When Worlds Collide: Another Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventure episode

Psyga 315

Part Final: Psyga's Pure Wrath Unleashed

FINALLY! THE LAST PART! AND THEN I AM DONE! Okay Recap: The villains are defeated and Crystal leaves. Letís end this!


Part 13 of 13

{The finale missed as it was blocked, and thus, Psyga got eaten by Charlotte... Oh how he wished...}

Okay, so before Crystal takes her leave, Pooh and his friends say their goodbyes and say how they will miss them. Uh, can I just say... YOU BARELY KNEW HER! WE BARELY KNEW HER! Busterís Goodbye was more of a Tear Jerker because the characters (and us) were invested into Buster so much, that when he was Put On A Bus, it was sad. Crystalís response to people she doesnít even know? ďIíll think about you and all your friends, especially Arthur and Buster.Ē WHY ARTHUR OF ALL PEOPLE? Yeah, it makes sense with Buster, but Arthur most of all? Then everyone cries. Can we have the finger puppet back?

Oobedoob Benubi: Crying is for little girls, babies, and men who just had their ears ripped off.

Okay, just to point out just who the finger puppet is, itís from a parody of Star Wars. The person providing the quote just happens to be a parody of The Obi Wan. Letís continue. The two leave and the villains are arrested. Steve drops one more line about the lamp to make it seem like it was actually involved in the story. I donít think revealing that a lamp was involved would fix things. Oh, and Lester, badass that he is, takes some government agents home to see his paintings, which may convince them to believe SALF-Tachiís story, and perhaps a book deal to come out of it. Well, that sounds like a successful conclusion for the villains then being locked away for the rest of their lives or downright being dead. Everyone laughs though. Save for Shaggy and Scooby, who have hit their Heroic BSOD. Binky convinces Shaggy that there will be another girl. Yeah, if he likes the idea of one-shot relationships. They get over it pretty quickly when the very thing that started the whole thing comes to them: A Scooby Snack. Think about it: They stay behind to eat the snacks, but there was one left, a fight ensues, the Jackalope steals it and retreats to the cave where the guys meet the aliens. So everything is back to normal, we will never see Crystal or Amber again, the gang leave, the Jackalope looks over, Genie made us look (what?) and...


Yes, it is the end. Wait, what happened to Pooh and his Friends? Do they wind up living in Scorpion Ridge? Do they journey back to where ever they came from? What the hell happened? Screw it! This video sucks! Just when you think this movie could be great; the user had to remind us that it was stupid. There were more good moments, but the really stupider moments outweigh them. Pooh still does nothing but thankfully though, his allies arenít all that powerful. The villains on the other hand are idiots, wasting their wishes on pointless stuff that they can just grab. Now, this is slightly better than the previous one, but it still sucks. Well, I am done. Bye now.