large bit of seaweed to it so it could be used as a bow. Problem is, I don't have any arrows. So right now, the only use it is to me is as a one-string harp. Cutting through some more grass, I found  a berry and went through to this place where I saw a hut that was made out of a tree. "Someone lives here." I said out loud, even though I knew that nobody was around to hear me. But when I looked inside, nobody was there.

Was this place made to drive me insane with questions?

I found another bendy tree and combined it with this  fishing hook and line. Now I have a Fishing Rod. I got tired and am now going to sleep in the tree hut. Maybe someone will be here when I wake up.