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Mike K

Black Moth Super Rainbow: Cobra Juicy

Cobra Juicy (2012)

Though the production is less ornate, in it’s own way this might be a little bit more of an accessible BMSR album than Eating Us was. On the one hand, they’ve returned to self-production and it shows: the drums sound like drum machines again, the bass is taking a backseat to keyboards again, and they’ve brought back a thin layer of the grot that David Fridmann worked so hard to clean up. On the other hand, they continue to flirt with pop influences, and this is their first album I’d call danceable all the way though – there’s always a catchy groove holding things together whether they’re pursuing sinister, grimy funk or downright pretty synth pop (“Spraypaint” is a stand out in the latter category, sounding like a BMSR-ized cover of some forgotten Erasure single). Really this is probably the best direction they could have taken with the follow-up – bringing back a bit more of what made this band unique without turning away from melody.

Oh, and on a side note, this is the first BMSR album ever to get a parental advisory sticker, most likely due to a highly uncharacteristic cluster f bomb in the middle of “Hairspray Heart” (a repeated chant of “Like a fucking diamond falling from my fucking eye”) .

Key Tracks: Gangs In The Garden, I Think I’m Evil, Spraypaint